cheeta prints


Some pictures from the yoi photoshoot on sunday at Anime North!!!

(If you see yourself or see someone you know let me know!! I’d love to credit these amazing cosplayers!!)


Daaaaamn shitty cellphone quality.

But my attempt at a PinUpStuck Meulin. :p For Anime Expo ♥♡♥
Too lazy for full paint and good edits. So Instagram filters xD

My first Meulin cosplay and second Homestuck, so bare with me pls. :3

The picture of just my face and straight hair is my makeup up close, but I changed the lips to red to better suit the theme :p

Horns - self made out of model magic
Tail - self made
Swimsuit - ebay
Necklace - Kohls
(Just incase anyone asks, aha.)

anonymous asked:

Part 1: I need help with writing how different characters act while drunk. I imagine the MC being giggly, doesn't think about what she's saying, and kind of forgetful. I imagine another character (the MC's bf) being a bit harsh while drunk. I imagine the third character (the MC's male bff) being sort of used to alcohol, therefore having little effect on him. Could you help me come up with dialogue with how these characters would act/speak while drunk?

Part 2: I am also struggling with writing this particular experience while writing under the MC’s POV. Does she know she’s drunk and slurring her words and just not care? Or is she oblivious to it all? I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

Hi there! Your description of how the characters are while drunk seem pretty legit according to movies/books I’ve seen/read.

• “Hey, I like you. Do you know that?”

“I’m your boyfriend, so I hope so.”

• “Your hair is so nice. Did you dye it?”

“It’s been brown for three years, Jessica.”

• Laughs at dumb jokes or at anything really

• Can no longer walk in her heels

• “This is my favorite song!”

“You hate rap.”

“Don’t spread your negativity here.”

• “Ughhh, I wish I could party every day, but it’s Monday tomorrow. Stupid school.”

“It’s summer.”

“Oh yeah.”

MC’s bf:

• “Jessica, calm down. That was an awful joke.”

• “You’re not funny.”

• “He’s acting like he just won the lottery. It was ping pong for God’s sake.”

• “This music is a combination of what my 12 year old cousin and redneck uncle listen to.”

• “Even I can make better nachos than this.”

• “I love her outfit!”

“Cheeta print should stay in the 80’s.”

• Not really participating in activities but frequently being passive aggressive or saying negative comments// broody, judgemental

MC’s bff:

• just write him like his normal self if he isn’t affected by alcohol

• laughs at the drunk people making fools out of themselves

•"I didn’t know Kevin could be tolerable when drunk.“

• tries to take care of and keep track of the MC and her bf

• "Jessica, if you get on that table, you will fall, and I won’t help you.”

• basically the sober mother hen

As for part 2 of your question, I honestly have no idea because I’ve never been drunk before. I can’t even begin to guess.

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