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According to David Chang, you should know how to make a simple chicken soup.


Healthy Monday: Chef David Chang was inspired to make these playful rolls by a snack he had at Yunpilam, a temple in South Korea, where the nuns served him edamame mixed with walnuts and molasses. His rolls have an edamame-and-walnut filling; unlike other sushi rolls, they can be served warm.

Recipe: Korean Sushi Rolls with Walnut-Edamame Crumble


Back before Lucky Peach was a magazine and Mind of a Chef was barely a glimmer in anyone’s eye, David Chang headed to Tokyo with a film crew to explore the ever-expanding ramen scene in the city where he’d once lived. Ivan Orkin hadn’t written an English-language cookbook yet, nor had he opened any ramen shops in America. This is the first time the two chefs met, and the background story of Ivan’s rise to international ramen fame.


You may know chef David Chang from such instant-ramen cooking adventures as “The Ramlet: Let’s Put More Eggs in These Eggs!” and “Ramen Fried Chicken: Your Window to Weight Gain.” Today he’s back with a new dish that will be popular with the whole famiglia: a lasagna-and-ramen mashup we’re calling Ramensagna!


Instant-ramen perversion #1: David Chang debases one of the great pastas of Rome, cacio e pepe.

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Healthy Monday: In Korea, cooks typically create stir-fries with just one kind of vegetable—lotus root, say, or potatoes. Star chef David Chang decided to break with tradition and stir-fry an assortment of vegetables, including Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips. Also unconventional is the maple syrup he adds to the dish; there are maple trees all around South Korea but not much maple syrup.

Recipe: Maple Root-Vegetable Stir Fry with Sesame


David Chang and Peter Meehan visit Tokyo’s Aoba, a pioneer of “double soup”-style ramen.