Ok so. On the left is a picture of a virus, on the right is a picture of the Gem Injector from Steven Universe.
The gems are basically a virus to earth.

I would just like to leave that with you

After much thought, I’ve finally decided to post my Jasper Zine piece. I have conventions coming up in the late summer/fall and I didn’t want to sit on this piece any longer. Also I feel like I revealed the most important part anyways with my thumbnails. haha

I really do hope that something will come of the Jasper Zine. I would hate to see it fall through for such an interesting and complex character. Jasper is my all time favourite from Steven Universe and I love seeing others have the same appreciation for her as I do! 

Overall I am quite pleased with this piece. I know I don’t do backgrounds often but when I do, I like to think they turn out pretty decent. ;) 

Hope you guys enjoy!