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The circle of life.

Because I just finished watching Captain Underpants and because I need to turn everything into Lazytown...

Okay so

AU where Pixel and Jives (or any two of the kids of your choosing. I just thought they were the most fitting) are best friends who go to school together and write comics about a superhero named Sportacus. 

They have a mean Principal named Alex Busybody (or Anton Poldark. Again, whatever you prefer) who hates them for being occasionally mischievous and plots to  punish them by putting them in separate classes. 

That is, until Pixel uses his hypno ring 3000 on their principal, turning him into Sportacus whenever they snap their fingers (he turns back to himself whenever he eats sugar) 

Things get crazy when their evil science teacher, Robbie Rotten plans to rid the world of laughter so people would stop making fun of his last name being “Rotten” (and maybe for his quirks/the way he looks, or whatever) 

…You can also imagine Chef Pablo Fantastico as the school chef with a crush on the principal, if you want

Signs as Food Network Chefs/Judges

Aries: Alex Guarnaschelli

Taurus: Anne Burell

Gemini: Maneet Chauhan

Cancer: Amanda Freitag

Leo: Bobby Flay

Virgo: Giada De Laurentis

Libra: Barefoot Contessa

Scorpio: Alton Brown

Sagittarius: Robert Irvine

Capricorn: Scott Conant

Aquarius: Guy Fieri

Pisces: Gordon Ramsay

Compliments of the chef

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Alex x reader

Request: Can we get one where reader is a chef and Kara and Alex go to her restaurant and the chef tries to woo Alex and sends her samples from the entire dessert menu? Thanks friennddd

Written by Doc

For Kara’s Earth birthday Alex decided to take her out to an exclusive restaurant she heard about from Ms. Grant.

Kara had been wanting to go to for months and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

It was one of the hardest restaurants to get into in National City, she even had to make the reservations a month in advance.

Alex called them a cab and told Kara she had a surprise for her.

Kara gasped in delight when they pulled up to the front of the restaurant, getting out of the cab and saw where they were.

“Oh my gosh Alex! I can’t believe you did this for me!,” she squealed hugging her sister.

“Well it is your Earth birthday after all,” Alex laughed.

They walked inside and the waiter led them to their table, starting them off with a nice wine. 

It was when the waiter come to you in the kitchen to put in their order that you saw her.

There was a window in the kitchen that gave you a perfect view over your restaurant. 

Over the years the faces of the customers started to blur as you worked the crowd but her face stood out to you.

She was the most beautiful woman you had ever seen and you had to make sure the food you prepared for her was perfect.

Of course it turned it out perfect, you were one of the most well known chef’s in National City after all.

From the reservation list you learned that her name was Alex Danvers.

Throughout the meal you glanced at Alex and her guest to make sure they were enjoying the meal.

Alex had a smile on her face as she watched her sister practically scarf down the huge plate of food in front of her.

As they were finishing up their meal you told your sous-chefs to help you prepare a sample of everything you offered on your dessert menu.

They were confused as why they would need to do so, if only they knew it was because you wanted to woo the woman at the table in the middle of your restaurant. .

When it was ready you sent it all out on a cart with a waiter who took it to their table.

They were both surprised when it arrived.

“Oh, we didn’t order dessert yet,” Alex told the waiter.

“Compliments of the chef,” he told them.

“Free dessert? Don’t question it Alex,” Kara told her sister while eagerly grabbing plates from the cart.

Alex looked to the window that went to the kitchen and saw you smiling at her.

She blushed and looked back to her sister who somehow was already on her second piece of cake.

At the end of the night you were walking to your car when you saw her standing  nearby.

“Ms. Danvers, what are you doing here so late?” you asked her as she walked up to you.

“Well my sister and I did just get an amazing array of free dessert tonight, I called Kara a cab home but I thought I’d stick around to thank you in person,” she smiled.

“I do hope I wasn’t too forward,” you softly laughed.

“A sample of everything on the dessert menu could be a bit overwhelming for most people but for my sister that might as well just be the appetizers,” she chuckled, “you know, I never got your name.”

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N,” you told her.

“Well Y/N Y/L/N, I hope I’m not being too forward by giving you my number?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Not at all Alex Danvers, not at all.”