chef baby

like… first meeting the kid just cuts [in line] in between the two that are already ordering because there’s only ONE serving size of sweet & sour pork left, to which he insists he’ll take all of what’s left AND THEN that chef guy is like instantly amused [plus omfg Hao Mei is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, like I dare you to deny that cutie]

[ps: he gives him not only what’s left of the pork but also a lot more meat in the stir fry than he gave Hao Mei’s other bros]

and then… okay after rewatching that scene in episode 11 the fact that the Chef guy acknowledges that he KNOWS [notices] Hao Mei has been eating there in the cafeteria thus he recognizes who he is PLUS the fact that Hao Mei praised the guy for his cooking… like…

I’m torn between AWWWW feels and curiosity/excitement over what this could/would lead to…

[which is probably nothing but a great bromance/friendship/brotherly thing and nothing beyond that which I’m also fine with but still…]


: “remember when souma went six tails for megumi?”
: “oh yeah. and naruto challenged pein to a shokugeki over hinata’s expulsion." 

naruhina & soumegu comparison we joked about ♥~(‘▽^人)

i need the lord to help me stop smooching:

- bartenders

- dudes with motorcycles who look like mark ruffalo with a lot of tattoos

- dudes with babies

- chefs who get annoyed if I don’t sniff my wine before I drink it

- art bros and art breauxs

- old dudes

- dudes who have ghosted me but then see me and regret it

- dudes with drug problems

- dudes who have smooched my friends

- dudes who have smooched my enemies

- just like, dudes in general probably

where is chad i am sorry

Cancer crew preference – You cook with them.
A/N ay requests are closed but feel free to send me asks
• Him teaching you how to make Japanese food.
• “No that’s wrong.” X10
• He would be impatient af
• “It’s not going to taste good y/n.”
• “You S/C piece of shit what Are yOu dOing?”
S/c – skin colour
• Would he really be patient enough to do it.
• “Is that… A hair?”
• “CUNT what the FUCK are you doing?”
• “Who has the chef hat? me.”
• Bossy baby boy
• “Stop throwing eggs, you’ll get egg shells in the food.”

just another day in prison for chef baby, sharpening his shank, not the shank he uses for stabbing people, but the shank he uses for cutting carrots in the main kitchen. Chef baby likes to use his own equipment for everything he does.

It’s 2 am. Chef Baby has been rolling around in his crib all night. He cannot stop thinking about food. About how gently he stirs boiling water, and how the bubbles softly pop towards the top of the pot. About how easily the steam rises, how nicely fresh hot grits can destroy a young woman’s face, how tasty delicious an omelette with ham and cheese is.

Chef Baby, abandoning the long relinquished thought of sleep, climbs out of his wood prison and into the Living Room. He waddles towards the kitchen, longing to feel it’s cold tiles underneath his baby feet. Longing to hold that metal whisk in his hand, and feel the gentle breeze that comes in through the window. Always wanting one more moment of the kitchen, Chef Baby will never be at ease. He is so young, yet there is a void the kitchen has to fill for him. A large void that has been there for so long, he cannot remember it’s creation or it’s purpose.

Smiling softly under the dim oven lights, Chef Baby is in his territory. Home at last, he breaths in the kind scent of rosemary, the forgiving scent of paprika, the soothing touch of flour, the sweet taste of chocolate… Chef Baby gives a heavy sigh, he is growing weary of time outside the kitchen. He knows that he will be the greatest chef on earth, but that day seems so far away. Pushing away the thought, Chef Baby climbs on top of the oven and begins to prepare a meal. He carefully and gently sets down the ingredients, a large carrot, a round potato, a titillating onion, a smooth cucumber, perfect for anal penetration, and a large can of sinfully delectable broth.

Chef Baby takes pride in putting the ingredients together in a large bowl, gradually turning up the heat and mixing in more ingredients. He mixes and and mixes as the night’s end comes closer and closer, the moon retreating for a few more hours. But Chef Baby knows that it will come back. It will return to haunt him with his cold, prison cell. The moon will taunt him from the sky, where it will shine it’s cold gaze into Chef Baby’s heart, letting him know that it will always be empty. No matter how much Chef Baby cooks, he will always be empty inside, taunted by the moon. Taunted by his elders. But nonbelievers of his culinary prowess. But Chef Baby will show them. Chef Baby is unstoppable.

it’s Christmas in the chef baby household, chef baby had been watching Paula Deen on the T.V so he knows what he’s gonna make for the dinner. Chef baby crawls over to the fridge and grabs some butter, he throws it into the pan with the wrapping still on for extra flavoring. Then just as he is about to grab the next ingredients he feels the ice cold hands of his mother, her hands are as cold as her heart. Chef baby can’t believe what is happening, his own mother taking him away from his destiny. Then he sees it, the butchers knife he was going to use to cut the chicken he can feel the urge to stab her and he knows it is for the best, no one takes chef baby away from what he was meant to be…