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  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell
  • there’s a handful of stylists who work on several boys at a time
  • sometimes you guys switch it up to keep it interesting, but you tend to drift back to the same guys bc hey, easy, you know what they like and it makes your job simple
  • you’re in charge of vernon, seokmin, and wonwoo
  • you not only pick out outfits for them, but you also work their hair as well
  • you’ve got a pretty easy bunch bc they don’t really stray?? from their usual like they request some out of the box things *cough* cheeto head vernon *cough* but haha its not anything major
  • one day one of the other stylists asks that you take care of jeonghan in her place bc she has to help minghao find a missing piece for his outfit so you’re like sure simple
  • you go over to jeonghan’s chair and he’s busy scrolling on his phone so you just figure you’ll do what you gotta and get er done but as soon as your hand is like hovering over his scalp, he looks up
  • he locks eyes with you in the mirror and smiles, and you nearly melt
  • “hey (y/n), you’re doing my hair today?” he sounds so casual saying your name like you didn’t even think he knew it lmao
  • it sounds really pretty when he says it too… tf
  • “o-oh yeah your usual stylist is busy with minghao” you tell him, getting to work and (shakily) grabbing for the brush
  • before you can get it tho jeonghan already has it hand and is passing it to you
  • “that’s alright. i prefer a little change every once in a while” he smiles at you dazzlingly as you start to rake the brush through his hair, and soon after he like. moans
  • it’s kinda hot
  • it’s not loud or super vulgar or anything like it’s just so unexpected and you kind of stop. pausing with the brush in his hair. wondering what the fuck 
  • jeonghan’s eyes are shut too like he looks like a literal angle <3333 
  • he opens his eyes slowly and whines when he notices you haven’t moved the brush “why’d you stop? that felt good”
  • fuck
  • ok
  • you gently begin brushing again and while he doesn’t moan any more (thank god) his eyes are still shut and he’s like melting into your touch as you gently style his hair
  • it feels so soft and silky between your fingers and you almost wanna touch it more but that’d be weird 
  • when you finally get his hair in place just right, you pull back fully and pat jeonghan’s shoulder with a final “all good!”
  • jeonghan’s eyes slip open once more and the heavy gaze he hits you with through the mirror makes you blink a few times in confusion
  • then he just hums and says “okay, thanks” unenthusiastically
  • you’re not sure what you did for the change in tone but you try to brush it off bc seungkwan is tugging you this way and that, asking you to help him fix his suspender and you pretty much let it go after that
  • it’s only a few days later at another event when jeonghan’s stylist comes up to you while you’re on break sipping a coffee with a pout and goes “you didn’t have to go and steal one of my boys you know”
  • you frown of course cause? huh?
  • she looks at you like you’re crazy and goes “didn’t you hear? jeonghan asked if you could be his permanent stylist. i ended up taking vernon in his place”
  • you’re literally like O.o
  • sure enough when you go into the dressing room, jeonghan is already seated and ready for his hair to be done wayyyy before his makeup or his outfit is put on and all smiles
  • “what are you waiting for?” he asks nonchalantly, giving you that same dazzling smile, and you just awkwardly fall into place with it bc idk maybe he really wanted that change of scenery
  • (the other boys totally noticed jeonghan’s intentions tho lmao seungcheol gave him the hardest time over it later that night) 
  • you thought that maybe jeonghan would want another change a few weeks down the line but that proved not true
  • he basically only had eyes for you in more ways than one
  • he’d make chit chat often, asking about your life, things you liked to do and what you wanted to be when you got older or passed on from the job
  • he even had the audacity to ask abt ur ideal type and you (not so) jokingly went “yoon jeonghan” 
  • he was so surprised he jolted in his chair and burned his ear on the flat iron
  • soon after that jeonghan got bolder, and even went as far as asking for your number
  • he’d text you on the weekends and take you out for food, or to fairs, or to karaoke bars with a few other guys from seventeen
  • but slowly it dwindled down to just being the two of you and you weren’t really sure how to feel about it
  • granted you liked jeonghan a lot but like what was he trying to do here?? he hadn’t been very straightforward 
  • you had begun to wonder what was up when one night you two were eating at a noodle shop and the waitress comes by and says “would you and your lovely girlfriend like dessert?” 
  • you laugh into your drink and are about to correct her when jeonghan folds his arms on the table and grins and goes “no, i think we’re good”
  • you kinda stare at him in awe as he gives you a lil fake innocent smile and goes “what? did you want something after all? i can call her back”
  • it becomes clearer later that night when he drives you back to your place how he feels
  • he doesn’t really think about it, just leans down and plants a kiss on your lips and says “pick you up for a mini golf date at seven next friday?”
  • that’s how you basically begin dating jeonghan
  • he’s an amazing boyfriend okay but he’s also,,, the worst
  • knows he’s cute and knows you’re wrapped around his finger so he always gets his way
  • “(y/n) hey can you help pop this pimple on my back” “ew no jeonghan” “baby… sweetheart… please? i love you so much. and remember when i checked out that bump on your ass that one-” “IM COMING OK”
  • does that thing he does with dino where he’s like “whose baby are you” except he goes “whose darling are you”
  • and does it at the most embarrassing times, like with dino
  • *lit in the middle of talking to joshua and seungcheol* jeonghan: (y/n) whose darling are you??? :D
  • you, seconds from committing murder: jeonghan’s darling
  • he coos really loud and squeezes your cheeks to make it worse jfc
  • always teasing you about how cute you are like you could be screaming and bench pressing a cow and he’d just be smiling to himself and telling anyone who’ll listen “that’s her!! my gf!!! isn’t she amazing??? im in love with her”
  • cannot… chill
  • always doing some extra ass skinship with you
  • like u know he can just kiss you like a normal boyfriend but no
  • he’s grabbing at your thighs and hoisting you on to counters and leaving you all flustered and hot and then just switches back to normal jeonghan mode with a lil giggle and goes “whatdya want for breakfast, baby?”
  • besides being evil jeonghan is actually the sweetest
  • he’s not the mama of seventeen for nothing
  • he just has a knack for knowing how you feel and your lip could be down turned at -0.000000004 degrees and he’ll be like “:(( what’s wrong boo”
  • calls you extra pet names when he’s feeling cuddly
  • usually darling and baby are his go to’s but he will call you after every sugary thing in the book when he’s in the mood
  • likes to be back hugged and not the other way around
  • he’ll back hug you for a few seconds but he mainly likes being encompassed in you and just relishing in your warmth
  • doesn’t mind when you mess up his hair on his clothes bc tho he won’t really admit it outright you could murder him and he’d be okay with it
  • you’re always telling him how pretty he is and he’s so thankful and gets kinda blush-y
  • if y'all fight he’s stubborn af but after he cools down he feels really bad and just wants it to be resolved as quick as possible
  • like after a big fight you storm off to your room and jeonghan sulks in the kitchen for a little while but then he starts missing you and feeling terrible and he goes to your door and knocks gently and goes “i know i made you feel bad and i know i messed up. im so sorry angel. please let me in. i wanna make it up to you”
  • fights and tension don’t last long bc you both can’t stand not being happy together
  • minghao takes credit for you and jeonghan ending up together like “i mean if i hadn’t lost my jacket that one day you two would have never fallen in love”
  • but jeonghan, cheesy and in love, just goes “i would have fallen in love with (y/n) no matter what”

other boyfriend!seventeen:



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

- He does most of the serious shopping.

- Like for vegetables, and bread.

- Mostly because he does the heavy lifting in the cooking department

- “Do you think we should get some eggplant?”

- “I don’t know, hey look they have this thing where you can freeze bannas and they make it into custard!”

- “….I don’t know why I bother.”

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Trust me to decide to move all the way here the day before I then have to go back to New York for Saturday Night Live. I’ll give you a little secret the Hillary pantsuit may be coming out this weekend. Before my alter-ego gets to become President next week (please oh please); I am going to put my feet up and eat some cheetos and try and ignore the boxes in front of me calling out to be unpacked. Then I might just head down to one of the places here to have dinner and a wine spritzer. Anywho…I’m Kate! Nice to meet you all.

Happy Birthday

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is out one day and find a pocket knife or something with Angel wings imprinted on it and one morning while they are lying in bed the reader says I have a surprise for you and it’s cute and very fluffy?

Happy Birthday

“Y/N, check over on that side of the store.” Glenn said, pointing off to the left as your run team entered the general store. “Look for food or clothing. Those are our priorities.”

You nod and move over to where Glenn had told you to while he gave orders to Maggie and Rosita. Your side of the store was mostly just liquor and junk food, but, food was food, so you started stuffing bags of hot Cheetos and Doritos into your backpack. You also shoved box after box of tampons and pads into the pack. The other women in the community were going to thank you later. You move over to where the check-out was located and start rifling through drawers behind the counter.

You add a few lighters and some rolls of duct tape to the pack before yanking open another drawer. “Jackpot.” You mutter and pull the three flashlights out of the drawer and place them in your pack. “I got flashlights!” You call out and hear Maggie give a “woo!” of success. “We need lots of double A batteries, so keep an eye out.” You look down to close the drawer again, but something catches your eyes and makes you pause.

Lying towards the back of the drawer was an aggressive-looking switchblade pocket knife. You pull it out, whip the blade open, and examine it. It had a black blade with serrations near the white handle. But what really caught your eye was the black angel wings etched into the handle. You smile, close the blade again, and place it in your pocket. It was the perfect birthday gift.


“Happy birthday.” You say, kissing Daryl’s hips and crawling back up to lay beside him in the bed.

“That was a great birthday present.” Daryl says, trying to catch his breath. He had begged you for the whole month not to tell anyone or do anything special for his birthday, and so you’d promised you wouldn’t do anything crazy. Though when the morning in question finally came, he hadn’t put up any fights over your first gift.

You giggle. “That wasn’t your only present.” You curl up further beside him, enjoying the feeling of his hand rubbing small circles into your back.

You lay like that for a while, listening to each other’s breathing and fighting off the urge to go back to sleep. Finally, after about a half hour, Daryl says, “So what’s my other gift? If it’s anything like the first, I’m ready for it now.”

You start laughing. “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Daryl smirked. “Never.”

“Here.” You lean over him to dig in the top drawer of your nightstand, rolling your eyes at the smack that Daryl gave to your butt as you crawled over him. “Settle down, Handsy.” You say, moving back to resume your earlier position at his side. “Here, I picked this up for you on that run yesterday.”

You open up your hand and reveal the knife. “Oh wow.” Daryl says, clicking the button on the side and watching the blade spring forth. “This is really cool, thank you.”

“Did you see the handle?” You turn the knife over to show the wings. “It reminded me of your vest. Now you have a matching knife.”

He smiles and kisses you on your temple. “Thank you.” He puts the blade away and sets the knife on the nightstand. “It’s perfect.”

“Happy Birthday, Daryl Dixon.” You mutter, kissing him lightly on the lips and burying your face into his chest.


I have like, zero motivation to stop writing imagines and study for my final tomorrow/work on my Shakespeare paper…

Anyway, this was a really short request fill, but I thought the prompt was super cute :)