chef irvine

so like i like Chef Robert Irvine a lot he seems like a nice man (at least i hope he is) but one of my pals expressed a powerful lust for him a while ago and I brought up that one gif of Donald Duck with him slamming his butt against the wall repeatedly as an example of how rigorously my friend would wish to participate in carnal relations with Chef Irvine… well, basically my brain has somehow confused that all up so I started associating Donald Duck with Chef Robert Irvine but with this weird heavily sexual undertone and then today I saw this gif and I’m actually crying because all i’m seeing is Donald Duck expectantly beckoning Chef Robert Irvine to bang him like a door in a hurricane

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I’ve met quite a number of famous band members but tonight I met Chef Robert Irvine and I can’t even put into words how incredible that was for me. What an honest, kind, and inspiring man. To be in his presence for a few hours while he was on stage and to have a few moments to get him to sign my poster and get a picture with him and my friend was such a complete honor. I wish it could have lasted forever, I wish I had had time to talk to him about life or even just formally introduce myself.. But it was incredible nonetheless.