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Just An Act: Part One

Summary: Dean is the new kid at your school and takes a liking to you, finding you interesting. 

Warning: language, abusive father, deceased family member. 

Word Count: 1,174

Other Parts: Part 2

A/N: This is a Dean x Reader fic only it’s in first-person, I find it easier to write this way. Message me if you would like to be added to the tag list for future parts. I hope you enjoy!

I glanced over at the new kid to find him staring back at me, it was the first day back at school and we somehow managed to have every class together. He looked rough, but I was used to rough given my family history.  He had a strange vibe about him, almost like his whole bad boy act was just that, an act. 

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Brother Matchmaker

Gabriel isn’t right often. In fact, most of the time, no matter what he says, Jimmy can assume he is dead wrong about the topic of the day and move on, no problem. But he has the annoying habit of being right about one thing, and one thing only.

The One.

It will never be quite without mortification that he remembers that he originally had a crush on Amelia’s older sister in high school until Gabriel drew him to the side and very firmly told him “You’re barking up the wrong tree, kiddo”.

And Michael? The only reason he ever spoke to Kate in the first place was that Gabriel kept pestering him about “that cute colleague of yours I met that one time in the corridor”.

Gabriel himself is, of course, married happily to Kali, although sometimes when he hears them fight, Jimmy wonders how she bears it.

But this time – this time he’s certain Gabriel’s magic matchmaking mastermind (as he dubbed it himself, naturally) has veered in the wrong direction.

“The chef from your favourite restaurant. You want to introduce Castiel based on the fact that he makes good desserts” he sighs after Gabriel has told him about his plan one night.

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Zodiac signs as South Park Characters

Aries: Mr Garrison
Taurus: Butters
Gemini: Wendy
Cancer: Cartman
Leo: Clyde
Virgo: Stan
Libra: Kenny
Scorpio: Chef
Sagittarius: Jimmy
Capricorn: Token
Aquarius: Kyle
Pisces: Craig

anonymous asked:

There's something in South Park called Chef's law, created by the kids to honor him after his death. Chef's law is keeping your virginity until you're 17. It's not an actual law but most kids try to follow Chef's law, to honor their friend. The only known breakers of chef's law are Jimmy, Ike, Bebe, Michael, Clyde and Red.

(I approve very much of this hc)

-Mod Butters


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the pizzabats au! five buddies who run a rad pizza joint/delivery service!

mcbc is the manager, ricky n bones are the delivery guys, jimmys the chef, and crash is the produce guy!

up next will b their pizza-tram and the villains :^0