chef gourmand

Chris is really forgiving...

Well, even though I’m mainly talking about Chris, it holds true with the crew. But yeah, let’s have the case with Chris and Gourmand:

Yes, Platypus Cafe, where Gourmand supposedly had cannibalistic intents with Chris. how dark. So yeah? Chris had a good reason to dislike Gourmand, and even more so here:

Raptor Roundup; Gourmand somehow gathered raptors from all over the world, and he’s planning to cook them. Honestly, that would’ve been a zoolgist/biologist/taxonomist’s dream save for that bit about cooking the feathered creatures. Also, he personally shot down Chris, and I guess you could say that the face Chris is sporting right now says it all. But does it?

Yet in the Last Largest Lobster, Chris was willing to save Gourmand

while even shouting “To the Gourmand Rescue!” with gusto before fully realizing what he said. I’m with the crew on this one, Chris. Don’t ever do that again. But, let’s have a more recent situation:

Creatures of the Deep Sea.

I don’t know about you, but Chris here looks really amicable like he usually is. Even after he tried to cook Martin and the rest of the sea creatures, he goes and tries to get Gourmand to see the error of his ways like a pal without holding any hostility towards him, even putting an arm around the submarine Gourmand was piloting (Edit: Chris also urged Gourmand to escape the volcanic eruption). I can’t really see Chris or Martin, or any of the crew, holding grudges against any of the villains for what they did, even after everything. I guess Chris was just reacting as the situation calls for it. Chris does have every right to maintain animosity towards Gourmand, but he doesn’t, and that says a lot for this somewhat temperamental man in green. 

(Special thanks to @scorpionosaint and @empress-penguin)

Part of my Steven Universe au. This dude is the “big bad” of this story. He’s a fusion of 5 people, most of which you can guess! (If you’re wondering, all of the arms did get confusing at times) Onyx, howlite, poudretteite, beryl, and Larimar fused together to make Azurite!

Krattstuck Classpects: Chef Gaston Gourmand

Morning, guys! Wow, I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the series. Thank you guys a TON for following me and for all your feedback. But don’t think this is it; feel free to keep that feedback coming! Heck, I might even take requests to classpect other characters, if anybody’s interested. Keep in mind, they probably won’t be as good as these; I’d been sitting on the ones for Wild Kratts for a LONG time.

So without further ado, let’s bring out the most dastardly chef since Jamie Oliver: Chef Gaston Gourmand!

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