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Do you have links to watch exomentary? I wanna watch it again to keep me alive during the summer

i got u ! these r all google drive links so they dont hav any ads

Episode 1 - SEHUN’s ‘Please Take Care of My Puppy’

Episode 2 - Suho is a pastry chef!

Episode 3 - Kai, Deep in Thought…

Episode 4 - Chanyeol’s Private Studio

Episode 5 - Brunch with Lay

Episode 6 - Home Cooking with Chef D.O.

Episode 7 - ‘Fantastic Kim Brothers’ Part 1!

Episode 8 - ‘Fantastic Kim Brothers’ Part 2!

Episode 9 - Baekhyun (LOL)ICOSTER

Episode 10 - SEHUN is a careful boy!

Episode 11 - SUHO’s Look & Fit

Episode 12 - Rematch for BAEKHYUN’s (Lol)llercoaster

Episode 13 - CHANYEOL’S Private Studio AGAIN

Episode 14 - SUHO the funniest member of EXO’s left brain Vs. right brain

Episode 15 - CHANYEOL’s Private Studio AGAIN and AGAIN!

and also EXO’s Bowling Competition


South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)
Dir: Trey Parker
“We accidentally replaced your heart with a baked potato. You have about three seconds to live.”

When it came time for a science project, Paris settled on studying snails.

She enlisted her chef Kai Chase to help her find snails in the mansion’s backyard. The pair carried large flashlights and found several of the slimy creatures and prepared to bring them inside.

Jackson was waiting for them.

“At this point, I believed I was going to get fired,” Chase recalled.

The singer looked at the snails and had a different reaction — he helped make them a home.

He ended up putting them in jars with a bedding of moss in the bottom and tiny cocktail umbrellas to live under.

Other animals roaming through the home included a chocolate lab named Kenya, cats named Katie and Thriller, a rabbit and a talking bird who would “whistle when pretty girls go by,” Chase said.

Prince had a pet rat he carried around, while Paris would host tea parties in her backyard doll house for the animals. The dog would jump in the pool with the kids when they swam on Saturdays, Chase said.

The children would “run to him like lighting” when their father came home from a rehearsal,“ she said. "They would hang on him. It would bring tears to my eyes.”

—  Kai Chase’s court case testimony about family life at Michael Jackson’s house before he passed
Our Deal

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I woke up to sunlight flooding my room and an empty bed. Kai was gone. I wasn’t surprised, seeing as how my father would kill him before killing me if he found out that I was ‘sleeping with the enemy’. I don’t know how this little arrangement happened anyway, but I wasn’t complaining. I sat up and stretched before looking at the alarm clock on my nightstand. 6:27. I groaned before plopping back in bed.

“Morning beautiful.”

I jumped up in surprise to see Kai standing there with a towel around his waist, beads of water dripping onto the hardwood floor. Ughhhh.

“Dude, would it kill you to dry off in the bathroom instead of dripping all over my floor?” I asked as an attempt to divert attention from my blushing cheeks.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, babe.” I plopped back into bed before he could see my even redder checks.

“Why are you still here anyway? My dad could’ve caught you.”

“He would’ve, if he were actually here. I heard him leave early. Something about a vampire to hunt?”  

I eventually got out of bed and got ready for school. After showering, I got dressed in a black tshirt dress, black knee socks, and black shoes before styling my shoulder length hair in a partial top knot. When I exited my bedroom, I was greeted with the sweet-smelling scent of pancakes.

 I walked into the kitchen to see Chef Kai with a spatula in hand, flipping pancakes onto two plates with bacon on the side. I gave him a peck on the cheek as a thank you before grabbing my plate and digging in. When we were both finished with our breakfast, I grabbed our plates and began doing the dishes.

“Have I ever mentioned,” Kai began as he wrapped his arms around my waist, “how much I love this dress?” I laughed as he began to leave small pecks on the curve of my neck. My laugh faded as he began to suck softly.

“Kai, I’m gonna be late,” I said as I attempted to open my eyes.

“Ditch,” he mumbled into my neck as his hand creeped up my dress.

“No, seriously. My dad woud kill me if he found out I ditched,” I exclaimed as I pushed him off of me. I quickly finished washing the dishes before grabbing my books and such from the living room table and shoving them into my bag.

“Alright, Goody Two-Shoes,” he said as he held his hands up in mock surrender. I glared at him as a smug smirk appeared on his face.

“I am not a Goody Two-Shoes!”

“I don’t think you’ve done one bad thing in your life. Ever.

“I’m sleeping with you, aren’t I?”


I found myself seated on a large pleated couch in a house with a bunch of other college students. Elena dragged me here with the excuse that I needed to “get out & have fun for once”, but we got seperated as soon as we walked in. 

 I brought my coke can to my lips and took a sip (no way was I getting drunk in front of all these people) before getting up and walking out. 

“Hey cutie,” a random frat boy called out as I walked past. I rolled my eyes and continued walking

“Hey!” I was grabbed from behind and forcefully turned around before being pulled into the frat boy’s chest. “I was talking to you.”

“And I was ignoring you,” I scoffed. “Now that we’ve stated the obvious, you can let me go now.” 

“How about we go upstairs instead?” he slurred while drunkenly smirking. Before I knew it, the boy that was once in front of me was sent flying a couple feet away.

Man was he annoying.” I turned around to see Kai standing behind me.

“I had it handled, Kai!” 

“Sure, if you call being pressed against him ‘handled’,” he glared. I took a step forward and returned the glare.

“What’s your deal?” He ran a hand through his hair before responding. 

You’re my deal! You keep doing this..this thing and it makes me.. care for you.”

I dropped my glare and replaced it with a look of confusion. “What?”

“For some reason, I always want to be around you. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about you. I guess I like you? I don’t know?”

“ like me?”

“It’s like I want to hate you but I just can’t. It’s probably the sex. Can sex make you feel?” I rolled my eyes as he continued rambling before stepping closer to him.

“I like you too,” I admitted. 



“So now what?”

I playfully rolled my eyes before grabbing both sides of his face in my hands before planting a passionate kiss on his lips, unlike the usual sloppy kisses we’ve shared previously. Kai eventually pulled away and released a breathy laugh.

“Now your dad’s really going to kill me.”


first kai imagine!! loosely based off the song ‘our deal’ by best coast. tell me what you think & SEND REQUESTS PLEASE 😊

Kai Parker - MasterChef

Prompt: Can you do one with Kai Parker, where he thinks that the reader doesn’t really love him, because she doesn’t say how she feels, so they “fight” but they really love each-other, and cute/fluff at the end? Thank you 😘

Kai Parker wasn’t a feelings type of guy. Even after he actually gained emotions, you knew he still firmly lived by the idea that if feelings were meant to be talked about, they would be called talkings. And you had known that from the minute he had showed up at your doorstep, covered in blood and muttering about some witch curse. You’d had a run in with the Gemini Coven before, being a witch and all, and as time went on, you learnt more about the sociopathic, damaged little siphoner. You’d fallen in love with Kai Parker, something you’d never said out loud and never wanted to. You carried on as you had been before, sleeping in each other’s beds and insulting each other and you thought that somehow, you wouldn’t mind not telling him that you loved him if you could stay as you were for as long as possible. You were wrong.

“You’d been weird all day, Kai, what’s up?” You asked, frowning as you made breakfast, cooking and probably burning some waffles on the fry.
“Nothing.” He answered as he came down the stairs, obviously unsurprised yet unhappy to see you. You knew Kai had his moments but he was never this bad.
“Kai.” You repeated, turning around a raising an eyebrow. It took him a few minutes, under your dry stare, to speak. Instead of owning up to his feelings, he ended up asking you a question that threw you off entirely.
“Why haven’t you told me you love me?” He questioned softly, looking down. His expression wasn’t sad, more curious and disappointed. You were lost for words as you stared at his face, your mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

“The only reasonable expectation I could come up with is that you don’t.” He sighed, standing before running a hand across his head. “But that couldn’t be right either because well, I’m awesome. That made me think that maybe you didn’t want to say it. But why? Why would you not tell someone you love them? I’ve had feelings for what, nearly a year now, and even I know that love, soppy as this is, is something that you can’t keep in. That got me thinking that maybe it isn’t love which brings me back to my first idea.” He paused, leaning again the worktop opposite you. “You just don’t feel that way.”
You didn’t speak for a moment, afraid to say something wrong. Kai had found out your secret and you had no idea if this would end well.
“You’ve never said it to me.” You replied.
“That’s completely different.” He retorted. “I show you how much I care about you. Even Damon knows that I’m obsessed with you and he has the emotional range of a toddler.”

You looked down, swallowing. You vaguely smelt something burning but didn’t care enough to stop it, completely focused on Kai’s words. Did he not know that you loved him?
“Say something, Y/N!” He shouted, his anger getting the best of him. You’d never been scared of Kai and you weren’t about to start now.
“You want me to say that I love you?” You responded, feeling your own anger butt it’s head in retaliation. “Fine! I love you, Kai! I fell for you weeks, even months ago and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but you are not a feelings person. I was terrified that you wouldn’t feel the same way and now here we are arguing that I don’t love you? I do love you, Kai Parker. When I fell for you, I fell hard and-”
Before you could finish your rant or even process what was happening, his hands were on your cheeks and his lips were against yours. He pushed you up against the counter, you’d hands stabilising yourself behind you before crawling up his chest around his neck.

He pulled away after a while, his eyes bright and his smile brighter before his face turned sour as he sniffed the air.
“Is something burning?” He whispered. You felt your eyes go wide and you couldn’t help but panic as you turned around to face blackened potato waffles.
“Wow, Y/N.” Kai commented, unable to hide his smile as a hand curled around your waist.
“Really? This is my fault.” You drawled sarcastically.
“Of course it is.” He whispered, kissing you on the nose lightly. “But the master chef is here to fix it.”
You could barely contain the giggle in your throat as you watched him dispose of the burnt food, your chest sweeping with emotions after what’d just happened.
“Yeah, you go, Master chef.”

EXO Chatting Relay Event - Kai
  1. Start?
  2. Hello I am EXO Kai
  3. kkk
  4. k
  5. Wah
  6. It’s starting?
  7. Why is noone talking?
  8. Everyone please have fun today
  9. ㅂㅈㄷㄱ쇼ㅕㅑㅐㅔㅁㄴㅇㄹ호ㅓㅏㅣㅋㅌㅊ퓨ㅜㅡ
  10. 1234567890-=ㅂㅈㄷㄱ쇼ㅕㅑㅐㅔㅁㄴㅇㄹ호ㅓㅏㅣㅋㅌㅊ퓨ㅜㅡ./
  11. Im bored
  12. 789654123
  13. This time is different from last time’s chatting, the computer got better
  14. The monitor is really big
  15. I only train my upper torso (?)
  16. I had my dinner already -Meat
  17. No, it’s fast
  18. Rahee’s hair is short (Note: Rahee is his niece)
  19. My puppies are all living well
  20. I’m very dark
  21. I love you
  22. Roasted chicken soup
  23. Pink hair
  24. My roommate now is Chanyeol D.O. hyung
  25. Wah hukk
  26. I’m busy in reading
  27. No no no
  28. I’m really busy in reading
  29. I like Japanese ramen
  30. I like spicy chicken
  31. My hair is white even though my face is dark-coloured 
  32. Inside my head is white, inside my heart is pink
  33. To play with Rahee, I will give her a airplane ride
  34. It’s tiring
  35. No no airplane
  36. I will start a business and give her a ride
  37. In one day, half of the day has to be given to sleep
  38. Sleep for 12 hours only considers as good sleep
  39. Ah.. let’s sleep for a while
  40. If I look at those (comments) which are impolite, I will dislike EXO-L
  41. But I don’t care (about them)
  42. The most recent movie I have watched is Jurassic Park -Dinosaur
  43. I want to raise a raptor
  44. Anyone here raises a raptor?
  45. Raptor
  46. EXO-L are cute Tyranno
  47. L-ranno EXO-L-ranno
  48. I’m raptor
  49. I’m the raptor and EXO-L are the L-ranno
  50. Morning chicken is delicious
  51. I cannot choose any food after chicken
  52. Pizza is still far away from chicken-hyung (Note: he’s calling chicken his hyung because he likes it so much lol)
  53. My favorite fruit is strawberry
  54. I’m a strawberry and EXO-L are grapes
  55. My most favorite EXO song..uh… I like them all.
  56. Cooking cooking
  57. For me, I am good in it
  58. Recently I cooked eggs
  59. I’m the chef, EXO-L are the eggs
  60. L-ran (Note: Egg in Korean is gye-ran)
  61. Ka-pue (Note: Kai+Chef)
  62. For me, spaghetti is food that I buy (Note: Meaning he can’t cook spaghetti lmao)
  63. Except during filming for ads, I don’t use hand cream
  64. I don’t use perfume
  65. As for body lotion and shampoo, I use those in the dorm, I just any lotion or shampoo there
  66. The paper bag, that, paper bag, now-
  67. When my stuff can’t fit my pockets, only I use the paper bag
  68. Today we did magazine shooting
  69. I did well
  70. We had interview - I talked about EXO-L - I did well right?
  71. I, ah, no it’s a secret
  72. Way to hide from the heat - go under the shades - I go barefoot - toes
  73. EXO-L are fingers
  74. I’m toes
  75. EXO-L are fingers
  76. Hand and foot, combine!
  77. Couple ring? Me and EXO-L’s?
  78. Because I am toes, the ring size needs to match with my toes
  79. My fingers are turning old, they need to be oiled
  80. Bingsu kkk 
  81. Doll clothes - Recently doll clothes
  82. My dinner today is chicken
  83. I’m only recommending chicken
  84. I tried balsam drink before
  85. But the water didn’t only go into my nails, it spread all over my fingers
  86. I thought manicure is like applying lip balm
  87. I applied on my lips and I cried
  88. I don’t have any SNS account
  89. If I want to (share something), I will upload on FROM. EXO
  90. But I got nothing to write about so…
  91. I am cute ever since the day I was born - Gold hammer
  92. Drink while writing
  93. Ah Instagram was used for promoting
  94. After much begging from the manager hyungs, I made an account
  95. Iced choco is delicious
  96. Of course (I’ll be using) FROM. EXO
  97. If I take on acting, all of you will cry
  98. But still I will do that soon
  99. I didn’t drink alchohol
  100. hi (in english)
  101. Mine, all mine
  102. Suho hyung is the only church oppa
  103. Monggu is still the same (Note: Monggu is one of his dog)
  104. Flower Nancy - Flower Nancy - I like, I like
  105. No, the chatting participants are too many, so my replies become shorter
  106. Hinggg We will extend it to two hours
  107. I take off my shoes right after I reach the dorm
  108. I close my eyes before I sleep (Note: LMAO)
  109. Have to drink a lot of water to remain healthy
  110. Please drink a lot of water
  111. MAMA is the most tiring
  112. What class was I in during kindergarten?
  113. During my kindergarten days, I played batman games
  114. I will make you my princess - EXO-L - I am bear
  115. Bear - Bear kkkkkk
  116. They said I look like a bear ㅂ0ㅂ 
  117. *_* *-* Emoticon battle
  118. (-_-) (ㅁ_ㅁ)
  119. Why does this notebook has no hanja typing?
  120. Ah Apple computers don’t have this
  121. My foot size is 4000 (Note: LMAO #2)
  122. My height is 50000 (Note: LMAO #3)
  123. My attack power is 100,000,000
  124. Dragon Ball
  125. I want to go to US again
  126. Anyone here collects dragon balls?
  127. Oh oh oh there’re a lot here
  128. I have Vegeta
  129. Sun Wu Kong anyone?
  130. Bulma anyone? and also Gyeolheun
  131. EXO-L are Bulma
  132. I am Vegeta - Dragon Ball
  133. kkkk If your surname is Kim, then it will be Kim Bulma
  134. Please don’t rename it
  135. kkkk I’m Kim-geta
  136. I’m now in white tee and jeans
  137. You’re telling me take off if I am hot?
  138. Use heat to fight against heat
  139. I will choose to wear nicely
  140. I get hot when it’s hot; I get hot too even it’s cold
  141. I have a lot of weak points
  142. If I take off my clothes when I am hot, then I will feel cold - Irony
  143. My health maintaining food is chicken
  144. I think my sense towards the season drops - I am wearing many long-sleeved shirts
  145. What I eat to become pretty? EXO-L’s love kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  146. My love? Hearteu
  147. Even I become fatter? -Please don’t lose weight
  148. Where do I live when I become older? Right, even I don’t have a house - *knock knock* Noone is here, then I should go to the next neighbourhood 
  149. *knock knock* Why is there no people here?
  150. Of course have to go home kkkkkk
  151. Ah it’s so funny -interesting
  152. I have never once called a noona as unnie
  153. But I think I had called other people as daddy once
  154. My ideal type is EXO-L kkk
  155. I recommend wearing glasses kkkkkk 
  156. Harry Potter is fun
  157. Join the Goblet of Fire Contest with me - I’ll win
  158. Is it quidditch? -Anyone does that?
  159. I will win all of you -EXO-L vs Kai -Let’s do this
  160. Cannot use cleaning machine
  161. I’m Gryffindor? Slytherin?
  162. I was first in my elementary school
  163. I was first in my whole high school for pushups
  164. *Showing off*
  165. They said I’m real man
  166. As for football, I like watching the most
  167. Gathering the friends and have fun
  168. Pporopporopporo
  169. Chelsea is the best
  170. Not long ago they lost to Arsenal
  171. Sad TT My tears are coming out
  172. They lost, lost TTTTTT
  173. I bought Rahee a car as her Children’s Day present
  174. But it’s scary to ride that -I won’t ride that anymore
  175. My tears will come out
  176. They said I’m Jong-murok (Note: Sad Jong)
  177. Rahee doesn’t cry much
  178. Because I am not the one who gives birth to the twins TT
  179. Recently my hearing becomes better - my vision is bad
  180. I wear lenses TT
  181. It’s good no matter it’s long hair, short hair or even flat head
  182. Three-line poem kkk
  183. No, if I shave my hair, I will cry, cry 
  184. If you dye hair, it will hurt your hair
  185. Even if you don’t do it, you still look pretty
  186. Tell me I’m pretty -since you guys are the one who make me look pretty
  187. Don’t do that
  188. Everyone please stay refreshed
  189. Drink some iced water
  190. I receive energy when fans tell me they are happy
  191. My EXO-L, let’s be happy
  192. I don’t eat on-flight meal, I sleep
  193. Did you see me blocking the typhoon?
  194. I blocked it - I’m the Vegeta
  195. Just now I went to EXO-L’s kitchen and stole some of the colas
  196. And behind it, I saw our EXO-L - So pretty
  197. I wanted to hug you but I just went away - Because I need to this chatting
  198. I feel happy when I dance
  199. I like all the choreography
  200. I have to be happy so when EXO-L look at me they will be happy too
  201. Am I right?
  202. Right!!!! hehehe -Pretty
  203. Grandpa Santa kkkkkkkk
  204. I was sad because I didn’t receive present from my father
  205. Grandpa Santa instead of presents, he took the card and went away 
  206. He pretended to believe and bought some toys
  207. That time when I was in elementary school, my fantasy was broken 
  208. They said I broke the record and I did for the longest period
  209. Ah I always break my phone, don’t worry
  210. Even if I use phone cases, it still breaks - It’s so magical
  211. kk you’re right -When something reaches my hands, it will break into pieces
  212. If you want to have better circulation, welcome to my hand
  213. Fun rides -that -Water -that -It’s fun
  214. No no not that one -The one with long ropes in Lotte World
  215. Atlantis -That was fun -Fun fun
  216. Play stations? I like those scary ones hehe
  217. I have nothing I fear of. Ghosts are my friends; Zombie is my friends too;Souls,too are my friends.
  218. All are my friends because I am Vegeta
  219. Sun Wukong is the scariest 
  220. I like horrow movies
  221. kkk Showtime -that one kkkkkkkkkkk
  222. My tears - Because those really weren’t ghosts
  223. I am friend with real ghosts - Fake ghosts are scary TT
  224. kkkk Fake ghosts
  225. If I hit, it will only hurt my hand - Because I am robot
  226. Before I sleep, I dance with my brain
  227. No, I sing in my brain kk
  228. Thoughts
  229. If not then if I think of football, I will fall asleep
  230. Ah Inner dance - When I use my brain to dance 
  231. /goomoolgoomool/
  232. I just knew about ‘inner dance’ this word after you guys told me kk It fits so well
  233. I didn’t go to karaoke rooms kk
  234. As for book, uhmm– try this book ‘Maximize Imagination(상상력이 극대화’
  235. Now, I think I have to go already
  236. I want to call you by your names, I know if I don’t do this, you might be sad
  237. And also because the chatting time is reduced so I can’t call you by your names one by one
  238. But you’re all precious to me
  239. All of you mine
  240. All EXO-L are mine
  241. Lastly, everyone
  242. The weather is hot and please take care of yourself
  243. If you unreasonably want to lose weight, please don’t do this to hurt your body
  244. I will always love you
  245. I will use my teleport skill to go to see if you’re doing well
  246. kkkkk because it’s a special visit
  247. please be ready
  248. I’m going now gwiyomi-s chu chu

translation cr. to ludeerbambi | ask before reposting thank you!

[TRANS/FULL] 150804 Kai’s fan chat relay event compilation

NOTICE: Please take out my translations with credit (e.g. cr: 103oclock) and also don’t forget to credit the person who provided me with the chat screenshots (@8KIMKAI8)

  • Start?
  • Hello, this is exo’s kai
  • Whoaaaa
  • Have we started?
  • Why is no one saying anything?
  • Everyone
  • Let’s play and have fun today
  • ajfbjdskfhurfjgjks
  • 1234567890-=akfndkajdnvmofldsv./
  • I’m bored
  • 789654123
  • Something changed from the previous chat
  • The computers have become a whole lot better
  • The monitor screens are really big
  • It’s as big as my body
  • I’ve eaten
  • meat
  • No
  • It’s fast
  • Rahee’s hair is short
  • My dogs are all doing well
  • I’m very dark/tan
  • I love you
  • Spicy braised chicken
  • Pink hair
  • My roommates at the moment are Chanyeol and D.O. hyungs
  • Whoaa
  • jakdna
  • i’m busy reading
  • Wahhhh
  • No no no
  • I’m very busy reading
  • I like Japan’s ramen
  • Spicy chicken is yummy
  • My hair is white
  • My face is dark but
  • My thoughts are white(pure)
    [’Head’ in Korean is the same word as ‘Hair’ so this would also mean “The inside of my hair is white(pure)”. Jongin was just playing with words!]
  • The inside of my heart is pink
  • If you want me to play with you like how I do with Rahee, I need to give you rides on an aeroplane
    [Parents normally play with infants by giving them “aeroplane rides” which is putting the baby on their feet while the adult is lying on their backs and lifting the child with their legs]
  • It’s tiring
  • No, no aeroplane
  • I will let you start by riding business class
  • If you see me wearing glasses, EXO-L are not going to like it
  • I look ugly
  • The most recent movie I watched is Jurassic
  • Dinosaurs
  • I want to raise a raptor
  • People who will raise a raptor?
  • Raptor
  • EXO-Ls are cute tyrannosaurs
  • L-rannosaur
  • EXO-L-rannosaur
  • I’m Ka-ptor
    [’Ka-ptor’ as in Kai + raptor]
  • I’m Ka-ptor and EXO-Ls are EXO-L-rannosaurs
  • It’s yummyy
  • Morning chicken
  • I can’t do it
  • Afternoon chicken
  • Pizza still has a long way to go against his brother Chicken
  • As for fruits, strawberries
  • I’m strawberries
  • EXO-Ls are grapes
  • Among EXO’s songs, the song I like the most is
  • Um
  • I like all of them
  • Cooking
  • I’m good at making ramen
  • I make a bit of eggs these days too
  • Ha, I am a chef
  • I’m a chef
  • EXO-Ls are eggs
  • L-eggs
  • Kaf
    [’Kaf’ as in Kai + chef]
  • Spaghetti is a food that I buy and eat
  • As for hand cream, I have never used it other than to film for a CF
  • I don’t use cologne
  • For body lotion and shampoo, I use whatever that’s available in the dorm
  • When I don’t put my things into my pockets, I carry them in a paper bag
  • Today I did a magazine shoot and it went well
  • I did an interview and I talked about EXO-Ls. I did well, didn’t I
  • I
  • Ah
  • Nothing
  • It’s a secret
  • The way to avoid the heat is to go in the shade
  • I’m barefooted
  • Toes
  • EXO-Ls are the fingers and I’m the toes
  • We’re hands and feet combined
  • Couple ring? For EXO-L and I?
  • Since I’m the toes, I should have it sized for my toes
  • My fingers are old, I need to grease them
    [I think he means that his fingers are so old that they became rusty and needs to be lubricated]
  • Bingsoo
  • ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Doll clothes
  • These days the doll clothes
    [He stopped talking about the doll clothes abruptly lol]
  • For today’s dinner, chicken
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I only recommend chicken, huh
  • I have tried painting my nails
  • But I didn’t just paint my nails, I also got it all over my fingers
  • I thought nail polish was lip balm
  • So I applied it on my lips and I cried
  • Ah, I don’t have any SNS account
  • If I do have one, it’ll be posted up on From. EXO
  • But I probably won’t have much to write..
  • Since I was born, I was cute and have eaten everything. Yummy
  • Ah, I made Instagram because the manager hyungs were pleading me to use it for public relations
  • Iced chocolate is delicious
  • F.E. is of course ‘From Exo’
  • If I act, everyone will cry so I will have to do it later on in the future
    [Saying his acting is so bad that we’ll all cry lol]
  • I don’t drink alcohol
  • hi 
    [in English]
  • Mine
  • You’re mine, mine
  • Church oppa is only Suho hyung
  • Monggu is just like how he has always been
  • I like the smell of flowers
  • There are so many chats that I feel like my words have become so much shorter ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • (Sobbing noise)
  • Shall we do this for 2 hours?
  • The moment I arrive at the dorm, I take off my shoes
  • Before I sleep I close my eyes
  • You need to drink a lot of water, it’s healthy
  • Drink lots of water.
  • MAMA is the most tiring
  • What class was I in during kindergarten…
  • I played Vectorman and had fun in kindergarten
  • I’ll make EXO-L into a princess
  • and I’m the bear ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Because you said I look like a bear
  • ㅂㅇㅂ
  • *_*
  • *-*
  • Emoticon battle
  • (-_-)
  • (ㅁ_ㅁ)
  • Why doesn’t this notebook have Chinese words
  • Ah, apple computers don’t have it
  • My foot size is 4000
  • My height is 5000
  • My attacking power is 1billion
  • Dragonball
  • I want to go to the U.S. again
  • People who will leave to collect dragon balls?
  • Ohhhhh there’s a lot of you
  • I’m Vegeta
  • People who will be Sonokong/Son Goku?
  • People who will be Bulma and then there will be marriage
  • EXO-L is Bulma and I’m Vegeta
  • Dragonball
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋIf you’re Mrs. Kim then it’s Kim Bulma
  • Don’t change your name
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋI am Kim-geta
  • I’m wearing a white tee and jeans right now
  • If it’s hot, take off your clothes
  • Fight fire with fire
  • I’m very sensitive to the heat and I’m very sensitive to the cold, I have many weaknesses
  • If it’s hot and I take off my clothes, it’s cold
  • Since it’s like this, my health food is chicken
  • I think I wear a lot of long sleeves because my sense for the seasons have dropped
  • If you ask what to eat to become beautiful
  • EXO-L’s love ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • My love?
  • Heart
  • What to eat to lose weight too?
  • Don’t lose weight
  • Where should I live when I’m old
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI don’t have a house either
  • Knock knock
  • Knock knock
  • Seems like there’s no one in. I need to go to another house
  • Knock knock
  • Why is there no one
  • I need to go home
  • “Don’t goi”
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • You said “Don’t goi” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Ah, this is so funny and interesting
  • I have never called my noonas ‘eonnie’
  • But i think I’ve called them ‘appa’ before
  • My ideal type is EXO-L ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Recommend me spectacles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Harry Potter is interesting
  • I will go for the competition in Goblet of Fire and I will win
  • Was it Quidditch?
  • People who want to do that?
  • I will win everyone
  • Let’s do EXO-L vs Kai
  • You can’t use a vaccum
  • I’m in Gryffindor? Slytherin?
  • I did it in the first grade of elementary school
  • When I was in elementary school, I got first in doing push-ups
  • Boasting
  • I’m a cool man
  • I like watching soccer the most~
  • It’s always enjoyable with a group of friends
  • Bboro bboro bboro
  • Chelsea is awesome
  • They lost to Arsenal a while ago
  • So sad ㅜㅜ I’m crying
  • They lost. They lost ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • I bought Rahee a car for Children’s Day
  • But if she’s scared when she rides that
  • She hasn’t even ridden that once..
  • I’m crying
  • Rahee doesn’t cry much
  • I’m not the one giving birth to twins ㅜㅜ
  • These days I like my ears too
  • My vision is bad
  • I wear contact lenses ㅜㅜ
  • I like long hair and I like short hair
  • I also like bald head
  • 3 words poem ㅋㅋㅋ
  • No, I’ll cry if I go bald
  • You will damage your hair if you dye it
  • You’re pretty even without dyeing your hair
  • Since I said you’re pretty, don’t do it
  • Please feel more refreshed, everyone
  • Drink iced water
  • I receive the most strength when fans say that they’re happy
  • I feel like “My EXO-Ls said that they are happy”
  • I sleep on my flights so I don’t eat the meals provided
  • I saw a typhoon being prevented
  • I was the one who stopped it
  • Because I’m Vegeta
  • I went to the kitchen of EXO-L just now
  • I took the cola in the fridge and drank it
  • I saw the back of our EXO-L
  • It’s pretty
  • I wanted to hug you, but I just went off
  • Because I need to do the chatting
  • I’m happy when I dance
  • I like all our choreographies
  • I have to be happy, of course
  • EXO-Ls who see me are happy do, am I right or not?
  • Right!!! ㅎㅎㅎ
  • So cute
  • When it’s Christmas, Santa Claus doesn’t give me presents so got sad
  • So my father said that Santa Claus didn’t leave me a present, but a card
  • I acted like I believed him and bought toys
  • During elementary school, my dream was to break world record and hold the record for the longest time
  • I always drop my phone
  • Don’t worry
  • It’s amazing how I break my phone even with the phone case on
  • ㅋㅋThat’s right
  • Everything breaks when they come into my hands
  • If you want to break something, let me hold it
  • The amusement park was fun
  • The water was fun
  • No no, not that
  • The line is extremely long
  • There this ride called Atlantis in Lotte World makes me really excited
  • Something I’m scared of in amusement parks ㅎㅎ
  • I’m not scared of anything
  • Ghosts are my friends, zombies are my friends, phantoms are my friends
  • They’re all my friends because I’m Vegeta
  • I’m scared of Sonokong the most
  • Horror movies are fun
  • ㅋㅋㅋIn Showtime
  • They’re not real ghosts
  • Fake ghosts are my friends but real ghosts are scary
  • ㅋㅋㅋ Fake ghosts
  • Even when I lose, only my hands hurt
  • Because I’m a robot
  • Before I go to sleep, I dance with my brain
  • No
  • I said my brain ㅋㅋ
  • My thoughts dance
  • Otherwise, I think of soccer and I fall asleep
  • Ah, inner dance
  • I said I dance with my brain
  • wiggle wiggle wiggle
  • I knew about inner dance because you guys told me about it just now ㅋㅋ It’s apt
  • I don’t go to Karaoke ㅋㅋ
  • Read, um, read books that will maximise your imagination
  • I think I have to go now
  • I want to call out your names but people who don’t get to hear their names being said will get hurt
  • And the duration to have a conversation with you guys have decreased so I couldn’t call your names
  • Every one of our fans are all precious because you’re all mine
  • EXO-L all together is mine
  • Lastly, the days are hot so please stay healthy and don’t hurt your body doing excessive measures to lose weight
  • I always like you
  • I will teleport to you to see if you’re doing well
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It will be a surprise so be prepared
  • I’m leaving, cuties
  • (kissing sound)



Chapter 11

It was another Friday night. Another barkada night for us. We were at Derrick’s place for a barbecue dinner and we’re currently grilling our food.

“Himala pare di kayo sabay ni Julie ngayon.” Derrick said.

“Ha? Ano kasi pinauna na niya ko kasi may emergency daw sa shop niya. Kaya yun.”

“Ah. Okay.” he answered as he flips the burger. After a few minutes, we heard Sef and Julie’s voice na obvious na kakadating pa lang.

“Hi, Jules!” Bati ni Kris. Nagbeso na sila and she also said hi to Derrick and me.

“Amoy barbecue kami, Jules!” Derrick yelled sabay tumawa pa. She waved at us and I smiled at her pero umiwas naman siya ng tingin.

“Ano ka na girl? Akala ko natabunan ka na ng cupcakes at kape mo.” I heard Sef say.

“Hoy kayong dalawa diyan, di pa ba luto yan? Baka naman uling na yang pagkain natin ha?” Maqui said.

“Ito na tapos na.” I answered as I placed the last piece on the plate. Pumasok na kami ni Derrick sa loob and we all sat around the table.

“Yunoh! Ito ba Elmo eh kaaya-aya ang lasa ha?” Diva asked as she gets a piece of barbecue.

“Oo naman! Specialty ko yan. Diba Jules?” I asked Julie as I nudged her. She looked at me first then smiled.

“Oo naman! Kahit hindi ko pa natitikman. Hahahaha.” sagot niya. I glared at her and she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Pag ikaw nasarapan sa luto ko, baka hanap-hanapin mo yan.” I said confidently.

“KAPAG! May emphasis sa ‘kapag’. What if hindi?” she said.

“Tikman mo kasi.” sabi ko sabay sinubuan ko siya ng barbecue. “Oh ano?” I asked her as she chews the meat.

“Ayos lang.” she said afterwards. Nagtawanan ang lahat except for me.

“Wala dude. Di pa din pasado cooking skills mo kay Master Chef. Hahahahaha.” Kris teased me.

“Hoy! Masarap naman ah!” Jmee said.

“Wala naman di masarap sayo Jmee eh.” Sef told her.

“Masarap naman guys.” Julie then said. “Galing mo na, muppet ah!” she added and even pinched my cheeks.

“Hah! Told ya.” pagyayabang ko.

“Pero medyo tough pa din yung meat. Tsaka masyadong madaming pepper yung nalagay mo tapos may part na lasang sunog.” she said after. I looked at her and she just smiled at me.

“Yun lang. Umiral nanaman pagka food critic ni Julieta.” Sef said.

“Psh. Wag kang kakain ha.” sabi ko sa kanya sabay kuha ng plate niya.

“Hoy! Masarap naman sabi ko diba?”

“Masarap daw tapos ang daming comment?! Wag kang kakain!!” I yelled.

“Ganyan ka na saken? Parang wala tayong pinagsamahan ah.” she said.


“Tsk. Muppet kasi. Gutom na kaya ako.” she said.

“Hay nako. Magluto ka ng pancit canton dun. Wag kang kakain ng niluto ko.”

“Tsk. Joke lang kasi. Elmo.” sabi niya sabay kalabit sa akin. I ignored her as I placed food on my plate. “Moe naman eh.” she said still trying to get my attention.

“Tsk.” I said as I shrugged her off.

“Hoy ano ba yan.” sabi niya tsaka pinaharap niya ko sa kanya. “Joke lang kasi. Oo nga masarap na nga. Parang timang to.”

“Ewan ko sayo.”

“Tampo kaagad? Tsk. Akin na yung plate ko.” pero di pa din nya binigay… “Moe…”


“Nagpapalambing lang yan Julie.” Maqui said.

“Tsk. Elmo Moses naman eh. Gutom na ko. Kakagatin kita sige.”

“Kagatin mo. As if naman maaagaw– OOOOOUUUUUCH!!” I cried. “JULIE ANNE LET GO!!” sigaw ko because she’s still sinking her teeth on my arm.

“Hahahahahaha. Ano ka na ngayon boy?” Derrick said as he high-fived Kris.

“Pabebe pa kasi eh.” Diva teased.

Julie released my arm and you can see the teethmarks on it and it is also bleeding. Mahapdi sobra and I know that this isn’t just a joke. Alam kong binuhos na niya yung galit niya sa akin because of what is happening to us.

“Sakit.” I said as I stood up and went to the sink to wash the blood. She was beside me in an instant and she was washing the blood with soap and water. “Ouch. Julie mahapdi.” I said.

“Sorry.” sabi niya.

“It’s okay. Sorry din.”


“Basta. Sorry. Alam mo na yun.”


I know I shouldn’t have done that. Yung kagatin siya hanggang dumugo pero kasi it’s a way of telling him that I hate our set-up. Yung aarte na okay ang lahat when in fact, it isn’t okay. Naiinis ako sa kanya. Bakit kasi kailangan pa dumating sa ganun diba? Hay Elmo Moses.

“Halika dun muna tayo sa kwarto ni Rick. Gagamutin ko yan.” I said and dragged him upstairs.

“Hoy! Makabuo kayo dyan ha!!” we heard Derrick and Kris yelled. I ignored them and continued walking to Derrick’s room.

“Teka kukunin ko yung first aid kit. Dyan ka lang.” and I went to the first aid cabinet.

“Julie okay lang. It stopped bleeding already.” he told me while checking his wound.

“Tsk. Don’t touch it! Gusto mo bang mainfect yan?” sermon ko sa kanya sabay hampas sa kamay niya. “See? Nagdugo nanaman. Kaw kasi eh.” I said as I dabbed a cotton ball on his wound.

“Di naman kasi kailangan gamutin. Okay na nga kasi.” He said trying to take his arm away.

“Tsk. Isa Elmo kakagatin kita ulit!” banta ko sa kanya.

“Psh. Kailan ka pa naging brutal? And cannibal pa ha!” he said. I glared at him and he backed his face away. “Psh.”

“Teka wag kang magulo. I’ll put the bandage.” I said as I wrap the bandage on his arm.

“Alam mo, you ruined my skin. I have an event tomorrow you know?”

“Sorry na nga kasi.” I said.

“Papayag lang ako kapag sasama ka bukas.” sabi niya.

“I have work–”

“Julie…” he said softly.

“Fine.” I finally said. After ko lagyan ng bandage ay tumayo na ako para ibalik yung medicine kit when he held my arm and made me sit again. “What?” I asked him pero he kept silent and just stared at me. I looked him in the eye as I feel his hand slowly caressing my arm then unti-unti he is closing the gap between us. Hindi ako makagalaw. It’s as if I’m glued to my place and I have nowhere to run to. I closed my eyes waiting for him and soon, I can feel his warm breath. His warm yet minty breath. A couple of inches. Then an inch and finally I can somehow feel his lips on mine when…

“HOY!!! ANO NA KAYO DYAN? NAKABUO NA BA?!” we heard someone knocking on the door. Napapitlag kami and he suddenly stood up.


“Uhm… Tara na sa baba Jules. Wala yun okay? Sorry if I did it again.” tsaka na siya lumabas ng kwarto.


“Ano dude? Naka-score?” Derrick asked as soon as I got back on the dining area.

“Baliw.” I said.

“Eh bakit namumula ka tsaka pinagpapawisan?” Kris teased.

“Ang init kaya sa kwarto ni Rick. Ayaw naman i-on ni Julie yung aircon. Badtrip.” palusot ko. I felt her sat next to me tsaka na nagsimulang sumandok ng pagkain niya. “Ako na.” I said sabay kuha ng serving spoon from her hand.

“Hahaha. Yoko na nga magcomment. Bahala kayong dalawa diyan.” Jmee said.

“Hoy hoy hoy! Jmee anetch yan?” Sef asked.

“Wala bakla. Hahahaha.” di ko na lang sila pinansin because I know they’ll just call me Mr. Defensive. Kaya kumain na lang ako ng tahimik.

After dinner, we all decided to go home. Pagod din kasi lahat from work so naisipan na lang umuwi ng maaga.

“Hatid na kita.” I told Julie.

“Ha? A-ano eh.”

“Coding ka ngayon diba? I’m sure nagtaxi ka lang kanina. Kaya halika na. Ihahatid na kita.” sabi ko sabay hatak sa kanya papunta sa kotse.

“Ingat kayo lovebirds!!” Diva and Jmee yelled at us. Tumango na lang ako saka na pinaandar ang sasakyan.

The hour-drive from Derrick’s to Julie’s house seemed like a year of driving. Wala kasing kumikibo sa aming dalawa and for the first time, it felt awkward.

When I stopped the car, no one dared to move. We stayed inside for as long as I can remember not even caring to talk. Nagpapakiramdaman kami. It’s as if we just met a couple of hours ago and naisipan ko lang siya isabay.

“Uhm… Yung kanina…” she started.

“Let’s not talk about it. It was a mistake Julie. I-I’m sorry I took advantage of you again.” I explained.

“Uhm… Ano kasi…”

“Wag ka magalit sa akin please? Sorry talaga.” I said as I faced her.

She looked at me with those brown eyes that can melt your whole being. With just her stare, everything feels right in the world. Everything felt like it is made in heaven.

“A-ano ka ba. H-hindi ako galit okay? Okay lang yun.” sabi niya saka pa natawa.

“Hay. I thought…”

“No I’m not mad Elmo. Anyway. Thanks for the ride ha. Papasok ka ba sa loob or uuwi ka na?” she asked.

'I want to go inside and kiss you senseless and sleep with you and wake up next to you and plan my future with you and have babies with you.’ I thought.

“Moe?” I heard her say again.

“Huh?” I said as I shook my head.

“You okay?” she asked as she touches my face.

'Get your hands off my face Julie Anne before I start doing things that would make you want to kill me.’ I thought again.

“O-okay lang ako. Uhm… Sige na pasok ka na. I’ll uhm… I’ll go home na. Pagod din ako eh.” I said.

“Oh. Sige. Uhm… Pag-uwi mo take a warm shower okay? To relax your muscles. Tsaka uminom ka ng gatas so you’ll have a good sleep.” she reminded me.

“Yes I will manager. Good night.” Sabi ko then planted a kiss on her temple. She stiffened for a while but loosened up after. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? For the event?”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll pick you up.” I offered.

“Wag na. Pupunta ako don’t worry.” she said. “Good night muppet. Drive safe ha? Call me when you get home.” and then she got out of my car and into their house.

I stared long at their house before I left.

“Good night, manager.”


Staring into space for what seemed like eternity. Trying to recall the events of the night. That teasing part. The moment I bit his arm. When I applied first aid on it. The almost-kiss. The stupid guy who knocked on that door. The teasing at the dinner table. The awkward ride. His eyes. His voice. His hair. His kiss.

“No I’m not mad Elmo. Anyway. Thanks for the ride ha. Papasok ka ba sa loob or uuwi ka na?” I asked him.

He was just staring at me the whole time. And all that time, I took the advantage of memorizing his face. His brown eyes that melts me everytime. His long eyelashes. His perfect nose. His cute ears. His cheeks that I wanted to pinch so bad. His lips. His soft, red lips. His chin. The way he tickles me with his chin. Oh how badly I wanted him to kiss me senseless and take me inside my house and in my room and on my bed. How I wanted to wrap my arm around his body. How I wanted to snuggle up to him and feel his warmth against me again. How I wanted to sleep with him beside me. How I want to see his morning face and how badly I wanted to hear his bedroom voice. How I wanted to smell his natural scent and how I wanted him to own me again. I woke up from stupor when I realized how far my thoughts have been going. I shook my head and cleared my throat.

“Moe?” I called him. He looked surprised and even blushed the moment he heard my voice. What was he thinking?

“Huh?” he asked me his forehead creasing. His thinking face.

“You okay?” I asked as I caressed his cheeks.

“O-okay lang ako. Uhm… Sige na pasok ka na. I’ll uhm… I’ll go home na. Pagod din ako eh.” he answered.

'Then stay here with me.’ my mind said. I brushed the thought away and focused on what should be said.

“Oh. Sige. Uhm… Pag-uwi mo take a warm shower okay? To relax your muscles. Tsaka uminom ka ng gatas so you’ll have a good sleep.” I told him. 'But you can always ask me if it’s okay to sleep here. Because it is. And I want you to ask me that.’ Again, my thoughts are ruining my brain.

“Yes I will manager. Good night.” he said and he kissed my temple.

'Elmo no. Stop that or I won’t let you go home.’ stupid brain. Stop it, Julie Anne!

“I’ll see you tomorrow? For the event?” he asked me.

“I’ll try…” I replied.

“I’ll pick you up.” he said.

'No! Because I won’t let us get out of my house because I want us to spend the night together and just cuddle.’

“Wag na. Pupunta ako don’t worry.” I told him. “Good night muppet. Drive safe ha? Call me when you get home.” I added and immediately got out of his car and into my house and up my room.

And now here I am laying in bed with Elmo in my head. Couldn’t sleep because he hasn’t called me yet. And I’m starting to get worried. I was about to call him when…


My phone vibrated and I answered it without even checking on who the caller was. Because I know that it’s him.

“Manager, I’m home.” I heard him say.

“Good. Osige na. You sleep na okay?”

“Yeah. Uhm. Ikaw din ha? Matulog ka na. Para di ka masungit sa umaga. Haha.”

“Che! Ewan ko sayo. Sige na. Good night muppet.” I said.

“Good night manager.”

“Good night. Uhm… Baba ko na ha?”

“Haha. Sige.” he said. “Wait!”


“Wala, wala. Good night. Sweetdreams manager. See you tomorrow.” he said softly. I yawned and I smiled when I heard him yawn as well.

“You too, muppet.” I said and hang up the phone.


Music blasting from every amplifier installed in this place. Everyone’s bustling around trying to fix models’ hair, retouch make-ups, bring drinks and brief them with what is going to happen. I sat on one corner as I try to look for the person I’ve wanted to see so bad. But she isn’t here. Dadating ba siya? I hope so.

“Pare!” I heard someone said and paglingon ko it’s him. Enrique. Tsk. Kung minamalas ka nga naman. Bakit kasama pa siya hanggang dito?

“Uy dude!” I greeted him and shook his hand. “Andito ka din pala.”

“Yeah. Haha. Friend kasi ng cousin ko yung organizer kaya sinama nila ako dito.” he said.

“Ah. Si Maggie? Haha.”

“Yeah siya nga. Anyway. Sinong kasama mo?”

“Uhm. W-wala pa eh.” I said.

“Muppet…” I then heard her angelic voice coming from my far right. I looked at her and was amazed at how she looked. Doning her cute black dress and her hair down, she looked exactly as what you call simple yet elegant. The Julie style. Just the way I liked it.

“Wow.” I heard someone said and dun ko lang naalala na may kasama nga pala ako. I looked at him and saw his reaction. He couldn’t even take his eyes away from her. Like his imagining having sex with her just by the look in his eyes. I wanted to punch him in the face pero ayoko naman dahil wala namang nakakaalam sa nararamdaman ko so I stayed there. Watching them as their eyes meet and she even waved at him. Like yeah. What the hell Elmo.

“Muppet, late na ba ko? Nasiraan kasi ako and I had to call the auto shop pa para mapick-up yung car ko. Traffic pa sa dinaanan ng taxi.” Julie explained when she reached my place. I stood up and kissed her cheek tsaka ko siya tinitigan.

“Okay ka lang ba? I mean, bakit nasiraan ka? Di mo ba chineck yung car mo bago ka umalis? Sabi ko naman check it first before you leave diba? Tsk. Dapat talaga sinundo na lang kita eh. Nagtaxi ka pa tuloy. Magkano bill mo sa taxi?” sunud-sunod kong tanong sa kanya.

“Tsk. Ang OA mo. Okay lang ako no. Wag mo na isipin yun ha? Eh nagmamadali na nga kasi ako kaya di ko na na-check. Pero okay na. Tumawag sa akin yung sa shop habang papunta ako dito. Papalitan lang daw yung spark plug then okay na ulit.” she said sabay hawak pa sa kamay ko. “Okay na yun.” she assured me and smiled. My mood changed instantly just by seeing her smile. Kanina nag-aalala ako sa kanya, ngayon naman masaya na ko.

“You look good by the way.” I said. She blushed and gave me another smile.

“Thanks. You too! How’s your wound? Okay na ba?” she asked softly. I nodded at her and mouthed an “Okay na.”

“Ehem."we heard someone. Napalingon kami and saw Enrique still standing there. Tss. Nabuhay pa. Epal.

"Oh. Hi! Uhm… Enrique right?” Julie said and waved at him.


The moment she entered the venue its as if the world started slowing down. Parang siya na lang yung tao sa mundo and everything was just a blur. Siya lang yung high definition. How hot she looked in that sexy black dress and her shiny black hair. Wow. Just wow.

“Wow.” I blurted out as my eyes kept on staring at her beauty.

“Muppet, late na ba ko? Nasiraan kasi ako and I had to call the auto shop pa para mapick-up yung car ko. Traffic pa sa dinaanan ng taxi.” I heard her say and I was brought back to reality. Oo nga pala. Andito si Elmo. Yung bestfriend niya. They stared talking as if they were the only people on Earth and I couldn’t help but feel jealous. Wala akong karapatan because we’re not even friends pero basta. Nakakaselos lang because he gets to hold her hand and kiss her cheek even without her permission. And it seems like she is enjoying it. Parang ang normal sa kanila yung ganun. Bakit naman kami ni Bru hindi ganyan?

“Okay na yun.” she said and even held his hand tapos ang lapit ng mukha nila sa isa’t isa. Like seriously. Bestfriends lang ba talaga kayo? He smiled at her and nodded. As if they have this secret language na sila lang talaga makakaintindi. They were trapped in their own little world and I can’t help it already. I have to interrupt them.

“Ehem.” I said, clearing my throat. I saw Elmo’s reaction at natawa na lang ako. Hindi mapinta yung mukha niya. Nice job, Quen.

She looked at me and waved.

“Oh. Hi! Uhm… Enrique right?” she asked.

“Hi! Yeah ako nga. Haha. Nice seeing you here.” I told her.

“Yeah. Ikaw din.” she said.

“Manager, dun tayo oh. Gusto mo ba kumain?” Elmo asked her.

“Ha? Osige tara.” she said. “Wait lang ha?” sabi niya sa akin. I nodded and they walked away.

I watched them as they talk and laugh and damn. I just can’t take it. Bakit ba kasi ganun kasweet?! Bestfriends lang kayo for goodness’ sake. But I again reminded myself that I have no idea about what their status really is kaya wala din akong paki dapat.

“Psst Quen, di ba pupunta si Julia?” Sab asked me.

“Ha? Hindi eh. May carshow kasing aattendan yun ngayon. Alam mo naman yung pagdating sa kotse nakakalimutan na ko.”

“Hahaha. Ang drama mo boy.” Sab told me as she ruffled my hair. “Eh bakit mag-isa ka dito?”

“Wala lang.” I said. She nodded and sat next to me. “Sab, andito siya.” I said.

“Ha? Akala ko ba w–”

“Hindi si bru. Si Julie. The girl I’ve been telling you guys.” I said.

“Really?! Where? Pakilala mo ko!!” she said and even pulled my hand and started dragging me around the venue. “Asan?” she asked.

“Tsk. Ayun oh. She’s with Elmo.” I said. We stopped walking and she followed my stare.

“Oh. So that’s Elmo and Julie.” sabi niya. I nodded at her as I watched them. “Infairness. Ang cute nila together. Sila ba?” she asked.

“They’re just bestfriends.” I said.

“Really?” she asked. I nodded.

“They don’t look like they’re just bestfriends you know.”