cheetah girls two

Harry styles imagine____ This does not have title


Sitting in your room with Harry watching Cheetah Girls Two. “This move is so stupid.” He says. Even though he never liked this movie you forced him to watch it. “We’ll I like it and if your a good boy then you’ll get a good reward.” Harry groaned and rolled over on top of you. “I want it now!” He said into your chest. He was such a baby at 3:00am. You rolled him off and he groaned even more “y/n!! Please please!” He said. How could you say no to that face? Easy like this no, you thought. You sighed and this time you rolled on to him. He smirked you leaned down and kissed him with passion you felt something of his. At this point your favorite song was on. Harry’s hand went down to your bum. You knew Harry was weak when you two were in the moment so it was easy to roll off of him and finish the movie. So you did. “Y/n your such a tease!” Harry groaned and grabbed a blanket. “Where are you going?” You asked. “I’m sleeping down stairs were you won’t tease me!” He said as he left the room. You paused the movie and you could hear his footsteps walking down the steps. When he gets to the couch you hear a plop noise and then you hear family guys theme song. “I love you!” You yell. “Sure you do!” He yells back. You hit play and finished your movie.

*next morning*

You wake up to a cold empty space on your left side. Harry’s side. You remember what happened last night. I wonder if Harry is still mad at me you thought. You get up and put on one of Harry’s shirts he loved it when you wore his shirts with a lace bra and panties under neath it. You fixed your hair and put on a little bit of make up so it looked natural. You looked at yourself one last time and opened your bedroom door and walked into the hall. As your walking down stairs you can hear Harry’s soft snore. You felt bad when you saw him all cuddled up on the long simie circle black couch all alone. He looked lonely. You walked over and turned the TV on. You walked over to the kitchen. You thought of Harry’s favorite breakfast. Eggs bacon and pancakes. Also your favorite. You tried your best not to make any noise. You got out the pan and food and started cooking. As you started cooking the bacon you felt large warm arms wrap around your waist and Harry’s head in the crook of your neck. “Hello beautiful.” He says as he breathes your scent in. “Hello handsome. Your not still mad at me about what happened earlier this mor..” You got cut off by the blazing hot bacon grease hitting your skin. “Shit.” You said under your breath so Harry couldn’t hear you but he did. He took your hand and rubbed it to try to make it feel better and he kissed it. “Here let me take it over.” He said and switched you places. You were so lucky to have a loving boyfriend. “But any ways I’m not mad at you.” He said. You had relief. “I’m just upset with you.” He said. You felt worst than before. You knew he was playing sort of. “Really your upset with me because I didn’t have sex with you?” You said kissing his neck. “No it’s because you teased me!” He said laughing and smirking. You backed up so he could take off the bacon and start the pancakes. “Well I’m sorry I wanted to finish that movie! Is there any way I could make up for that?” You said winking and smiling. Harry came over to you and kissed you passionately. You got turned on and knew were this was going until he pulled away a turned back to the pancakes. “Yes. You teased me so now for the rest of the day I tease you. Deal?” He said smirking. “Fine but nothing so bad.” “No promises love” he said winking.

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