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Iris- Jack Gilinsky Part 2

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James POV:

“Shhhh….” I said as Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Sam Wilkinson walked into my house. I saw an unfamiliar face as I walked up to the couch. “Who is that” Jack G questioned. “Do you know her?” Sam also questioned. “My cousin from California, (Y/N)”. I saw April cuddled up to (Y/N) and Frozen was playing on the TV. “Hey guys I’m going to bring April and (Y/N) up to their rooms.” I said lifting April off the couch. “I’ll help bring (Y/N) up.” Jack G stated following me up the stairs. “(Y/N)’s room is up to the left past Scotty’s,” I whispered to Jack. Jack nodded and disappeared into (Y/N)’s room. I carefully set April down on her cheetah print bed, pulled the covers over her tiny body. I kissed her head, turned on her princess nightlight, and left quietly.

Jack G POV:

“I’ll help bring (Y/N) up” I stated as I followed James up the stairs. Damn, she is beautiful, I hope she doesn’t wake up while me holding her because that would be pretty awkward. Waking up to a stranger holding you, wow. “(Y/N)’s room is up to the left past Scotty’s” James whispered. I nodded with my eyes still glued to (Y/N). I entered (Y/N)’s room, first I lifted up the covers and placed her fragile body on the bed. I covered her with the blankets, turned off her light and walked out to James saying, “Want to watch a movie?” “Okay but I’m probably going to fall asleep” I said with a laugh. James chuckled and replied with an “okay.” As soon as I walked downstairs JJ and Sam had put in a movie Resident Evil Series to be exact. I just kept thinking about (Y/N), god she was perfect, but I can’t like her. I mean I barely meet her and she doesn’t even know who I am. I slowly drifted, and all I could think about was (Y/N).  

(Y/N) POV:

I felt someone carry me up the stairs. I thought it was mom but it wasn’t I felt muscular arms, I open my eye just enough to have a peek of who it was. It was a boy, a hot boy to be exact, damn he was gorgeous. “(Y/N)’s room is up to the left past Scotty’s” someone whispered, I think its James but I don’t know. Next thing I know I was but in my bed and covered in my blankets, the light were turned off. I quickly fell asleep once again.

I woke up to the sun peering through the windows, I got up and went down stair to find 4 boys sleeping on the couch. Soon I remembered being carried upstairs by a boy, but which one was it? I walked in the kitchen and poured me a bowl of Captain Crunch. I sat down to see a boy, he had dark hair, perfect eyebrows, and tan really tan. “Hi, I’m Jack” Jack said in a husky morning voice. God he is so damn hot. “Hey, I’m (Y/N), James cousin”, I replied. He also poured himself a bowl of Captain Crunch. “So how do you know James?” I asked. “Uh, he and I go to school with each other. He was in math class and we became best friends ever since”, Jack said with a mouth full of food. I laugh and he does too. Three boys walk in, the only one I notice was James. Damn are all the boys in Omaha hot, like damn I’m drooling. “Hey everyone this is my cousin from California, (Y/N)”, James stated as the other boys stared. Was there something on my face, they can’t think I’m cute. I wipe my face with my sleeve. “Hi I’m Sam”, Sam said as he shook his hand out for me to shake. I shook it and smiled. “Hello there gorgeous, I’m Jack, but you can call me JJ”, JJ said with a wink. I blushed and said “Nice to meet you guys”.   

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