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@lapetitetrouvaille - here are the pics of my three favorite halloween couples costumes we’ve done so far. chicken & swedish chef, raven & edgar allan poe, and jack and wendy torrance lol.

oh, also, pete went around reading absurd poems as poe, said “bork, bork, bork” as the chef, & kept quoting jack. it was great! lol

last year, we were camp 80s counselor and coach. we were a saloon girl and a barkeep one year too. i’m hoping we can have a party this year at our place. and we still have a bunch of fun costume ideas saved lol. we used to host halloween every year but the last few years we couldn’t (anna’s wedding, we were moving, etc), but it’ll be awesome to start the annual tradition back up in our new home!

& super rude tumblr unfollowed you on me ugh but i fixed it!!
Markiplier Lives Theory

I saw somebody make the point that we have to consider the possibility that Mark is still alive…and the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. This is my new theory:

Markiplier is worried that somebody is going to kill him. He suspects that it may be either Wilford Warfstache or Darkiplier. He also suspects (maybe with help from the Detective) that Darkiplier is disguised as the Mayor, and that Warfstache is disguised as the Colonel. He may also suspect Y/N District Attorney of being involved, perhaps due to their friendship with the Mayor. He and the Detective hatch a plan to catch his would be killer by “killing” Mark before the true culprit can, which they do with the help of the Chef and the Butler. Now, lets look at the evidence:

  • There are no visible wounds on the body. It could be that the wounds are on a part of the body we can’t see, or that he was poisoned, but this is only a minor point. (In answer to the theory that Mark died from drinking, since we know he can’t in real life, I just went through the party frame by frame, and he didn’t drink anything. The only time we see him drink is in Warfstache the Colonel’s story.)
  • In Little Buddy’s video from 1:17 AM on Oct 7, we see Mark and the Detective talking about the Chef and Butler. The Detective remarks that the “Chef’s an asshole, but he’s clean, Butler’s a chill guy, also an asshole, also clean (thank you to the caption author for this reasonable speculation).” Mark then says that he “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” I believe that he was choosing people, (perhaps other detectives, perhaps not) to help in his deception. Going off of this assumption, we can assume the following:
    • We have no proof that Mark is dead. The proof comes from the Butler, (“the body is cold”) and the Detective who, ahem, rectally takes the body temperature. We also hear three people cry out in shock, loudly for all to hear, MURDER! What three people? The Detective, Butler, and Chef, who are alerting the other guests that Mark is “dead.” I believe they wanted to watch the others’ reactions to further determine the playing field. 
    • They have decided to trust you. Gauging your reaction to Mark’s death has lead them to believe that you never wanted Mark dead, and they are now trying to bring you into their confidence. This is evidenced by the Detective making you his partner, the Chef giving you access to the security tape where part of the plan was set up, and the Butler taking you to the cellar. 
    • Oh boy, the Butler. Let’s talk about him. I wrote a short post about him and have added to it two or three times since, I am becoming more and more convinced that he is in on some plot. For one thing, he straight up TELLS YOU that there is “Really no mystery at all,” and then loudly and obviously mourns his bosses death, “If only he were STILL ALIVE.” It is actually my belief that he meant to tell you their plan in the privacy of the cellar, but upon seeing the Colonel’s flask in the room became worried that the two of you were being watched and proceeded to still try and tell you without giving it away to Warfstache the Colonel. 
    • Mark simply got up and walked away. Once the Mayor and Colonel were arguing loudly in the other room and you were out investigating, the Detective and Mark placed the tape down where his body had been and Mark left to hide somewhere, waiting for the rest of the events to unfold, and for Warfy and Dark to eventually reveal themselves, allowing Mark to strike

  As far as I’m concerned, this theory covers a lot of ground. Not ALL of the ground, I’m aware, but a lot. Let me know what you think, right now, I think this is my preferred version of events. At least until another theory comes along. 

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1: Hot, Steamy kiss captain swan, please

Writing is really helping me cope write now, so thank you for the prompt.

Hot and Steamy with a side of risotto

CS Chef AU

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The kitchen of Granny’s Bistro had never been considered a cool and airy place. Even in the depths of the Maine winter, the hot saucepans and even hotter tempers could give Hell a running for tipping the mercury. And today, tempers were fraying even more than usual.

Regina Mills, food critic for the Boston Globe and generally considered one of the hardest women to please in the city, had decided that today would be the day she would finally pass her judgement on the business. And it just so happened to be the last day before the eponymous Granny returned from a three week cruise, having left Emma in charge, backed up by a temporary sous chef. A temporary sous chef with an annoying smirk, a ridiculously annoying British accent and an even more annoying habit of second guessing every culinary choice she made.

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