chef hannibal

Can we talk about Mads Mikkelsen for a minute? 

This man is ruining my life.

With his sharp cheek bones and chiseled jawline. 

I mean look at him! Something about men in black t-shirts…

Or no shirt at all…

Seriously, this fucker has taken over all of my life. Can’t help but watch Danish movies cause of him.

Take a good look and tell me you don’t find him attractive a teensy bit? 

I mean this goof ball is just amazing.

Suit and all.

Or casual.

Regardless, he’s a hottie in whatever attire he’s in.

Extra points for the apron. (I’m training to be a pâtissière chef so it’s kind of a turn on to see him cook.)

And double those points for getting down and dirty.

Those teeth man! Sharp muthafuckas! But another reason to think he’s badass! Come on! This guy deserves more respect and love. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen!

apologies for the belated delivery, @estarlord, but i’m your “secret santa” for the @hannigramholidayexchange !!!

i hope that tired chef!hannibal passed out on the couch after baking about 10,000,000 christmas cookies is domestic and fluffy enough for your tastes ;3; i love love love drawing fluff so I had a fantastic time <3

i hope you had a merry christmas and/or (are having) a happy hanukkah- good feelings all around! <3 <3 <3


It’s not exactly what you wanted but I hope you like it anyway! 


The restaurant had been open less than a week before Will began hearing talk of it.

Miltai, owned and operated by Chef Hannibal Lecter, was “a gift to your mouth” and “the best meal you could ever have.” He had two other restaurants in his queue to review but seeing other critics had gotten there first was starting to irk him.

One bite of the house favorite, Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon in Port Wine Sauce and Will had to fight back a moan. He had not let on that he was a food critic, getting in under his real name was easier to assess a restaurant’s true atmosphere and if this was the meal they gave average customers he was overly excited for his next formal visit.

 The server came to the table, smiling as he told her, “The meal was lovely, please compliment the chef for me,” and she said in return, “I will, sir, he picked out the meat especially for you.”

 His next meal however, was abysmal. He was there with Beverly this time, she’d begged Will to come since it was so much harder to get in now that word had gotten around. His pseudonym Garrett Jacob Hobbs, made the maitre’d’s eyes widen and they were seated in a prime table in the middle of the room. He ordered the same, though his first bite had Will nearly spitting the meat across the room.

 Bev’s eyes widened, “What’s wrong?”

 Will shook his head. “This is terrible! I can’t even…it was so fantastic the first time it’s like someone took grizzle and threw it on my plate. WAITER!”

 The server ran over and asked, “Sir, is there…”

 “What the hell is this? It’s nothing like I got the last time I was here!”

 The server’s eyes widened and she said, “I’ll take it back, Mr. Hobbs, I…”

 When she ran off Will threw his napkin down, glaring at the room of guests who were all staring at him in annoyance. “If you’d eaten the same thing I had you would’ve done the same!”

 The server came out with a man in tow, the man’s  annoyed look suddenly softening when he saw Will. “Hello, Mr. Hobbs, I did not…Mr. Graham.”

 Will blushed, “You remembered me.”

 The man, who could only be Hannibal Lecter, held out his hand for Will to take. 

 “I apologize, if I had known…I will remake it immediately.”

 Will frowned. “What did I do differently the other time?”

Hannibal smiled. “You were the most beautiful person in the room, though I suspect you are the most beautiful person in most rooms.”

Will’s blush deepened and he said softly, “Thank you,” as Hannibal bowed and left them.

Will turned to see Beverly grinning so hard he thought her cheeks would split open. “Shut up.”

“He’s so cute, he gave you special food cuz you were hot.”

Will put his hand over his eyes, “This is so…”

“Adorable? It’s adorable. You have a chef boyfriend, it’s like your perfect match or something.”

Will sighed. “He’s not my boyfriend, it’s just…”

Bev picked up another bite of her food, grinning as she said, “If he makes food this fucking good, maybe I need to make him my boyfriend.”

Will glared, “He didn’t make you special food.”

She laughed. “You like him too, I can see it in your eyes.”

He said nothing, drinking his wine and waiting for his meal to be made. He was starving but waiting twenty minutes for the meal in his memory was enough to occupy his time.

Hannibal brought it out personally, the meal looking exactly the same as the last though Will could smell the meat making his mouth water. “I apologize again, Mr. Graham, it will not happen again.”

 Will blushed and said, “Will. My name is Will.”

 Hannibal said softly, “Bon appetite, Will,” waiting for him to take a bite and smiling widely at the dreamy look on Will’s face.

 Bev mumbled, “I don’t get special meat?”

 “It is from a private reserve, only for an…honored list of guests.”

 Bev asked, “How do I get on the list?”

 Hannibal watched Will take another bite, licking his lips as Will caught his eye, “You have to be invited.”

 When he left them Bev kicked Will under the table, “Let me have some.”

 Will growled, “No, it’s mine.”

 She ate her food under protest while Will moaned through every bite of his, nearly licking the plate clean when he finished.

 “You’re horrible, I thought we were friends.”

 Will stuck his tongue out at her and said, “I’m going to the bathroom, if he comes back…”

 She laughed. “I’ll tell your boyfriend where you are in case he wants to have a quickie.”

 Will blushed again, rushing from the table and heading for the bathroom.

 He couldn’t stop smiling, the feeling of good food and knowing Hanniba’s eyes were on him was intoxicating. He finished just as the bathroom door opened and he stepped out of the stall, surprised to see Hannibal washing his hands.

 “Do they not have sinks in the kitchen?”

 Will stood beside him, soaping up his own hands as Hannibal spoke, “The kitchen does not have your beautiful face to look at while I wash my hands.”

 Will laughed, “Do these cheesy lines work on people?”

 “I do not know. Do they?”

Will laughed again, ducking his head as he dried his hands with a towel, “Yes.”

Hannibal stood beside him, taking the towel just as Will took another, their hands grazing lightly. “Would you consider sharing a meal with me, Will? Away from your job and mine?”

Will licked his lips and swallowed, “You’re asking me out in the bathroom?”

Hannibal smiled. “Yes.”

Will smiled back and said, “Kind of a horrible place to ask, isn’t it? After all the beautiful comments you’ve thrown at me?”

Hannibal took his hand suddenly, making Will startle but not pull away. He brought Will’s hand to his lips and said, “You are still very beautiful even in the bathroom, Will. I believe you are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.”

Will sighed, “Thank you, I’m not really, but…” 

Hannibal said, “Yes, Will, you are.” 

Will blushed and said, “Okay, yes I’ll go out with you.”

 Hannibal held his hand still as he asked, “We will meet here tomorrow evening? Seven thirty?”

 Will asked, “I thought we were going to eat away from our jobs?”

 Hannibal kissed his hand again, “Do you not want to have more of my special meat?”

 Will laughed, “What kind of meat are we talking about here?”

 Hannibal let go of his hand, reaching up to touch his cheek.

 “We will see where the night takes us.”

 Will nodded once and answered hoarsely, “Okay. Seven thirty.”

 Hannibal left before he did, Will nearly falling back against the wall once he was gone, and when he went back to the table Bev was smiling from ear to ear.

“He found you.”

Will said nothing, and Bev said, “He said no charge, by the way. Your “beautiful countenance was payment enough.” I almost swooned.”

Will blushed, and they exited their seats as Will turned back to see Hannibal watching. He heard Bev mumble, “Geez, you’ve got it bad,” and Will said nothing.

She wasn’t wrong.

Kitchen nightmares au where Frederick chilton is an incompetent chef/restaurant owner and will graham is his put upon secretly brilliant sous chef and Hannibal Lecter is a world renowned chef who has come to save his restaurant. Lecter can’t because chilton sucks but he and will hit it off tho 👍🏻✨🍍

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