Revenge- Trolls Fanfic Casting Call!!

So my good pal @favoritestuff made a fanfic on Trolls, and it just finished and I LOVED IT.
I really couldn’t imagine the whole thing not being voiced out, so I asked a friend if she could voice Branch for me while I did Poppy. However, that was only 2 people against HOW many voices.

I was planning to make an audio adaptation of the fic, but apparently, I can’t do a Creek, Cooper or a Biggie to save my life.
So! I’m gonna make auditions for some voices we might need!

・ Must have a google plus account, or a skype.

・ At least be 12+ .

・genders don’t need to limit the voice, i.e. You’re a girl with a good interpretation of Creek’s voice, etc.

・Know how to portray the emotions well, can yell when needed in the script.

・A good quality mic, even the iPhone mic works as long as the bg noise is almost impossible to hear.

・MUST. HAVE READ. THE AMAZING FIC. From chapters 1-14!
If you have any questions, pm me on tumblr and I’ll see what I can answer! I’ll give out my email once you’re done with recording and have agreed to audition.


-Poppy (taken by me, jammiehamato)
-Branch (taken by @thisrandomuser)
-Guy Diamond (OPEN)
-Creek (OPEN/Reserved)
-Biggie (OPEN)
-DJ Suki (OPEN)
-Cooper (OPEN)
-Satin (OPEN)
-Chenille (OPEN)
-Chef (OPEN)
-Extra voices: Harper, etc. (2 OPEN SLOTS)