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Epic meal time skyrim edition. Take a Mammoth and stuff it with a horker, which is stuffed with a sabrecat. A fancy pantsy northern feast.

You actually aren’t far off the mark. A couple of centuries ago, the chef at the Blue Palace gained fame and notoriety among the fine culinary community of Tamriel for a Yule dish he invented. He called it the Mamhorbervenigoatpeaturken. I’m not even joking. It was a mammoth, stuffed with a horker, sabre cat, a deer, a goat, a peacock, turkey, and a chicken. It was said that it took fifteen strong men to carry it into the Palace, and it was sliced with a sawmill blade. One slice was enough to feed the entire banquet hall. Apparently the rest of Solitude was eating Mamhorbervenigoatpeaturken for well over a month and were so thoroughly sick of it that they swore to the chef that they would have his head if he ever made it again. Should I bring this tradition back for Yule? I’m not even sure if we can fit a mammoth in Riften… ~Talviel

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Dean/Cas rec list? Maybe? Yes?

friend, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking.



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I’m thinking of Hazel and Nico discovering the joys of bad reality tv and just locking themselves in and eating junk food while marathoning episodes for like a week straight because they have 70 years to catch up on.