cheetah cartoon

Bytesized Doodles 323 - A Cheetahs Best Friend - While thinking about what dog to doodle, a friend of mine told me about how cheetahs were incredibly anxious cats, and how zookeepers and conservationists give them dog companions to help them out, and couldn’t resist doodling something to show this!

Now this one is an easy weekly theme to guess!

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I feel like absolute shit. I didn’t do shit today & it wasn’t until maybe 2 in the afternoon that I decided to pick up my colored pens and start doodling.

I’ve been in a major slump lately and I’ve barely doodled, so today is the first time in awhile that I took more than 10 minutes to work on something. I want to use the rest of the night to just scribble my heart out so maybe I can feel more creatively confident tomorrow and get back to my queue.

Anyway, about the actual image, I’ll scan the full doodle at a later date.