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How you feel when you actually get your lazy ass up and cook a meal once every 6 months…

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Do you think that you can make a comic where Adrien comes to school in a sailor moon costume I need to see one it can be just like this one Marinette is wearing a maid costume and Alya is wearing a chef costume and nino wears whatever a DJ wears please I always wanted to k ow what Adrien would look like is a sailor moon cosplay.

Ever since I posted that Pajama Day Comic people have been saying that they really want to see Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay XD In that comic I said that Adrien cosplayed as Sailor Moon on Halloween but apparently in France they wear scarier costumes.

So let’s just say this takes place during a costume day/party at school.

I never thought there’d be a day where I’d draw Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay and I seriously could not keep a straight face while drawing this…thanks anon

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Wanna talk about a Stripper!AU?

I passed out during last night’s sleep over and never got to this but basically Stripper! AU it the most crack AU ever because

- Takes place after youtube implodes on itself and everyone needs a new job
- so Teamiplier + Danny and Arin + Septiishu + Felix and Marzia start up a strip club called Mad Mike’s Ice Cream Shop
- Yes, they serve ice cream
- Kathryn runs the business end of things, Amy is the bouncer, Mark and Tyler both recruit and perform, Eth is the cute lil waiter boi who isn’t allowed to perform because he’s an innocent child, Arin is the bar tender, Danny gives lap dances and sings, Jack kinda does a little bit of everything, (Signe is just there to look cute??) and lastly Felix and Marzia front the money for the business
- Amy and Kath and Signe are in charge of marketing, decorating and costuming
- Although Mark really insists that he’s in charge of costuming
- He wants? To do? all these weird? gimmicks??
- M: “We need to expand outside of firemen and cops, guys. That’s how we differentiate and stay above the competition.”
- *amy squints* “What are you saying mark.”
- M: “No body ask any questions but I ordered chef and baker costumes, we need to figure out how to make them tear-aways.”
- Eth the pure lil bean only dances to Fergalicious but it’s not even a strip tease it’s literally him dancing and being a goof and doing flips and people shower him in cash
- Theme nights
- So many theme nights
- I can’t remember why but Arin’s stipper name is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
- Tyler’s stripper name is Zeus
- Mark is an egotistical bastard and only will let people call him Markiplier or “Big Daddy Markiplier”
- Also Rosanna is there she bakes and puts together the ice cream bar
- she also dances occasionally

honestly there’s so much more crack but this is a good starter
( @danhowell-rp since you missed the convo in which all of this was created)


New video! Made gingerbread Wookiee cookies in celebration of the new Star Wars movie Rogue One!


Giant Splatoon update August 5 ⊟ 

Squad Battle and Private Battle modes, allowing you to finally put together your preferred team in Ranked Battles. Garfield & Friends will ride again!

New level caps: 50 (regular) and S+ (ranked!)

New weapon types: Slosher (”The bucket-like Slosher weapons hurl ink straight ahead at an impressive range. By adjusting the angle, these new weapons can be used to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall.”) and Splatling (”players can charge blasts of all-powerful ink.”)

New clothing: 40+ items “including everything from a leather jacket to a sushi-chef costume, are coming to the various in-game shops in Splatoon.”

BTW, these great Splatoon character bento lunches are made by @you1293, who packs them for his daughter! Via @finchiekins.

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I took this photo for a friend that asked me about the success rate of the treats in Zestiria, and after pointing that Mikleo can make everything, I noticed that Dezel hasn’t a failure rate.

(for those that can’t read Japanese, the first five are the failed treats. The order of the characters is: Sorey - Alisha - Rose - Mikleo - Lailah - Edna - Dezel - Zaveid)

We all know that Dezel is pretty good at cooking and loves it etc etc, but while playing the game I never noticed that Dezel never failed once (you could think that’s just luck xD).

But no. Even Mikleo that is good at everything has a failure rate, but not Dezel.

Failure is not contemplated for Dezel.

And I love this <3