Primary Research Practice: Friday Classes

Two years ago, the University of Denver added Friday classes in an effort to improve their image and stimulate educational growth in their students. When talking, Jake, Madi, and I agreed that none of this has been accomplished. So, despite the addition of Friday classes, does DU still remain a ghost town on these day?


In order to conduct our research, we knew that we were going to have to look at the target audience: DU students. We began with observations to reassure our hypothesis. On Thursday and Friday of last week, we observed the area in front of Sturm Hall. Many classes are taught in Sturm and it’s a popular place for tabling which attracts students. This is why we believed this area would act as a great sample of DU. We observed two different time frames (9:50-10:05 and 11:50-12:05) on each day to provide the best representation. These time frames are when classes switch causing the most people to walk by our observation area.

We wanted to conduct an interview with a DU student that often faces scheduling issues with Friday classes. For this reason, the person we chose was Hadley Michaels. She is a professional skier and full time student, so one can easily see where problems might arise. We wanted to ask her questions pertaining her attendance on Fridays and any conflicts she faces.

Our survey was a great way to collect information from people with different majors, schedules, and social lives. To do this, we utilized because it’s an effective way to survey through technology and remain anonymous. One piece of information we wanted to get out of the survey was the common reason for skipping. Is it due to kids going out on Thursday nights? Is is due to pure laziness? Also, we wanted to know if people are more likely to skip Friday class than any other day of the week. The last question we wanted to ask was opinion-based asking whether students would rather have more hours of class each day, but only for 4 days of the week or have less hours of class each day spread over 5 days of the week?


After conducting primary research, our survey, observations, and interview provided impressive results. Through our survey we found that most students will miss Friday classes due to their consumption of alcohol. Hangovers were the main reason why people missed their classes on Fridays. With 92.31% of people responding “too hungover,” it is prevalent that alcohol has a very high effect on students attending class on Fridays. Also attributing to this finding, Hadley Michaels commented on the fact that alcohol contributes to her missing classes when she said, ”I also like going out on Thursday nights which makes it more difficult to make it to Friday classes. ”

Another reason our survey participants were missing class on Fridays was because they were “too lazy”. 53.85% of the people who participated in the poll chose this answer, showing friday classes were not a strong priority for them. In addition, 100% of our students in our survey said they are more likely to miss a class just because it is on Friday.m

As we saw when observing Driscoll Green, there was much more student activity on Thursdays than on Friday. On Thursday, we observed upward of 500 students attending classes in Sturm and only 80 to 100 students attending classes in Sturm on Friday. Our survey showed that 86.67% of students would rather have more hours of class 4 days a week rather than the 13.3% who prefer having less hours of class each day spread over 5 days a week. Both of statistics showing that a vast majority of DU students would prefer not to have a class on Friday.


We noted some connections we made between our research and results. One of the main reasons Denver eliminated Friday classes was to “help curb student alcohol abuse, which the letter, dated May 7, states has lead to increased incidents of sexual assault,” according to the Denver Clarion. However, our survey shockingly proved that eliminating Friday classes didn’t actually solve the drinking problem with 92.31% of kids reporting they were too hungover for class. The problem grew when we discovered that 84.62% of students have missed at least one friday class this year. Maybe implementing Friday classes makes the school look better as a whole, but it clearly isn’t helping students.

Friday classes even have hindered student athletes like Hadley Michaels who stated, “Friday classes often interfere with my skiing competition schedule as well.” She went on to inform us that the school doesn’t even do anything to accommodate her when she stated, “For the most part they do not. It is really difficult for me to find the perfect schedule that doesn’t interfere with my professional skiing. Especially since I am an art major and there are less classes with even less time options.” This is clearly an issue because students on participating sports teams here at Denver not only receive help with their scheduling, but they also get to register early. So it makes sense that we found that nearly 50% of students have missed class on Friday for skiing, snowboarding, or outdoor activities.

So why are we implementing Friday classes if so many people are absent for them? A newsletter that all DU professors received two years earlier from Provost Gregg Kvistad regarding the implementation of Friday classes starting winter quarter of the 2014-15 academic year stated that students not having class on Friday roots to “a significant level of intellectual disengagement among our students for three of the seven days of the week and, in turn, a weakening of the University’s academic culture.” Well, congratulations! You went from zero students attending class on Fridays to 80 hungover students lazily crawling to classes that are half-empty when they arrive. Clearly not comparable to the nearly 500 students that were seen on a Thursday afternoon.

Although the school of Denver implemented Friday classes to restrict drinking and show visiting donors our school is not filled with “no signs of life, let alone a vibrant and intense academic community with people coming and going from classes, lectures or the myriad other activities we engage in during the rest of the week,” our research has proved the inverse. Thank you.

Stan x Reader: I'll Always Remember

You stood at the bus stop next to Kenny as usual, though you appeared to be thinking of something, stuck in your own world and staring into space, ignoring the argument between Kyle and Cartman about who was a bigger bitch. That is, unless someone were to follow your line of sight to see that you were stunned at Stan walking hand in hand with Wendy to the stop, standing right beside you. All talking ceased as everyone turned to look at Stan, who was giggling and whispering to his- new, again- girlfriend.

Cartman groaned, throwing his hands up. “Dude, seriously!?” Kyle could only cringe at the sight of them being together yet again, and Kenny was rolling his eyes, a harsh look on his exposed features. You merely cleared your throat and smiled politely at them, sticking your hand out for Wendy to shake. “Hey Wendy, what brings you here?” God you were trying so hard to be nice to this girl, I mean she had broken your best friend’s heart every other week since third grade, so it was kind of difficult for you.

You, however, would grin and bear anything if it made your friends happy.

Wendy smiled gleefully and with (fake) enthusiasm, shook your hand. “Oh, Stan wanted to walk with me to take the bus, since we don’t see each other enough!” She giggled and looked at Stan doe-eyed. Stan smiled bashfully and nodded. “Yeah, I thought it’d be a good change of pace, since, y'know, Wendy never takes the bus and I only hang out with you guys in the mornings, so I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

Cartman huffed. “Well, news flash for you two hippie fuckers, we do mind. Go make out with your whore girlfriend somewhere else, where nobody has to look at you gross faces.” Stan scoffed. “Just because you’re still stuck in third grade and you’re afraid of cooties doesn’t mean everyone else is, right?” Kyle shrugged, clearly not wanting to upset his super best friend, and Kenny looked ahead, not responding though clearly annoyed. You nodded. “Of course not, just ignore Cartman. You two are really cute together.” Okay, you were lying, you hated Wendy with a burning passion and you knew for a fact that the feeling was mutual, but you didn’t want to call attention to it because you also knew for a fact that drama was utterly annoying and exhausting.

Cartman said nothing more, but he looked at you as though you had just grown two heads. Kyle looked at you in a concerned manner and Kenny patted your shoulder sympathetically, shaking his head sadly. All three of them knew of your crush on Stan, but you threatened to cut off their balls if they ever told anyone and they knew you would do it. Cartman struggled, but complied anyways after you gave him a few bags of Cheesypoofs and an entire chocolate cake. (That you had to spend you allowance on, but you expected nothing less from Cartman.)

After the bus had rolled up and you had gotten to school relatively safely, you immediately headed to class, skipping any conversation or greetings and sitting at your desk, pulling out your phone to read some fanfiction before class started. As you had predicted though, a flash of purple caught your eye and you were forced to look up from your phone to view Wendy’s irritated expression. You blinked slowly, trying to think of what you might had done to upset the admittedly rash and overbearing, but still tolerable, girl in front of you. “Ye-” “Listen here, I don’t know what you’re planning by trying to act all sweet and innocent around Stan, but you need to stop. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the looks you give each other and the flirty ass way you talk to him.” She cut you off, huffing and glaring at you.

“Flirty- wh, Wendy I’m genuinely just trying to support your relationship, I swear I’m not planning anything, do I look like Cartman to you?” She looked as though she were thinking, hesitantly speaking again. “Well, you do hang out with him a lot, so I guess I just kind of figured…” You gave her a soft, reasoning smile, one that a mother would give her child, and placed a hand gently on hers. “I’m not like that girl, I’m not two faced, I promise. Why would I try to break apart two people who are happy together?” She paused for another moment, before nodding, and smiling at you. “You’re right. Let’s just… Be friends from now on, okay?” You grinned, and even though you didn’t really like her, you supposed you could make an attempt, and nodded. “Friends we are!”

She giggled softly, and then reached into her bag. “Well, since we’re friends, I can give you this!” She handed you a baby pink invitation letter. “Bebe and I are throwing a party this weekend at her house, since her parents are out of town working. Do you maybe want to come?” You checked the date and nodded, you had no plans ever so it wouldn’t really be an issue. “Of course- ah, that’s the bell. You should sit down before Mr. Garrison has a hissy fit. But I’ll definitely be there.” She grinned and gave you a thumbs up before heading back to her own seat, seemingly pleased with herself.


You had never regretted a decision more in your life. You had taken one step inside the house and already the music was hurting your ears with its volume, and the smell of alcohol and weed burned your nostrils. You figured that all you had to do was say hi to Wendy and then get the hell out of there though, so you grit your teeth and bared it, looking for those familiar locks of raven hair. However, before you could get to her, she was already in front of the stereo and the music had been turned off, mic in her hand and gathering everyone’s attention until they were completely silent. “Now, I know I told you guys I had a very special guest coming, right?” “Yeah!” Everyone else chorused. No, you didn’t remember that. An odd sense of dread filled your stomach, and you swallowed the lump in your throat. You had a feeling you already knew where this was going, and that you had just been tricked. “Well, here they are! (Y/n), come on up!” You slowly and silently stepped towards her. She was using her cheerleader voice. You hated that voice.

“Everyone, meet the gullible piece of shit who’s been trying to steal my man from day one! Bebe, if you will.” The blonde seemed hesitant, what with your paled, fearful expression, though she puled the rope she gripped in her palms anyways, and suddenly your vision was gone. You screamed hysterically, wiping at your eyes and looking down at yourself, half-sobbing half-trying to speak. Everyone else seemed just as shocked as you, and somewhat disgusted. Your eyes landed on Stan’s blue orbs, and you silently pleaded for him to stop her. Thankfully, he shook himself out of his stupor and turned to his girlfriend. “Wendy, stop, what the fuck are you-” “HEIDI!” The girl pulled another rope and your vision was once again stolen from you momentarily. Glitter and feathers covered you head to toe, and you were an emotional train wreck. Wendy was laughing, but nobody else was. They knew she could be mean, but this was going too far. Your friends who had shown up immediately rushed to your aid, trying to wipe everything off of you. Cartman complained about it the whole time, though he looked as worried as everyone else. Even those who didn’t know you existed asked if you were alright. Wendy scoffed. “Oh come on, we all know that was hilarious.”

Stan was frantically trying to comfort you, soothing words escaping his lips, telling you everything was alright. “Stan, don’t help them! Come on, babe-” “Don’t fucking call me that.” She flinched at the venom in his voice. “What do you-” “We’re done. For good this time.” Her violet eyes flashed with momentary hurt before narrowing in anger. “What the fuck ever, I didn’t need you anyways!” She tried to step over to Bebe, but the blonde only shook her head and walked towards you, apologizing repeatedly and telling Wendy to get off of her property. After assuring that Wendy was gone and you could at least walk, Stan gripped your hand tightly in reassurance and led you out of the house after letting everyone know he was taking you home and that he’d make sure you were alright. On the way, he never once let you go, and started talking about small things to help get your mind off of what had happened a few minutes before, understanding that you wouldn’t respond much. “You know, now that I think of it, I don’t know why I kept going back to Wendy. Maybe it was because I felt like she was the only person who’d always be there for me to turn back to. But… I think I realized something about a month ago. There’s this one person who’s always there for me no matter what, and…. doesn’t use me for popularity or to buy them new things. And today, just now actually, a thought hit me really hard. I’ve always known what little crushes felt like, but I’ve never experienced love before. And I think this might be it. I think I’m in love with them.”

Your chest tightened and you looked away, choking back a painful sob. Why was he telling you this? You knew he was just trying to help, but it honestly only worsened your foul mood. “Hey, don’t cry, did.. I say something bad…?” He paused for a long moment, and took in a deep breath, his features creased with anxiousness and worry. “Hey, (y/n)? Do you know what love feels like?” His grip on your hand tightened as you nodded, and he swallowed thickly. “I hope… I hope it’s when you’re around me. I know that- that this is kind of sudden and stupid of me to say, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get this chance again, so I… I want you to know that, I’m in love with you…” He trailed of, looking into your eyes. You don’t remember when you two had stopped walking, or when you had pulled him in, but you do remember the way his lips felt against yours, and the way the world had seemed to stop revolving for that one moment. You remember the way you two laughed together afterwards because the glitter had smeared all over Stan’s face and jacket, and the way that he had told you you two were matching now, and that you had never been so happy before in your entire life. You’ll always remember your first and last kiss.

And you’ll definitely remember Wendy’s face when you walked into the school together hand-in-hand and happy as you could ever be.


I had a lot of work I needed to do today, but instead got convinced to start a tumblr aesthetic parody blog called chopsaw and cheesypoof. It’ll update everyday for one week, which is about as long as I can actually commit to this stupid joke(and have posts queued for).