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What is the best way to go about asking your chef for a raise? I recently had to take over grill after our guy ODed during saturdays service. I stepped up all all week when he originally disappeared for a 4 day dope binge and again after he ODed. On top of that I’m also working on a sourdough for our cheese boards, not that big a deal since I get to play with our rational plus I’ve been trying to get into bread. @modisoperandi @poetic-chef @pizza-trashh @spacedoutrocketeer @youthxcrew69

  • Pastry chef: I can bake anything. Just last week I had someone request a birthday cake topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, and I made it without a problem.
  • Customer: Impressive, was it hard to pull off?
  • Pastry chef: No. In fact, it was a pizza cake!
the five times steve falls in love with you

a/n; hahaha remember when i used to write a lot and post actively?? hahaha me neither.. here’s a thing, tho

 warnings; some swears, sexualness if u squint hard enough

He had just finished a meeting when he decided to grab something to eat, walking to the kitchen with a small whistle falling through his lips. He stopped when he found you, sitting on a windowsill in the living room, headphones in your ears, and a book on your lap. It was pouring outside, and while others saw it as an inconvenience, you saw it as a blessing. You loved the simplicity of rain in a world that was the opposite of simple. You loved the raincoats, boots, and umbrellas that a storm brought out, and the way that it felt when it touched your skin.

Steve couldn’t help but stare as he saw you there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Your skin was practically glowing from the odd light of the dark clouds, and he couldn’t miss the small smile that easily rested on your lips. He admired this about you, the fact that you gave yourself time to relax, and to enjoy little things like reading and the rain with all the chaos that spiraled around you. He stood for a moment, and began to realize just how much he admired you.


It was a Thursday, which meant it was Steve’s turn to provide dinner. They used to order out, hire chefs, bake frozen pizzas, but they soon came to understand that the home cooked meals were the ones that they always seemed to crave. Whether it be the lasagna you cooked with ease and precision, or the cherry pie Steve learned to cook at the age of 6, the team came to a consensus that when they were all back to the compound, they would switch off cooking duties daily.

Steve was making a casserole of some kind when you walked into the kitchen, a small grin on your face. He hadn’t heard you come in, so you decided to try to scare him. You moved slowly, using means of sneaking around that Natasha had taught you, and once you were behind him, you poked both of his sides and let out a shout. He jumped, turning around in shock, a gasp falling from his lips as you giggled profusely. With a shake of his head, he moved one hand over his heart, and one to balance his body behind him. In this second, Steve had forgotten he was standing in front of a stove, and as he placed his hand behind him to steady himself, he placed the whole of his palm on the burner.

“Ah shit!” Steve shouted, removing his palm quickly and bringing it in front of himself to see the damage.

“Oh my god! Steve, I’m so sorry, stay here I’ll be right back!” He began to tell you he was fine and that it’d be okay in seconds, but you were out of sight. You came back a minute later, one of your plants in hand. He was okay at this point, but he didn’t stop you as you cracked open your plant and walked over to him. “This is an aloe Vera plant, it’ll help your hand,” you began to slowly lather the liquid over his palm, Steve watching you as you did this.

One thing he noticed a lot, was how you bit your bottom lip when you were in deep thought. You did this as you treated the affected area, making sure to rub it deeply into his palm.

“I’m really sorry, Steve,” you muttered and he could hear it in your voice how upset you were about this.

“Hey,” he spoke, making you bring your head up from your task. “It’s okay, really.” You smiled as he spoke, then maneuvered under his arms to give him a hug. His palm was still slick with residue, but he pressed his other hand against your back. As he held you, glancing to his aloe-covered hand, he began to realize just how much he appreciated you.


“Fuck, Y/L/N is down, I repeat, Y/L/N is down. Report to quinjet immediately,” Steve’s heart just about rolled out of his chest and down his pant leg over the words exclaimed in his ear. He ran, sprinted even, to the quinjet, standing still after he had entered, seeing you lying there, the corners of your lips turned upwards, although dried blood remained in the crevices.

“Glad you could make it,” you smiled, coughing slightly as Steve walked towards you, kneeling to the wound in your side. He didn’t feel or hear the jet take off, his heartbeat and a slight ringing pounding in his ears. Sam was hunched over, not uttering a word, his hands pressed firmly and unmoving against your wound. “Now don’t have too much fun down there, kids,” you remarked, a small tinge of worry coating your face.

“How are you? Are you hurting?” Steve moved around Sam, placing his palm under your hair, intertwining a few strands between his fingertips. Your eyes followed his lips, then his eyes, then to his eyebrows. They were furrowed, a crease forming between the two. You forgot his question, the palm of your right hand, opposite of the wound, moving slowly toward his face. It landed on his cheek, his Adam’s apple bobbing slightly. You then extended your thumb, placing it between the crease of his eyebrows, and smoothing down the area.

“Did you know-” you were cut off by a cough, and Steve would never admit this, but he noticed a splatter of blood fall to your rising and lowering chest. “That when you furrow your eyebrows like that, when you’re thinking or concentrating, a little baby crease forms,” you explained, and his face visually softened. He could not understand how in a moment of peril, facing a detrimental injury, you did not seem phased in the slightest. He was about to speak, but was stopped when the doors to the quinjet opened, doctors rushing to move you onto a gurney as quickly and safely as possible.

“Hey!” Steve stopped one of the doctors, watching as you were taken away, Sam keeping up with the people around you. He turned, his eyebrows furrowed. “Is she gonna be okay?” The doctor could’ve sworn he heard a slight crack in the Captain’s voice that day.

“We’re gonna do everything we can,” he answered simply, running off to meet with the others. Steve sat at the edge of the pad, his head falling in his hands, not feeling fulfilled by that answer. As Steve sat, he began to realize just how much he needed you.


“My heart hurts,” you mumbled, your face pressed to your white and grey shag chevron carpet. An empty pint of ice cream laid close to your head, a two redheads sitting on your bed. You rolled to your back, turning your head to the two of them.

“Nicholas Sparks novels and films are fictional, no one is actually as perfect as Noah,” Wanda had repeated the line close to one hundred times since she had met you. You always found yourself here, every Wednesday night, your heart full of love with no one to give it to.

“I want someone to be madly in love with me,” Steve heard the words as he passed by your room, stopping himself. “I want someone to make me feel like the constellations in the sky,” he heard a slight slur to your voice, his back leaning against the wall next to your door. “I want someone who will go mad with adoration for me, so much that it drives them crazy.” You exclaimed, only stopping to release a sigh. “I want to love someone until it drives me crazy, I want passion, I want love, I want 365 letters!” You exclaimed, and stopped for a moment. “But most importantly, I want more ice cream,” Steve heard stirring and froze, he didn’t want you to realize he had been listening. He quickly jogged to the kitchen, trying to be as quiet as possible.

“Grab some more wine!” You heard Natasha shout as you sauntered down the hall, a small sigh falling from your lips. You hoped desperately that no one had woken up for a late night snack, as you were only clad in a Henley and some high waisted shorts that rarely and barely covered the flesh of your ass. You entered the kitchen, your heart skipping a beat as you saw someone hunched over and looking into the fridge.

“Captain,” you acknowledged him, making his head bump on the inside of the refrigerator in shock. You covered your mouth, trying to suppress your laugh, a groan emitting from his lips.   

“Hey, Y/N,” he smiled weakly, his hand moving to the back of his head. “What are you doing up?” He had grabbed your carton of almond milk from the fridge, putting it on the island.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you commented, moving past him and to the wine cupboard. Steve’s eyes fell, his Adam’s apple bobbing once he fully took in your appearance. You were wearing the shorts he liked, the burgundy ones that reminded him of the wine you always loved to sip. The wine that burned your throat, and stained the inner rim of your lips. The wine that made you lean over, Steve’s eyes raking over your flesh, watching your every move as your fingers grasped the neck of the bottle.

“Couldn’t get to sleep,” he choked out once he realized he hadn’t responded, his eyes moving to directly in front of him as you straightened and turned to face him. You drove him absolutely crazy. “You?” He swallowed, his eyes moving when you did, going to the freezer and grabbing ice cream.

“Girls night,” you answered simply, a shrug and grin emitting from you as you began to retreat to your room. “Sweet dreams, Rogers,” you hummed and he chuckled in response. He watched you walk away, your hair cascaded between your shoulder blades and to the end of your ribs, and he absolutely adored it. As he stood, staring at the milk that wasn’t even sweating as much as he was, he began to realize just how much he wanted you.


“We’ve watched Jurassic park eight times for our movie night, it’s the only film you pick when it’s your turn,” Wanda groaned, watching as you began to set up the DVD into its place.

“Because it’s a piece of cinematic art that I think everyone should watch at least five hundred times in their lifetime!” You defended, hearing the bustle of chatter and popcorn behind you.

“Come on, doll, just pick a different movie for tonight, yeah?” Bucky pleaded, coming up next to you. He was pleading with those ocean eyes that you could never say no to, causing for you to roll your own. You put the DVD back in its case, feeling two strong arms wrap around your shoulders, a kiss being placed on the crown of your head. “I just adore ya, doll!” He exclaimed and you chuckled, your neck heating from the attention. He went and sat, you placing the first movie you saw into the player, taking your seat next to Steve.

“Can you move over a little bit?” Steve was interrupted from his fuming pit of jealousy when he heard your sweet voice in his ear, your breath cascading onto his neck and ear. He turned to face you, and realized you had little room between him and Peter. He gave you a small closed mouth smile in apology, and moved over to the right slightly. You squeezed his forearm in gratitude, and leaned your head on his shoulder. His breath caught in his throat at the simple exchange, straightening his posture slightly. He looked to you on his shoulder, a small smile on his face, his wave of jealousy completely forgotten as he shared this moment with you.

He would never forget the way your eyes fluttered close a fourth of the way into the movie. The way your plump peach lips, slightly parted, began to breathe constant, even, breaths of air. The way you subconsciously took his left arm and intertwined it with your right. He would never forget the feeling of your nails scraping up the inside of his forearm, slowing when the palm of his hand met with the pads of your fingers, and the relief he felt when your fingers finally intertwined with his. As he sat, his eyes trained on your lips, he began to realize just how much he loved you.



sophiabush: I’ve been told that when I look at food I am truly excited to eat, my eyes cross. I call bullshit … ? 🙈 [swipe right]

@chefaz you told me no lies when you said this place was amazing. In 3.4 minutes I’m going to look 5 months preggo and it will be TOTALLY WORTH IT @naturalmente_bonci #GlutenBaby#GiveItToMe #WhenInRome

kittfox  asked:

If it's okay, can I have a scenario where MC is a pizza delivery girl with pining RFA members?

the only thing that got stuck in my head after this is that one fcking song Jonas Brothers sang


• pizza isn’t really what he usually have on his food lists due to many reasons and he have kept a good tab on not eating take-out unless its a salad or smth really healthy

• but with his fridge empty and a late day of practicing for a upcoming play he decided that yeah, one day of junk food isn’t going to ruin him. He’ll just run it off and work it out later- no prob bob

• what he least expected was to be met by a really charming pizza deliverer that had his heartbeat go up a bit faster than usual 

• had a bit of a small talk after them kinda recognizing him from somewhere, he low key tells them about said upcoming play… maybe they wanna come?? oh ya they do

• smooth af zen, you go u bad boi. Now his stomach is full and happy but so is his heart. He is very much looking forward to see them again.


• he had a sleepover with his friends from college- to study you know? aka to play games and sleepovers need to have some kinda junk food and pizza is perf 

• so after deciding to call after the pizza they play a good game of Mario Cart and the one who loses has to get the pizza and pay lala all that shazaam.  

• Yoosung lost greatly as he fell victim to the blue shells one to many times, such defeat. You will be remembered great shooting star

• but it turned out to be a blessing because holy fck pizza deliverer is honestly super nice and polite and just… wow great. He kinda stammers and blushes as he pays and goes back to his pals

• they tease him the whole night about it, he was red as the tomato sauce on the pizza! said pizza person may and may not turn out to be going to the same college as him wink


• totally exhausted after work and crashed on the floor after she entered her house. one hour turned to 5 hours and wow it’s already 1AM. she is very hungry and she was supposed to buy groceries…. but slept

• so she decides for some take-out and remembers a pizza place one of her co-workers recommended and they also deliver late at night so, NEATO BURRITO

• works through some documents while she waits for the pizza to be delivered since she did miss out some precious time to work

• when the doorbell rings she hurries to the door and is met by the sweetest smile ever and she has to blink once or twice like wow is that an angel. They make a bit of small talk since pizza delivering person is super nice?

• she totally tips because they were really quick and?it’s so late? uncomfy working hours probably and she knows about that. Very charmed by them and think that pizza wouldn’t be bad to eat tomorrow as well


• the day mister jumin han decided to have pizza was a strange day… And especially having it delivered to the penthouse since ya know… He has a chef

• poor pizza delivering MC was absolutely terrified walking into this fancy ass building dressed in their pizza uniform… “who the actual fuck is this person” they wondered

• when they were met by this tall dark haired man they were nonetheless pretty intimidated but hey, a job’s a job. Here’s the pizza dude! hope you’ll enjoy it! 

• he kinda stares at them long enough to make it really fckin awkward mostly because he thinks they’re cute af and he can’t cope. Gives them a tip that’s way off the charts

• as he was munching on the pizza he thought of two things: one, pizza isn’t that bad. It’s pretty good. and two, that pizza deliverer was quite charming


• he thought to himself that he should try to be a little more healthier! Yay Seven! So instead of eating just chips al lá soda- he decided to buy pizza- 

• all the nutrients you need right, such healthy! 

• he decided to wait outside because the whole security measurement would probably scare off the pizza delivery-person 

• and said pizza delivery-person turned out to be absolutely gorgeous in his eyes and he just had to word vomit all over because he was nervous around them good game god seven

• there was something about them he couldn’t help being drawn to, he was definitely buying more pizza now vanderwood was not amused by the pizza containers everywhere

The boys and their s/o doing something on a cold day?

Aww, cute! Here you go!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Despite how cold it is, he insists you two go out.
  • The human body is built for this climate, why not utilize it to the fullest?
  • You two bundle up and go on a nice walk around the neighbourhood, even though the snow is coming down.
  • Why did he even bother wearing gloves?
  • No seriously, why is he wearing gloves.
  • His hands are already covered.
  • He keeps his arm around your waist as you two walk, holding you close to him to keep you two cozy even in this weather.
  • It’s cold, but you enjoy the closeness, you enjoy the company, you enjoy Korekiyo.
  • And he enjoys you too!
  • You two eventually stop at a cafe to get drinks, and it’s practically magical.
  • It’s just so warm and you’re so close, it feels dream-like.
  • You love winter days like these.

Amami Rantarou

  • He actually really likes cold days like this, a good excuse to stay inside and just enjoy the day.
  • He has a ton of movies set aside for you two, he even made snacks!
  • He’s really happy to be spending a day with you!
  • It’s nice and warm inside, and you two are huddled up on the couch, covered in blankets.
  • The snacks are actually surprisingly good, you didn’t think he would be such an impressive cook!
  • But then again, it doesn’t take a chef to make pizza bites.
  • Every time a particularly pretty character appears on screen, he makes sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • And every time a gross monster appears, you make sure to point and say “That’s you.”
  • How dare-
  • Eventually he falls asleep with you still snuggled up to him, buried in blankets.
  • A perfect way to end a perfect day.

Ouma Kokichi

  • He’s honestly SHOCKED when you say you want a quiet day inside.
  • No way! Not when there’s so much to do in the snow!
  • You get dressed for the weather, and by the time you do, he’s already out the door.
  • You honestly have no idea where he went.
  • That is, until you see that incredibly, somebody has ALREADY managed to craft a MASSIVE snow castle in your yard.
  • Now who could that be.
  • You’re about to go in and retrieve your boyfriend when suddenly, you are just being pelted with snowballs from above, just attaCKED-
  • You decide maybe it’s best to just hide inside while Ouma pelts the neighbourhood children.
  • You’ll deal with the complaints later.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • The type of guy who’d really just prefer to stay home on a cold day.
  • But he’d definitely want to spend it with you!
  • He doesn’t really have much planned, so you mostly just find little ways to spend time with each other.
  • Cooking, board games, movies, cuddling, regular normal couples stuff that you both enjoy.
  • He doesn’t care what you’re doing, as long as he’s spending time with you.
  • You two end up going to bed early that night, because you’re just so warm and contented.
  • A perfect way to spend a snowy day.

Kaito Momota

  • You are BARELY OUT THE DOOR before you are being DESTROYED with snowballs.
  • You have no idea where he’s hiding with all of these!
  • You can see the dents in the snowbanks from where he’s just completely hollowed them to make snowballs.
  • You take one step into the yard and just sink.
  • Did he hollow it out?!
  • How did he even do that?!
  • But then again, this is the smartest man to ever cheat his way into being an astronaut.
  • You hear quiet snickering, and then-
  • He’s laughing but he still feels a little bad, so he comes down and takes you inside to help you warm up.
  • Worth it.


  • He really wants to go play in the snow! It’s so interesting to him, all weather is!
  • And he doesn’t even need to dress for the weather!
  • So you take him out to play in the snow, and he loves it.
  • When you get cold, he warms himself up for you, but then the snow melts and you get wet-
  • He’ll try to find a balance!
  • It’s honestly really adorable how excited he gets about things like this.
  • You’ll let him play for as long as he wants.
  • When you show him how to make a snowball, it’s all he wants to do for the next three hours.
  • And he can make them perfectly!
  • He doesn’t want to throw them though, he just stacks them nicely.
  • He wants to know everything that can be made out of snow!
  • You’re going to be out here a while.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s never been that fond of cold weather, he likes it better when it’s warm out and he can go outside all day!
  • Which means you two need to find something to do inside instead.
  • You settle on watching documentaries, which is something you both like!
  • He’s completely fascinated the whole time, which you find pretty adorable in itself.
  • Every time something interesting comes up you can see his face just light up, there’s nobody else you’d rather be snowed in with.
  • You’d be surprised by how many documentaries two people can watch in one day!
  • You eventually fall asleep together on the couch, silently hoping tomorrow will be just as cold.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • No going outside.
  • What? But the snow is so nice and deep and-
  • No going outside.
  • Then you realize.
  • He will sink right into that snow and you will never see him again.
  • …Maybe you’ll just stay in and play wii tennis.
Stuff I have said about food I'm certain the Chocobros had influence in.
  • Noctis: This is a veggie burger! I'm not the type to be played with! Give me food!
  • ~
  • Noctis: I don't understand why anyone would hate themselves to eat a salad.
  • ~
  • Prompto: If I stare at this picture of a salad while eating these chicken tenders, than it's the same thing
  • ~
  • Prompto: They learned my name, and know my order, can't go back for a bit.
  • ~
  • Ignis: *making food* If I put enough seasoning on it, he won't be aware this started as a vegetable.
  • ~
  • Ignis: The fact no one has died yet makes me believe I'm a pretty decent chef
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: Any pizza's a personal pizza if you believe in yourself, I also got a 2 liter of soda, and a milkshake.
  • ~
  • Gladiolus: I once ate 80% of a family chicken meal, felt like I was gonna die, when to the bathroom burped for 40 seconds, came back and finished it like a champ!