cheetah lanterns


My fancast for the DCEU PART 3
*Check out PART 1 and 2 on my page*

-Naya Rivera as Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva)
-Monica Raymund as Renée Montoya (the Question)
-Luke Evans as Sinestro
-Nathalie Emmanuel as Lashina
-Elizabeth Gillies as Starling (Evelyn Crawford)
-Paola Oliveira as Fire (Beatriz Costa)

Injustice 2 needs more heroines and female villains

I was playing injustice 2 , and I determined I was going to make a calendar next year based off injustice 2’s roster, using the portrait/photo mode in the game when I realized there wasn’t enough female villains and heroines to make a calendar.


Power girl, supergirl, vixen, cheetah, Wonder Woman, poison ivy, catwoman, black canary, Harley Quinn, and starfire just got released as dlc.

So I made a list of D.C. heroines and female villains that I would want to see:

Enchantress: she looks like the silhouette in the dlc reveal, so I just want it to be her
Raven: bring Raven back as a premiere skin for enchantress. Hell, why not?
Circe: just go all in on enchantress and give Circe as a premiere skin too. I only say that because it could play similar and they’d probably be too lazy to make her her own character.
Donna Troy &Cassie sandsmark: make both of these ladies premiere skins for Wonder Woman.
Star Sapphire: a pink lantern that could have different skins like Hal jordan, plus we finally get a non male lantern
Jessica Cruz: fuck it, put her in as a premiere skin for star sapphire a la john Stewart.
Mera: she is completely badass, plus she could play differently than aquaman, plus get more aqua family love in there.
Artemis: Bizarro and red hood are there, so unite the three outlaws. She also should play different from Wonder Woman since she would use a bow and see axe as opposed to a sword and shield and a whip. Do it.
Mary batson/Mary marvel/Shazam: the deceased Billy batson/shazam’s sibling that also has Shazam powers, she would be black Adams new opposite, plus who wouldn’t want to see the return of Shazam , especially as a badass teenage girl?
Big Barda: hails from apokolips. Became a badass hero. Need I say more?

So that’s 11 female heroines and villains I could think of from the top of my head that would make the roster gender closer to 50:50. Plus all of these women are badasses and could wipe the floor with the current roster. Can anyone think of anyone else? I tried to keep people from the previous game out, but Raven seemed a bit too obvious


Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom

“Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots to find my lost piece.” 

I used a stencil made by Rally the Cheetah of Knuckles because I thought I would be a perfect opportunity to reference Pumpkin Hill :P