cheetah girls

Let’s be clear


I had the wonderful honor of meeting, Deborah Gregory, The author behind the true Vision that was, “The Cheetah Girls”. Never was there a book and visual aesthetic that inspired and empowered me as a kid. I started reading the original soft covers, in 99. And i devoured every fabulous page of female empowerment, new york attitude, and cultural pride.To this day i still hold with pride, that i had discovered the cheetah girls before the rest of the world and Disney. 

the signs as old disney movies/tv shows

aries: toy story

taurus: the cheetah girls

gemini: kim possible

cancer: suite life of zack and cody

leo: high school musical

virgo: even stevens

libra: the proud family

scorpio: monster inc.

sagittarius: lilo and stitch

capricorn: thats so raven

aquarius: the lion king

pisces: hannah montana