cheesy synopsis is cheesy


goodbye my love by james blunt
with Candice Accola and Kristen Stewart


Billie (Accola) and Clare (Stewart) are in love. Deeply in love. They’ve loved each other for four years now. They’re happy and nothing can ruin their relationship. Well, that’s what they thought until Clare finds Billie kissing another person… a guy. Billie has always been the one struggling with her sexualty, and Clare had to help her going through periods of doubt. She thought everything was okay now and she was fully assuming it. Clearly she was wrong…

She decides then to break up with Billie. Of course, for the blonde, it was just a mistake. A tiny little mistake which meant nothing. She will do anything now to tell Clare she loves her, more than anything, no matter how lost she was before. She knows now that Clare isn’t here anymore that she is the only one.