Spotted at the Zoo! Meet cheetah cubs Tombi-Jeanne and Ilangha. The sisters came from @sdzsafaripark to be ambassadors here. At just over 16 weeks old, the cubs are adjusting well to their new home. Tombi-Jeanne seems very bold and Ilangha is a bit more curious and less adventurous. The cubs will soon be introduced to puppy pals Elvis and Murray. Wish them luck with their important new roles at the Zoo. 


Tombi Jeanne & Ilangha are almost ready to pounce over to the San Diego Zoo​ to be paired with puppies and be ambassadors.


Request from the ever patient @felix-the-snow-cheetah of his sona with @the-big-bad-wulf as NITW characters. I don’t like to assume people want background but I went ahead and did some because Felix has been so kind to me.

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Nursery staff report that the Safari Park’s cheetah sisters are playing almost constantly and only take short catnaps during the day. They are eating ground meat, with some formula supplement, but animal care staff will finish providing formula by the week’s end.


Cheetah Leans Against Fence so that Meerkats can Groom Him

In the wild, Cheetahs would view Meerkats as snack food. Here, they pet and groom him while he purrs.


Yes, lions were found in North America in prehistoric times. They had an almost global range - everything but South America, Southeast Asia and Australia, and the coldest parts. There were even lions in Great Britain.

In far more recent times, in actual recorded Roman and Greek history, they lived from Greece throughout the Middle East all the way to India. As did cheetahs.

The European bison, like its American cousin a century ago, is all but extinct in the wild, only a few thousand animals are left, mostly kept in reserves. They once ranged from western Iberia to Lake Baikal in Russia.

Asian elephants lived all the way to Turkey, while today only a few fragmented pockets from India to Borneo are left.

This is but a fragment of all these examples I could give you, I simply took the animals that have the biggest cultural impact on us.


I never showed off all my projects from junior year! I’d really appreciate if you clicked for better quality because I’m still very proud of some of these ;0
Materials used, in order: pen, pastels, colored pencil, watercolor, watercolor, chalk pastels, acrylic paint, pencil