chef pizza

  • Pastry chef: I can bake anything. Just last week I had someone request a birthday cake topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, and I made it without a problem.
  • Customer: Impressive, was it hard to pull off?
  • Pastry chef: No. In fact, it was a pizza cake!

kittfox  asked:

If it's okay, can I have a scenario where MC is a pizza delivery girl with pining RFA members?

the only thing that got stuck in my head after this is that one fcking song Jonas Brothers sang


• pizza isn’t really what he usually have on his food lists due to many reasons and he have kept a good tab on not eating take-out unless its a salad or smth really healthy

• but with his fridge empty and a late day of practicing for a upcoming play he decided that yeah, one day of junk food isn’t going to ruin him. He’ll just run it off and work it out later- no prob bob

• what he least expected was to be met by a really charming pizza deliverer that had his heartbeat go up a bit faster than usual 

• had a bit of a small talk after them kinda recognizing him from somewhere, he low key tells them about said upcoming play… maybe they wanna come?? oh ya they do

• smooth af zen, you go u bad boi. Now his stomach is full and happy but so is his heart. He is very much looking forward to see them again.


• he had a sleepover with his friends from college- to study you know? aka to play games and sleepovers need to have some kinda junk food and pizza is perf 

• so after deciding to call after the pizza they play a good game of Mario Cart and the one who loses has to get the pizza and pay lala all that shazaam.  

• Yoosung lost greatly as he fell victim to the blue shells one to many times, such defeat. You will be remembered great shooting star

• but it turned out to be a blessing because holy fck pizza deliverer is honestly super nice and polite and just… wow great. He kinda stammers and blushes as he pays and goes back to his pals

• they tease him the whole night about it, he was red as the tomato sauce on the pizza! said pizza person may and may not turn out to be going to the same college as him wink


• totally exhausted after work and crashed on the floor after she entered her house. one hour turned to 5 hours and wow it’s already 1AM. she is very hungry and she was supposed to buy groceries…. but slept

• so she decides for some take-out and remembers a pizza place one of her co-workers recommended and they also deliver late at night so, NEATO BURRITO

• works through some documents while she waits for the pizza to be delivered since she did miss out some precious time to work

• when the doorbell rings she hurries to the door and is met by the sweetest smile ever and she has to blink once or twice like wow is that an angel. They make a bit of small talk since pizza delivering person is super nice?

• she totally tips because they were really quick and?it’s so late? uncomfy working hours probably and she knows about that. Very charmed by them and think that pizza wouldn’t be bad to eat tomorrow as well


• the day mister jumin han decided to have pizza was a strange day… And especially having it delivered to the penthouse since ya know… He has a chef

• poor pizza delivering MC was absolutely terrified walking into this fancy ass building dressed in their pizza uniform… “who the actual fuck is this person” they wondered

• when they were met by this tall dark haired man they were nonetheless pretty intimidated but hey, a job’s a job. Here’s the pizza dude! hope you’ll enjoy it! 

• he kinda stares at them long enough to make it really fckin awkward mostly because he thinks they’re cute af and he can’t cope. Gives them a tip that’s way off the charts

• as he was munching on the pizza he thought of two things: one, pizza isn’t that bad. It’s pretty good. and two, that pizza deliverer was quite charming


• he thought to himself that he should try to be a little more healthier! Yay Seven! So instead of eating just chips al lá soda- he decided to buy pizza- 

• all the nutrients you need right, such healthy! 

• he decided to wait outside because the whole security measurement would probably scare off the pizza delivery-person 

• and said pizza delivery-person turned out to be absolutely gorgeous in his eyes and he just had to word vomit all over because he was nervous around them good game god seven

• there was something about them he couldn’t help being drawn to, he was definitely buying more pizza now vanderwood was not amused by the pizza containers everywhere

The boys and their s/o doing something on a cold day?

Aww, cute! Here you go!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Despite how cold it is, he insists you two go out.
  • The human body is built for this climate, why not utilize it to the fullest?
  • You two bundle up and go on a nice walk around the neighbourhood, even though the snow is coming down.
  • Why did he even bother wearing gloves?
  • No seriously, why is he wearing gloves.
  • His hands are already covered.
  • He keeps his arm around your waist as you two walk, holding you close to him to keep you two cozy even in this weather.
  • It’s cold, but you enjoy the closeness, you enjoy the company, you enjoy Korekiyo.
  • And he enjoys you too!
  • You two eventually stop at a cafe to get drinks, and it’s practically magical.
  • It’s just so warm and you’re so close, it feels dream-like.
  • You love winter days like these.

Amami Rantarou

  • He actually really likes cold days like this, a good excuse to stay inside and just enjoy the day.
  • He has a ton of movies set aside for you two, he even made snacks!
  • He’s really happy to be spending a day with you!
  • It’s nice and warm inside, and you two are huddled up on the couch, covered in blankets.
  • The snacks are actually surprisingly good, you didn’t think he would be such an impressive cook!
  • But then again, it doesn’t take a chef to make pizza bites.
  • Every time a particularly pretty character appears on screen, he makes sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • And every time a gross monster appears, you make sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • How dare-
  • Eventually he falls asleep with you still snuggled up to him, buried in blankets.
  • A perfect way to end a perfect day.

Ouma Kokichi

  • He’s honestly SHOCKED when you say you want a quiet day inside.
  • No way! Not when there’s so much to do in the snow!
  • You get dressed for the weather, and by the time you do, he’s already out the door.
  • You honestly have no idea where he went.
  • That is, until you see that incredibly, somebody has ALREADY managed to craft a MASSIVE snow castle in your yard.
  • Now who could that be.
  • You’re about to go in and retrieve your boyfriend when suddenly, you are just being pelted with snowballs from above, just attaCKED-
  • You decide maybe it’s best to just hide inside while Ouma pelts the neighbourhood children.
  • You’ll deal with the complaints later.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • The type of guy who’d really just prefer to stay home on a cold day.
  • But he’d definitely want to spend it with you!
  • He doesn’t really have much planned, so you mostly just find little ways to spend time with each other.
  • Cooking, board games, movies, cuddling, regular normal couples stuff that you both enjoy.
  • He doesn’t care what you’re doing, as long as he’s spending time with you.
  • You two end up going to bed early that night, because you’re just so warm and contented.
  • A perfect way to spend a snowy day.

Kaito Momota

  • You are BARELY OUT THE DOOR before you are being DESTROYED with snowballs.
  • You have no idea where he’s hiding with all of these!
  • You can see the dents in the snowbanks from where he’s just completely hollowed them to make snowballs.
  • You take one step into the yard and just sink.
  • Did he hollow it out?!
  • How did he even do that?!
  • But then again, this is the smartest man to ever cheat his way into being an astronaut.
  • You hear quiet snickering, and then-
  • He’s laughing but he still feels a little bad, so he comes down and takes you inside to help you warm up.
  • Worth it.


  • He really wants to go play in the snow! It’s so interesting to him, all weather is!
  • And he doesn’t even need to dress for the weather!
  • So you take him out to play in the snow, and he loves it.
  • When you get cold, he warms himself up for you, but then the snow melts and you get wet-
  • He’ll try to find a balance!
  • It’s honestly really adorable how excited he gets about things like this.
  • You’ll let him play for as long as he wants.
  • When you show him how to make a snowball, it’s all he wants to do for the next three hours.
  • And he can make them perfectly!
  • He doesn’t want to throw them though, he just stacks them nicely.
  • He wants to know everything that can be made out of snow!
  • You’re going to be out here a while.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s never been that fond of cold weather, he likes it better when it’s warm out and he can go outside all day!
  • Which means you two need to find something to do inside instead.
  • You settle on watching documentaries, which is something you both like!
  • He’s completely fascinated the whole time, which you find pretty adorable in itself.
  • Every time something interesting comes up you can see his face just light up, there’s nobody else you’d rather be snowed in with.
  • You’d be surprised by how many documentaries two people can watch in one day!
  • You eventually fall asleep together on the couch, silently hoping tomorrow will be just as cold.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • No going outside.
  • What? But the snow is so nice and deep and-
  • No going outside.
  • Then you realize.
  • He will sink right into that snow and you will never see him again.
  • …Maybe you’ll just stay in and play wii tennis.
Tofu Guys Don't Eat Meat by Vicki Woods for Vogue, May 1990 (Part I)

River Phoenix is only nineteen. That’s the most important thing about him. He’s been in the movies so long you’d think he’d be older by now; really knocking on, like… oh, I don’t know. Twenty-two or something. But nope. Nineteen. Wholesome as a tofu omelet. And as good-looking as all get-out.

When River isn’t making movies, he’s making music. He lives with his family in Gainesville, Florida. Ever been to Gainesville? Neither had I. North central Florida isn’t exactly a tourist hub, being humid, flat, spotted with alligators, and at least a hundred miles from the ocean in any direction. But it’s warm, and Arlyn Phoenix likes the heat. And Gainesville (population ninety thousand and rising) has thirty-five thousand college students living there. The University of Florida, one student told me, is about the cheapest public university in the entire United States, which is why it’s busting at the seams with crop-headed, athletic-looking boys in white T-shirts and bermudas who play football by floodlight until the early hours of the morning. Arlyn Phoenix liked the idea of a university town when it came to settle finally, because she wanted plenty of cultural facilities for her brood of children: arts, music, drama.

River Phoenix isn’t crop-headed of course. And he doesn’t wear bermudas. He arrived at my hotel in his mother’s car wearing a jade green Gap sweat-shirt, navy blue long johns, and tennis shoes. He’s grown since we last saw him (in Running on Empty - what a tearjerker). He’s now five eleven (“Barefoot!”), slim as a willow and hung with wisps of beard like Florida’s Spanish moss. He wouldn’t shave them off, even for Bruce Weber’s pictures. He didn’t have to fatten up for his new role in Lawrence Kasdan’s I Love You to Death. He plays a pizza chef who has a fairly off-center weltanschauung and tries to help his boss’s wife (Tracey Ullman) attempt to murder her husband (Kevin Kline) numerous times .He’s a lean pizza chef, playing his age. (He put on fifteen extra pounds for Stand by Me because he was fourteen playing twelve and fatter looks younger.) After I Love You to Death comes Dogfight, directed by Nancy Savoca. I’m really looking forward to it. River plays a marine who has a bet with the other guys that he’ll pick up a worse dog - an unhandsome woman - than any of them. This should be a real coming-of-age movie and the first that he’ll have to carry on his own. Director Savoca says, “River has an emotional weight that other young actors just don’t have.”

We went for coffee in Gainesville. The teenage waitress was a little excited, but she kept her cool. “Do you have Venezuelan coffee?” No. “Do you have carrot juice?” No. “Well, I’ll just have a double espresso then,” he said, and promptly ticked away for hours about how hyper he felt from the caffeine. I told him he was a pinup even in the British teen mags and then immediately wished I hadn’t. So did he. He laid his beautiful head on the table and groaned with real embarrassment. “A pinup. Oh, God. I wish you hadn’t said that. A pinup!” He told me about the publicity stills that were taken of him “when I was younger.” You do everything they tell you, he said “they teach you how to pose, you know, they say, ‘you have to do it like this!’ And you tilt your head, and they show you how to push your lips out and suck in your cheek… oh, oh [groans] and then all the outtakes that you never want to see again in your life go through the teen magazines forever. Oh. oh [more groans].”

It was very funny, but he meant it. Gentlemanly modesty is River’s strong suit.

River’s press so far has been a combination o large paragraphs about the state of the planet (which can read kind of irritating, from a fifteen-, sixteen-, seventeen-year-old) and a “Wow, freaky!” examination of his unconventional family. Let’s take the family first. Arlyn and John Phoenix (him I didn’t meet - he was in Mexico with Leaf Joaquin) had a pretty wacky life until they go to Gainesville (and compared with Married… with Children mainstream America it’s still a tad wacky). They were sixties dropouts, they were on the road, they thought LSD was a truth serum, they found God, joined a sect, went to South America as missionaries (River was fluent in both Spanish and English from age three), had their babies by natural childbirth, believed in a Whole Earth… you know.Arlyn and John seem to have followed the beat of the sixties drum harder than most, and instead of turning into eighties yuppies, they’ve hung on in there. They are now perfectly regular folks, with twenty acres of property, a few cars, a few bank accounts, a cook, a gardener, a business manager, and five handsome kids, most of whom are actors, but - they do vegetables instead of drugs now, they don’t eat animal products, don’t waste paper, wear leather, or overconsume any of the planet’s resources. They have SAVE THE RAINFORST stickers on their cars, and their two big dogs, a Doberman-German shepherd mix and a full German shepherd, are both vegans. 


Film to Table

Eat Pray Love

Season 1

Can’t afford a world tour of self-discovery? Live vicariously through the pizza of “Eat Pray Love” with Chef Jason Roberts.