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SMTM6 Ep.2 Highlights/Comments

The producer be sneaking around trying to hide which contestant they’re watching like they slick or something. LOL

Sleepy!!!!!!! Sleepy, DinDin, and Yongguk need to come on together. This show would be SOOOO much fun with all 3.

Sleepy scared the SHIT out of me right there. Junoflo and Sleepy better stop scaring me.

Tiger JK asked him if he’s here….bitch Duh! LOL Tiger

Don’t understand the point of the Doubl K cliffhanger when we already know there’s no chance he’s NOT passing after all of this screen time.

Double K has me lowkey crushing after that audition

Double K has 2 chains (no pun intended). That means you gotta eliminate him twice to get him off the show lol

I’m already mentally preparing myself for the round 2 because I already know what happens to [redacted until later]

Maniac! LET’S GO!

Those reactions are fake. Nobody was mad dogging each other. Don’t get fooled by the editing.

LOL they clowning the couches

They act like no one else on this show is friends with the producers other than Penomeco. LOL Dok2 and Tiger JK all have people signed to their label on this show  and ALL the producers have VARIOUS friends

So they aren’t even gonna acknowledge that Junoflo’s signed to Tiger JK’s label after all that with Penomeco? LOL. I guess there’s no reason to keep pointing out connections anyway since they’d have to do it for like 75% of the competitors

OK Black Nine I see you…

Sangwook is a cutie. I don’t know if it’s my residual Khundi Panda love is wearing off (cause they damn near twins lol). He’s sweet I wanna bake him cookies.

They shouldn’t fail him. I don’t think they should have failed him.

But this better set the bar because it seems like they are failing ANYONE who forgets lyrics. So they better do it for EVERYBODY or y’all gonna hear my mouth lol


Failing because the rap is old (in style)? Girl BYE!

Somebody needs to fail Dok2′s braids

To quote One “Pass, Pass motherfucker”

Ignito is a Death Metal rapper lol

And then Kebee is a Christian Rock rapper

1KYNE!!!! Saw him in the waiting room

Come on Kebee…recover bro PLEASE….eliminated

The schoolgirl rapper be SOOOO upset when people get eliminated like that. I feel you girl! Message me!

That instrumental Ignito used is hard as fuck 

I was about to go off on ALL 8 of them lol

Wonjae is good but he’s not gonna make it far. He has no performance and he can really only do that one style more than likely. His style just inst gonna work for this show.

I LOVE this girl. She’s got so much charisma. What’s he name! The one that’s got a short cheetah type hair style

I’m not the biggest fan of ASOL tbh. But I wish her the best.

Truedy’s a good rapper she just need to get her shit together. Stop with the fake Black shit. I can’t support her until she get’s it together. (I wrote this before I saw the rap) 

Zico is right though…she got worse. I’ll be watching out for her though. I don’t WANT to keep with the typical “I HaTE truedy blah blah blah” shit. I want her to change and do better. I don’t WANT her to keep appropriating my culture. I want her to change and get good at rap so their can be one more female rapper to root on. But if not….then fuck her. But I’m definitely not gonna keep bringing her up just to talk shit about someone. I’d rather spend my time on someone I like

Who’s that guy with the ripped jeans and the weird noises? He’s interesting but that hair….good lord.

I wasn’t really interested in KillahGramz last season but he’s improved now I’m interested a little bit. Let’s see what’s up with him, he did good.

That blonde guy from the US was giving me Kangnam vibes…lol

LET’s go Maniac!!!!!!

The only person on this show who can say “nigga” without getting in trouble….80% of the rappers on this show are shook.

My little homie right here! Woochan!

Dok2 PLEASE…you could NEVER. Woochan I’m sorry *insert the rest of that New York from Flavor of Love picture here*

2005? Good Lord…way to make me feel old Woochan

Stop saying he reminds you of Dok2…he’s BETTER thatn he was at that age. In a few years he’s gonna be better than Dok2 period. He’s not that far off.

Digili not Digiri I need to remember that.

This is SOOOO awkward….

He should have been eliminated Tiger….Like this is annoying as fuck considering [redacted] gets eliminated. Like at least give the younger guys a chance instead if you’re gonna give free passes.

There’s MANY people who shouldn’t have gotten eliminated of Digili. I think someone brought up Wonjae and that’s true.

Wait…what? They are mad cause they chose Nucksal’s beat? Like get over it. If he’s good, he’s good.

Nucksal’s the one who shoudn’t have used it. Especially since everyone already knows this verse from him. He’s my favorite k-rapper right now but it was weak as hell to pick “jakdu” or “Cut Cut Cut” as most of the international fans call it. But whatever.

Like that guy who looks like hippie Tiger JK what’s his name. He looks like a cool guy. He came on and performed earlier (we didn’t see it he was shown before the ripped pants guy send me both of their names if you know them please, as well as the cheetah hair style girl)

I’m so upset No:el got eliminated but not Digili. You can HEAR that No:el is better (wonjae too of course) and would have passed if not for the lyrical mistake. I hear Digili does better in ep.3 so I’m no gonna go to far in on him. But it does bother me that I get to watch No:el cry when worse people than him passed.

Young B.  I’d HATE to face him in a diss battle he just seems like he’d intimidate you before he even starts rapping. He’s SOOOO good and I love it. His vibe on and off stage is so different like I can’t even put it into proper words right now. Slay, just slay Young B.

The irony of Tiger JK giving this “responsibility” speech to Young B after…nevermind

At least Young B isn’t dressed like a damn fool this episode. Cause that episode 1 outfit….

Shut up…y’all eliminated him because he forgot the fuck out of his lyrics. It wasn’t anything else. He was perfect besides the choke. It wasn’t the beat, it wasn’t that he couldn’t make you listen, it was that he choked. Just say that

But anyway, that’s all foks. See you for the next episode. Nahae said she gonna try to do episode 3 REALLY quick. She said she’ll work all day tomorrow on it. So if it does get dropped tomorrow then I’ll probably watch Monday or Tuesday since I’ll be busy Sunday.