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Aspiring chef Caitlin Farmer is trading California sunshine for a Samwell jersey. Between her teammates, classes, and the Men’s Hockey team, she has her hands full; but she can dish out anything that comes her way. 

Inspired by characters from Check Please! created by Ngozi Ukazu

Check Please!

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Greg Kessler

Montauk’s Least Popular Fish - for Dinner

The fashion photographer and farmer Greg Kessler teams up with New York chefs to trace the trajectory of seasonal food, from its original source to a place on your table. This edition: chef Joseph Realmuto (Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton).

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Today I had something called an Impossible Burger. Eating it, my brain “knows” it’s meat. It cooks like meat, smells like meat, and most importantly tastes like meat. But it’s 100% plant based. The people who make it call themselves “scientists, engineers, chefs, farmers, foodies, and friends.” It’s not a “veggie burger,” you guys; I love meat, and veggie burgers are friggin nasty. This Impossible Burger was delicious.

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Paras and Parasect Variations

Paras eggs are doused with tochukaso mushroom spores so that when they hatch the mushroom starts to grow. What if different mushroom spores were placed of paras eggs?



The standard, and most common, form of paras and parasect. The mushrooms are often used for medicinal purposes.

Fly Agaric

This type of paras is often popular with trainers due to the mushroom’s appearances in pop culture like in the Mario games.  The mushrooms on its back are slightly toxic but give hallucinations of being big.  The keeping of these parases is frowned upon because of this but doesn’t stop many trainers and bug collectors.

Black Morel

These parases were bred by mushroom farmers to make farming easier.  They are common with farmers and are even kept by chefs. The parases are rarely evolved into parasect since the mushrooms can only be removed easily in the paras form.


This type of paras was bred by farmers much like the Black Morel paras, but this type is more rare.  These parases and parasects are tricky and often cover themselves with dirt and leaves to hide from truffle hunters.

Mycena Singeri

This rare type of paras has a type of bioluminescent mushroom that glows on its back.  Theses parases can only be found in the darkest and most dangerous caves making them so rare.  Their white exoskeleton is often desired for collection making the specimens very expensive.  If they are able to be found and caught they are often used by explorers for light in caves or by collectors to use in pokemon pageants.


The rarest type of paras and parasect. Only a few have been found, even less caught. The crystals on the mushroom of the parasect can be removed without harm and will grow back, this makes them extremely valuable.  These parases can only breed with other crystal parases or parasects, if they are not the offspring won’t have the crystal spores.

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aperturegaming011  asked:

Can we have Seb, Sam, Abby and Penny when they find out that the farmer used to be a legendary master chef before coming to The Valley?

friend, i super appreciate the submissions you give this blog but requests really are closed!!! im doing multiple prompts at a time to try and catch up so i can open them again – i’d like to get to everyones’ requests, if possible.

so just!! a little more patience, please!! thank you!!!!!

Greg Kessler

The Savory Side of Rhubarb

The fashion photographer and farmer Greg Kessler teams up with New York chefs to trace the trajectory of seasonal food, from its original source to a place on your table. This edition: chef Michael Reardon (Margaux at the Marlton Hotel).

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The Star Signs In Medieval Times.

Aries: Army General/ Knight/ Crusader.

Taurus: Chef. Painter. Gardener/ Crop Farmer.

Gemini: Herald. Book Translator.

Cancer: Court Jester. Castle Guard.

Leo: King/ Queen.

Virgo: King’s/ Queen’s Advisor. Servant.

Libra: Priest/ Priestess. Monk. Nun.

Scorpio: Witch/ Wizard/ Magician.

Sagittarius: Explorer and Datalogger. Lancer/ Jousting Champion.

Capricorn: Castle Decorator. Festival Planner.

Aquarius: Revolutionary. Philosopher.

Pisces: Minstrel. Author of Fairy Tales.


Not all produce is created equal.

Much of standard produce — the apples, tomatoes, and bananas sold year-round in grocery stores — is bred and selected for size and durability on long journeys, not flavor.

Health reporter Julia Belluz asked farmers and people who purchase produce for chefs and specialty markets about what’s in season now (for March, April, and May). These people are pros at picking the most flavorful of the bunch, supplying kitchens in America that turn out five-star dishes. 

Here’s what they told her.

Ilvermorny houses as career options:

Wampus: military, martial arts instructor, yogi, professional sports player, animal shelter director, coach, lifeguard, FBI, police officer, fireman, park ranger, EMT

Thunderbird: tour guide, traveling photographer, zip-line/white water rafting/anything wild and adventurous instructor, traveling nurse, air pilot, UPS carrier, actor, librarian, adventurer author, cartographer, journalist for National Geographic

Pukwudgie: doctor or nurse, teacher of all ages, botanist, gardener/farmer, pharmacist, chef, bakery owner, mother or father, guidance counselor, family resources employee, talk show host, EMT

Horned Serpent: professor, scientist, chemical engineer, author, librarian, psycologist or psychiatrist, historian, spiritual leader, biologist, veterinarian, zoologist, journalist

I was asked, so ...

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Name: John

Nickname: Furnaceboy, Mushroom Man!

Zodiac Sign: Pisces  

Height: 5′8″

Orientation: Straight Cis Male

Ethnicity: White enough to make you go snow-blind.  25% French, 25% Norwegian, and 50% European mutt.

Favorite Fruit: Apples!  So MANY APPLES!  My aunt and uncle had an orchard, so I know more about apples than your average person, but less than a chef or farmer.

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Book: Either American Gods, or The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Favorite Flower: Violets

Favorite Scent: Old Books, untouched by mold or mildew.

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Animal: Currently in flux, but with bears currently in the lead.  Honorable mentions to otters and turtles.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea!  All the TEA!

Average Sleep Hours: between 6 and 7 a night, but I should get 7 to nine.

Cat or Dog Person: I like both very much, but sadly cats are allergy beasts.  That breaks the tie in favor of dogs.

Favorite Fictional Character: Why would anyone be so cruel as to make me choose?  There are just too many that I love!

Number of blankets you sleep with: Usually 1 or 2, but sometimes 3 when it’s really cold.

Dream Trip: One year with an unlimited budget in which to explore Europe.

Blog Created: Like three, but co-moding a fourth.  One for literature related things, one for random fandom, politics and social justice, one for personal religious reflection, and co-moding one which Celebrates the Autumn Court for Changeling the lost.

Number of Followers: 383, but that may be substantially more if you count the sheer number of porn blogs that I’ve blocked. I don’t.

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Gabriela Herman

A Chef Shares Stories and Recipes From His Family Farm in Martha’s Vineyard

In “The Beetlebug Farm Cookbook”, the chef and farmer Chris Fischer pairs each recipe with a story. Together, these paint a picture of Martha’s Vineyard, where his family as lived for 12 generations, and his family’s farm there, which his grandfather built on a 5-acre corner plot near Menemsha Harbor in Chilmark.

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There’s a small corner of the restaurant world where food is art and the plate is just as exquisite as the mouthful.

In this world, chefs are constantly looking for new creative materials for the next stunning presentation.

The tiny community of farmers who grow vegetables for the elite chefs prize creativity, too, not just in what they grow but in how they grow it. They’re seeking perfection, in vegetable form and flavor, like this tiny cucumber that looks like a watermelon — called a cucamelon.

The Chef’s Garden is a specialty vegetable farm in Huron, Ohio, about an hour west of Cleveland. It’s a family farm, where three generations of the Jones family work side by side with about 175 employees. It’s a place where vegetables are scrupulously selected and then painstakingly coaxed from the ground.

This farm produces an extraordinary selection of vegetable varieties, ranging from the familiar to the exotic, like the cucamelon. In the summer, they can offer chefs 80 varieties of tomatoes. Through the year, they’re growing more than a dozen kinds of lettuce of different textures and colors, like Merlot, in their greenhouses.

Meet The Most Pampered Vegetables In America

Photos: Ryan Kellman/NPR

Taurus Midheaven Careers

Anything with pleasure, possesions. Real estate agent, beautician, chef, restaurant owner, gardener or farmer, interior designer. Anything that involves making people’s surroundings pleasureful and enriched. Also anything with saving up money, or trading goods with high values. Banker, consultant, art dealer, antiques dealer, etc.


Kamakura city is 1 hour’ train ride from Tokyo and famous as the place where the Kamakura Bakuhu was established in 1192 and there are many temples, shrines and the Great Buddha statue. Nowaday it has been elected as the one of the ten most favorite town to live in Japan.

It is 15 minutes’ drive from my house and I often go to shopping there. One of my favorite to buy is vegetables made in Kamakura. Kamakura is a famed tourist spot and has many restaurants. And many chefs who had trained the art of cooking in France and Italy let farmers in Kamakura cultivate European vegetables, which hadn’t been cultivated in Japan. Not only chefs, but we can buy such rare ones and fresh ones directly from the farm at a small market.

Today I buy 2 kinds of mastard greens; one is green and the other is pirple, pale orange carrots and Norabouna, a kind of cannola flower. And then I cook 3 kinds of salad with them and I’m very satisfied.

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Over-the-Top Dessert: For this elegant, no-bake cheesecake, chef Nicolaus Balla ferments his own farmer’s cheese (a kind of cottage cheese). Ricotta mixed with cream cheese makes a delicious substitute for the filling, which is incredibly light, delicately sweet and wonderful inside the crumbly graham cracker crust.

Recipe: Farmer’s Cheesecake with Strawberries

The Selection Advent Calendar [4/24]

December 4th : The Fours 

“Fours are businessmen, including jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, construction managers, property/business owners, and farmers. America’s older sister and her husband are factory workers. Natalie, Anna and Emmica are from a family of farmers — all of them were Fours before the Selection. Elise was a Four before being selected, although her parents are actually very rich owners of luxurious hotels. Marlee and Queen Amberly were also Fours before their respective Selections.”                                                                                                               Caste System - The Selection Wiki