chef driven


Chef Driven DC

If there’s one thing to be said about Chef Driven, it is classy. Their menu consisted of fresh, local, seasonal (sorry to use foodie buzzwords) ingredients in a gourmet sampling of global cuisine.

Tula and I headed to Farragut Friday for the weekly food truck smorgasbord and selected Chef Driven. We were starved; we practically dragged ourselves up to the window and ordered beef tacos and saffron risotto. Only after we ordered did we see the warning claiming that good food takes time. A gentle euphemism for “we know you’re hungry, stop whining.”

The wait was worth it. The beef in the tacos were marinated to perfection, topped with fresh avocado and parsley. My risotto had bits of flavorful bacon, fennel, olive, and cherry tomato. The owner of Chef Driven has been in the restaurant business for 15 years and it shows—you’d be hard pressed to find a truck with more attention to culinary detail.

I feel as though that’s what makes or breaks a truck. Why track down a food truck when they offer nothing new to the culinary scene? Chef Driven’s is dedicated to changing the game when it comes to street food, and paired with prices like that (“champagne taste on a sasparilla budget” is printed on the side of the truck), it’s hard to beat.

If you’re new to food trucks and skeptical, this should be your initiation. Find it!