cheeta prints

Today’s Gender of the day is: Lady Dishbrush

[image description: a cheeta print Dishbrush has a face with red lipstick and eyelashes, made to look like a person wearing makeup]

  • Puck: That's my favorite hashtag so far, so I guess you've got me beat.
  • Puck: Thanks, Kitten. I'll try to remember that.
  • Puck: I ain't angry about that, are you kidding me? You know how flattering it is to have the hottest girl in school wanna make out with you? I do feel bad about Jake though. And I'm tryin' to be a good dude to him, I just ain't good at that either.
  • Puck: Oh, well if you don't wanna hang out, then bye felisha. I can definitely make sure some waffles are involved. Waffles are my shit. I made some cinnamon brown-sugar ones the other night that were to die for. A cheeta print bandanna ain't thug, but I guess you can have one anyway since you're leaving all of the real thugging to me B]
  • Puck: Damn right I'm sneakier than you. I got years of practice on you though, so that might not be fair. #PuckDon'tPlayFair2k15.
  • Puck: Eventually, then.
  • Puck: Really really really?
  • Kitty: The hottest? I know I'm the hottest girl in school, but I was pretty sure no one else knew that. Most guys think that title goes to Quinn or Santana.
  • Kitty: I feel bad too, but the heart wants what it wants, right?
  • Kitty: Do you wanna make out with me?
  • Kitty: I want to hang out with you. Waffles are /my/ shit. That's what we can do. You can make me waffles and I'll critique them. If they suck, I'll never hang out with you again. If they're delicious, you might get a shot at a second friend-date.
  • Kitty: A cheetah print one would be thug if /I/ wore it.
  • Kitty: That means you'll have to teach me everything you know.
  • Kitty: Do you have like, an album of topless pics girls have sent to you on your phone?
  • Kitty: Really. Friends shouldn't have to stay away from friends. Even if what we are isn't exactly friends.