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“Chris temporarily lost touch with his niceness and called his friend a **** in so venomous a fashion that our lovable Caledonian felt moved to respond thus, ‘I’m going to fucking hit you in a minute’. ‘Well go on then!’ came the retort, sounding more like an order than an invite.”

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Orange and purple ❤

Yay Beth!! :)


what makes you feel warm inside?  Hot green tea.

what’s your favorite halloween tradition? Wigs. Ridiculous wigs. All of the ridiculous wigs.

what’s the last thing you learned? All the ways to die in Mario Wii, much to my little nephew’s disappointment. I’m a poor teammate. “Just stay in your bubble for now, please, Aunt Nacho, I’ll play this level.”

when’s the last time you felt obsessed? Right now while I’m writing Palo Alto. Wolfstar is haunting my dreams. Chapter 4 will be up tomorrow, ahhhh!

what’s your favorite article of clothing? My cheetah print pj pants that I’m currently wearing (work from home perk, woohoo!)


what’s your astrological sign? Bull. Accurate.

what’s the best piece of advice you ever received? Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. (within reason, come on, don’t make it creepy)

when’s the last time you followed your instincts? I generally always do. Life’s too short not to.

what’s your favorite food? Pizza, any kind, as long as it’s vegan. I make my own at least twice a week. I am a serious pizza consumer.

what’s your secret dream? I think I’ll be keeping it a secret ;)

The girl standing next to Stella with the cheetah print is most likely the owner of the tablet with cat pictures in Life is Strange. 

Now, hear me out.

So most of you LIS fans are aware that, if the player pays attentions to the minor items included in the game, they can see that someone in Blackwell Academy is looking for a lost tablet with cat photos.

People have been saying that Nathan Prescott is the person, since the handwriting on the letters resemble Nathan’s handwriting in an unused document. And to be honest, I really like that idea. Nathan being a cat person is absolutely adorable to me, and if the gamers did that I would be thrilled.

However, I never believed that as canon since the first time I’ve seen Episode 4 of the game, and it’s getting on my nerves that people keep saying it is Nathan.

In the End of the World party scene, Stella is working at the entrance. When Max enters, you can clearly hear Stella saying in the background “No, I didn’t see any tablet with cat pics.” I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one who heard that, even while not paying much attention. 

I was surprised that out of the 7 people that I’ve seen play the entire game, none of them noticed or bothered to point that line out. It’s very audible compared to Samuel’s obscure voice in the backwards hallway scene(in the nightmare sequence in Episode 5), which still so many people noticed.

Now, Nathan can’t be the owner of the tablet at this point because

1)Clearly, Nathan isn’t at the party at all, which Stella directly tells Max. 

2)The entire party scene is also kind of made to prove that Nathan isn’t there… 

3)Besides, he’s already dead.(Ouch, there goes my heart ripping into pieces.) 

So it’s impossible in any way what-so-ever for Nathan to randomly be at the entrance wasting his time asking Stella about his lost tablet, which even if he was alive, I doubt he would do. I mean, I can’t imagine him going, “Have you seen a tablet with cat pics?” to anyone. Hilarious to think about, though.

I was watching another play-through of the game with alternate camera angles. In the entrance scene of the End of the world party, I was able to take a glance at Stella’s direction. When Stella answers the unheard question of the cat pics, guess who is talking to her? Yeah, as seen in the photo above, it’s just a random girl with cheetah prints. 

I just really wanted to make this post because so many people have been talking about how Nathan, or any other named character in the game, could be the mysterious owner of the tablet, when there’s that one line by Stella that’s not that easy to miss, plus the details of the game just won’t align with whatever theories some people are coming up with.

 I know. I’m making a big deal out of this, and I get it. It’s fun and silly to imagine any character to be that mysterious person the game tossed out there, but I just wanted to point out what I noticed. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t think that a certain character takes the role of the owner of the tablet. The headcanons that you guys come up are amazing and they always make my day. 

But I just wanted to point out the big details that I felt like people were missing while these assumptions are made.  

Again, I just wanted to point out my theory. The owner of the kitty tablet is the girl with the cheetah prints(her clothing even makes sense).

But again, I’m not hating on the idea that Nathan is a cat lover. It’s adorable and I’m going to believe in that fragment about him nevertheless.



hey guys so i’ll make this quick…

i love making shorts (dying them/cutting them/styling them/ all of that) and i used to have an online store that i got rid of cause it got in the way of school but now i have the time to start it up again. i buy thrift store jeans and turn them into something hip and trendy and i think it’s a really great way of recycling old jeans plus it’s cheaper lol. reblog this if you’d buy any of these and if i get enough maybe i’ll start it back up again! i’d also like to add chokers and crop tops… So please, let me know! message me too if you think i should! i’d love to make clothes for you guys (: