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Everlark Drabble - The Window

Hi All, this story has been swimming in my head for a while so it’s time I finally wrote it out. It is inspired by A How I Met Your Mother episodes. Props if you know which one it is. So I hope you all enjoy it. 

“The Window”

I look at the numbers for what seems like the hundredth time and nothing is making sense. Ten pounds of broccoli? That doesn’t sound right. Letting out a sigh of frustration, I bang my head on my cluttered desk, and keep it there, too exhausted to think, let alone move. That’s it, I’ll just work on it at home. It will be quiet anyway since Lily will be spending the weekend with her father and his new girlfriend. Too quiet actually.


“Katniss, I need to take my 30 minute break, can you take over for me?” I pick my head up to see the restaurant hostess Lexi at the doorway giving me a sympathetic look. She knows I’ve had very little sleep since my little girl has been battling a cold the last few days. I’ve been out a lot and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to finally do my job, which was manage the restaurants supply needs and budget. I’m lucky I have such a patient boss who allows for my flexible schedule and to work at home when needed.


“Sure thing Lexi. I’ll be right there.”


“Thanks Katniss. Oh, and I should warn you, it’s pretty vicious out there right now. Everyone woman in the town must know by now.” When I give her a quizzical look she just shakes her head and laughs at how dense I am.


“About Peeta.”

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