It’s stated in canon that Lapis is just as much of an abuser as Jasper. She stated that she enjoyed doing bad things to Jasper and taking everything out on her. Lapis enjoyed torturing another person. She’s worse than Jasper ever could be. It is also canon that they mutually made the Fusion toxic but it was Lapis who trapped her in it after she agreed to fuse in the first place. Had she not been a vindictive brat non of this would have happened. Leave my wife alone she is just as much a victim of abuse as anyone else who may have been through something parallel as she did. She will be redeemed, I have no doubt about. If the mass murders known as Vegeta and Regina Mills can be redeemed then so can Jasper. At least she hasn’t killed anyone unlike them.

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According to Rebecca Sugar’s interview

Jasper thinks very lowly of herself, that’s why she refused Steven’s help and attacked him when he wanted to put his healing spit on her gem in Earthlings, because she thinks she doesn’t deserve help or love or anything…And the fact that the strongest, most perfect Quartz soldier thinks she’s worthless is really intriguing and i hope we learn more about her in season 4 and hopefully Steven will help her.

Calling all big buff cheeto puff fans!

Jasper’s had a rough year, so let’s show the tiger striped warrior some love with the first ever Jasper-oriented fan appreciation zine!

TIGER BOMB will be a full colour non-profit printed zine that will be released at the end of 2016. Founded by @melskunk / @fluffkills with the support of several fan friends, this zine will focus on our fierce fave.

We require both ART and WRITING

Unlike most zines, and because the founder is a writer herself, we’ll be accepting Fan ARTISTS and Fan AUTHORS for the final zine. 

Want to join in? 

Please submit the following to

  • Your Name
  • Your preferred email. It must be one you check often because this will be the primary means of communication
  • A link to a sample of your work OR no more than three files that show the best examples of your work

Artists and authors will get their own copy of the finished zine with the expenses of shipping paid for by us. You must be able to make a mid-November deadline with a finished art piece or a thousand word short story.