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“It seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”


Bucky BarnesAU! x reader

Summary: you are the unofficial editor of Bucky’s writings. One day, you discover, in his computer, a document with your nickname.

A/N: I hope you enjoy this writing; it was too much fun to write it!

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘I will be there at 5, Bucky.’

‘Ok, you know where everything is. And you know, you have total freedom to tell me what you think about these chapters.’

'There are no worst editors or literary critics than me, uh?’

'That is the reason why I don’t fear them, Y/N.’

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Send me a thing, Chanyeol, 6 and 10 request

Chanyeol was a great guy, you knew you got lucky when you met. You bumped into him when you got hired as staff for SM. You were hired as stage crew so you were responsible for helping the shows go off without a hitch, and by happy coincidence you were helping out at one of EXO’s shows when Chanyeol was having mic issues (thankfully it was during rehearsals so you could get the issue fixed pretty quickly)

You guys chatted for a bit when you set him up with a new headset. You told him that you dabble with guitar and he offered to help you if you need it.

He gave you his number and went off to finish rehearsals with a wink. You sent a quick message to let him know your number and went back to your work.

The show went off without a hitch and ended beautifully.

It took a while to concider asking for help, in fact, he messaged you about two weeks later to ask how the guitar was going.

You were so nervous that you dropped your phone when you saw the message, and it took you a second message from him, asking if you were available to talk before you responded with a quick “it’s going well, what’s up?”

And that’s where it all started…

It’s been almost a year and a half and you guys have been going strong. You haven’t gone public yet for obvious reasons, and work has kept both of you pretty busy, but you have managed to maintain a pretty good relationship.

You are getting ready for your stay at home movie date when you hear the familiar kakao chat notification. You take a minuet to finish towel drying your hair and pick up the phone.

Happy Virus - I’m so sorry y/n… The fan meeting seems to be going for a lot longer than we anticipated, it’s going to be a few more hours :(

You felt your heart drop when you read the message. You know he would never do anything to hurt you, but fan meetings were always the hardest to wait for. You know people will be flirting left and right with him, trying to get him to pay attention to only them.

At the 100 day mark you gave him a necklace, it was a very plain necklace, very basic. You told him he didn’t have to wear it because you knew fans tend to overreact about things, but you made sure to pick up a very easily accessible type so it look casual.

He almost never took it off. You had seen videos of fansigns because damn are fans ever fast to upload fansign events, but you saw him adjust it whenever fans got too agressive or in his face.

You had seen fan theories about it, but most people are quick to brush it off.

You send a quick reply

Y/N - it’s okay, don’t work too hard babe~ send me a message if you are still up for coming by when the signing is over!

You put your ringer on silent. It’s common not to get more than one message at a time when he is at fansigning, so as much as you wanted to keep talking, you know he wouldn’t answer.

You change into your sweats and t-shirt since there was no need to primp anymore and move out to the living room.

You grab a different movie from the one you planned to watch together.

“If I can’t have my date movie night, I can still have my own movie night.” you sigh.

About two-thirds of the way through the movie you pause to refill your drink and check your phone. Almost as if it was telepathy, “ka-talk”

Happy Virus - We finished up with the signing!! Still down for that movie? I know it’s a bit later than originally planned, but we only have a schedule tomorrow afternoon and I know you have the weekend off ;)

You smile, damn this boy; You know what that wink means.

Y/N - I’m still up for it! How soon do you think you can come over?

Happy Virus - mm probably about 40 min?

Damn, that will be almost midnight..

Y/N - oh.. Okay~ you sure you’re fine with that? That’s a long day for you…

Happy Virus - naw it’s fine! I haven’t seen you for more than a few minutes in the hall and I miss you <3

Y/N - you are so cheesy. I hope you know that~ I’ll see you soon.

Happy Virus - yeah, but I’m YOUR cheesy. You’re the only one who gets this side of me :3

Y/N - Uh-huh I have seen the videos mister, don’t think you can fool me with that lie xD

Happy Virus - y/naaaaaaaaame

You can practically see him pout; you’ve won this round.

Y/N - seriously question though you silly man, should I make popcorn?


Y/N - ?

Y/N - Chanyeol?

Happy Virus - Xiumin here, seems he fell asleep…  We are only about 10 minutes away from your place, he really wants to see you still so we might kinda shove him at you.

Y/N - ah.. But shouldn’t he sleep instead?

Xiumin - switched to my own phone to tell you this because I don’t want him knowing I told you… We had some kind of rude fans today… He really wants to see you, he kept fidgeting with the necklace, more then normal.

Y/N - but if he’s that tired we can put it off until tomorrow, I’d rather him sleep then feel like he needs to come here. I promise I will always be here… I would rather him take care of himself…

Xiumin - I know, and that’s why we like you for him. You put his needs before your relationship, but this time he needs you.

Xiumin - We are here by the way.

You hear a knock at your door.

You stand up and wipe the tear that tried to form when you read the last message.

“Doors open” you say, standing up walking towards it.

Xiumin opens the door and Sehun delivers a very sleepy Chanyeol to you.

“Y/N!” he says in that over hyper sleepy way.

“Thank you” Xiumin mouths. You nod, grabbing Chanyeols hand.

The door closes and you lead your sleepy man to the couch.

“Yeollie, you are so cheesy.” you sit down and let him rest his head on your lap.

“Why?” he lets out a sleepy sigh.

“You shouldn’t have come over if you were this tired. You need to sleep!”

“But I wanted to see you~” he pulls you down for a kiss.

“Yeollie please. You need to take care of yourself.”

“Y/N I wanted to see you, today wasn’t a good day. Fans were so aggressive, I’m glad I have you.” he says sleepily.

You sigh, running your fingers through his hair.

“And I’m glad I have you, you know this. But you know I can never have all of you, there is always going to be the you that the fans have. And you need to take care of that… You need to eat and you need to sleep.”

He hums.

“I’m serious Chanyeol.”

“Let’s put it this way,” he says opening his eyes to look into yours. “To me you are always exactly what I need. You know exactly what I need to hear on crappy days, you know how to make me happy just by being exactly who you are.” he grabs the hand you were using to play with his hair and holds it over his heart.

“Y/N… I have never felt this for anyone like I do for you. Please know that you are everything I need.” he stares at you.

“Chanyeol… I love you.”

“I love you too y/n. Now should we watch the movie?”

You lightly push his shoulder “No you dork, you need to sleep!” you laugh.

“Fine. But I need to cuddle you. So you gotta come to bed too.”

- End -

a different type of love II

yoo this was requested and i combined it with an idea i had so here ya go its super cheesy and gross and long 

like 4k words

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Hey! This is Stiles, you just missed me- you know what to do. 

The generic beep of the voicemail sounded loudly through the phone and you hiccuped in surprise at the noise, clearly not expecting it. A small giggle slipped past your lips at the hiccup which you wouldn’t have normally found funny but to put it lightly- you were drunk out of your mind. 

In your drunken state you were very easily distracted which you demonstrated as you nodded to a song that was playing your head, trying to remember why were you calling Stiles in the first place. As Stiles’ voicemail recorded your unusual and pitchy humming, you racked your brain to try recall why you were on the phone when it hit you: you had to tell Stiles you were in love with him. 

If you were in the least bit sober, you maybe would’ve had the senses to realize that this wasn’t a good idea (no matter how much you drunken mind was saying it was.) 

But, then again, sober-you didn’t have the sense not to drink that unattended bottle of gin when home alone, especially when you were feeling rather emotional about being in love with your best friend- smart definitely wasn’t the word to describe your decisions. 

And so, here you were: leaving drunk voicemail’s to your best friend who you were hopelessly in love with. 

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Home - 3

Jongyu, omegaverse, angst, pg, w/c: 2.4k, Part one, Part two, and can be read here on aff [x]

Jonghyun once told Jinki he smelled like home. When asked why he thought so he responded with, our house isn’t a home without you in it. Jinki just smiled and kissed him, because their home wasn’t made from the building around them or the things put it in. He agreed with one thing, his home was wherever Jonghyun was.

Jinki was gently adjusting the wildflowers in the clay pot on the table by the window when the voice behind him startled him, The flower in his hand fluttered onto the table as he rushed to turn around to see Jonghyun smiling as he repeated himself, “Are those for me?”

“Uh yeah-” Jinki swallowed the lump in his throat and gave a nervous smile, “You used to like when I brought them I thought -”

“They’re very pretty thank you.” Jonghyun softly smiles, big robe around his frame and hair damp.

“I was told you were bathing and I was just going to finish it and leave.” Jinki fidgeted with the flower petals, “I apologize for intruding.”

“Hey, wait,” Jonghyun was smiling when Jinki looked up at him, “I may not remember you, but… these are your cubs too. Stay.”

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PSA: SOMEONE LETHALLY CUTE IS READING THIS RIGHT NOW. you’re a fierce, irreplaceable celestial being and it’s a mystery how the universe came up with someone like you. storms will pass and you never have to go through them alone. i’m really proud of you, and im always here for you. i love you. ♡

Reason No. 3

A/N: Erm. So when I started writing this thing a couple weeks ago, I had completely different intention as to how it would end. 

The introduction implied a little more action, except the story took a whole different turn on its own. Sometimes they do that, ya know? You write them and then boom. You thought you had it all figured out and it just comes out surprising you. 

You know what? I’ll just let you guys read. Lol. 

P.S.: It’s my first time writing such a thing in this genre. So let me know what you think? :)

Reason No. 1 | Reason No. 2

“3rd Floor. On-call room. I promised I’d make it up to you. O.”

Amelia couldn’t wait to scrub out of there. She was literally running. If she could run faster without looking like a madman, she would. That text had been sent two hours ago. Edwards had read it out loud to the entire O.R. while she was on the process of dissecting a minimally invasive tumor to the peripheral side of an old man’s brain. She didn’t think it had been too “obvious” but everyone knew what on-call rooms meant in this hospital. She was sufficiently embarrassed during the operation, but not enough so that she couldn’t be excited for what was to come. She’d wanted to finish fast. 

The strain of the surgery though, it was too much for Mr. Peterson, and the whole thing had been touch and go. She’d had to call for Maggie who’d just finished up another surgery to monitor the heart just in case. This delayed the whole procedure for more than what it was supposed to. Delayed it for two hours to be exact. And right now, she was jogging for dear life down the hallways of the 5th floor hoping that Owen hadn’t left or given up on waiting for her.


So sudden was her head-whip, she almost got dizzy from the turn. “Arizona! Hi!”

“I need a consult. There’s a kid. Suffered a lesion to the spine doing one of those things kids do on the playground - she was arching her back, you know the way you go up onto the other side and try to be as flexible as possible and all that? Little girls a really mean these days and she was just trying to impress her frie–”

“Arizona!” Amelia interrupted, literally clamping her mouth with her hand.

“Yrmmm?” the other doctor mumbled under her palm.

“Is she dying?” she asked her bluntly.

Arizona hesitated with her answer, trying to figure out whether innocently lying about the urgency would get her the Neuro consult. Except the second she took to think about it, gave it all away, and by the time that she said her muffled yes under Amelia’s hand, it was all futile.

“I’m going to put my hand away now. I need you to stop and calm down for a minute,” Amelia said, slowly. “I cannot go–”

“But the kid! And her friend! And she has a lesion! I just need you to take a look at her for a sec–”

“Arizona!” she interrupted again, this time shutting her up with just one look. She wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, to be honest. “I will. Just not now! I need to go. I-I have something. Urgent! Yours will have to wait!”

“But she’s the sweetest little girl, you have to see her!”

“Yes, little girl. Sweet. Cute. Peds. Very cute. I just. I need to go!” 

She didn’t even wait for an okay. She’d tried being polite without sounding too dismissive, but she’d already broken into half a run towards the elevator. She’d barely heard Robbins calling out a faded “Later then!” as the doors closed.

It was like everything in the whole hospital had been working against them for the last 24 hours, it was not funny. But Owen had not forgotten about it, and no matter how much she’d wanted to kill him before, maybe she’d be able to have him make up for it by numerous times. The ride on the elevator made her antsy, still jogging in place, ready to sprint to claim her prize once she reached the third floor.

She knew exactly which on-call room it was. It would be the one at the very end of they hall, the quietest one. It must’ve been empty because it was usually the most frequented on-call room in the whole hospital. The General Surgery department was right there, and almost all the O.R.s. It was currently around 2 in the afternoon now, and he must have been waiting for her. Amelia had not had time to answer his message, or ask Edwards to write one for her (she could usually ask Edwards. They had a subtle understanding that she knew the resident would never ask the awkward questions concerning the both of them), since she’d thought she’d get to finish on time. Two hours was not something she’d expected.

Reaching the door, she paused for a bit, calming down her breathing. She’d sprinted. She guessed it was a good cardio warm up, but she’d rather look calm and collected and sultry, and maybe even a little pissed off that it had taken this long. Maybe a little pouting or drama would make him feel guilty about leaving her hanging this morning.

She turned the handle open, entering quietly into a dark room. It was calm and quiet, and she saw Owen’s figure lying down on the bed. He was snoring. Lightly.

He was asleep.

The man was asleep. 

She could physically hear the mental face palm she gave to herself. This was so not her day.

She could kill him. She could kill him. Smother him with the pillow. Strangle him with his own stethoscope. Physically torture him first and then kill him. Just the way he was torturing her emotions right now. There was no way. This was just not fair.

Because despite the fact that she wanted to commit murder right now, she couldn’t.

The man was just too adorable.

She took in the whole scene before her. His face was turned to her side, locks of coppery blond hair bordering on gold catching the light seeping through the windows. His body, large and powerful, was slumped on top of the bed, his front facing down. Shoulders lax, one arm was under the pillow while the other was on top of another one, creating a broad stance that made him much, much larger than life. He still managed to look commanding even when his guard was down, how was that even possible? She walked in closer, crouching down near the side of the bed to take a better look at him. The creases on his forehead disappeared when he went to sleep, little puffs of air escaping his lips as he breathed out. He was protective and strong and he just… slept

Owen was still in his scrubs, even though he should’ve gotten changed hours ago. His shift had ended at the same time as Mer’s, but he’d stayed the extra time to check on the post-op results himself. That task would usually be delegated to an intern or a resident, but he took the time to do this one himself. And then stayed to wait for her. Because he’d promised to. Even though he’d been completely exhausted. He could’ve just texted to tell her he’d gone home to sleep or asked to re-schedule for tonight. She would’ve still been mildly pissed, but at least he would’ve gotten some rest. 

But right now, in his current sleeping state, she just couldn’t bring herself to wake him. Amelia brought one hand over to his forehead, fingers tracing his hairline, lacing themselves over his hair, thumb softly rubbing a pattern over his temple. The movements made Owen sigh a tiny little sigh. Her frustration was not gone, it was still there. But it was more about the fact that the guy in front of her would probably be able to get away with much more than this in the future. He’d probably be able to forget anniversaries, leave a colored garment inside the washing machine with all her white clothing on, or leave the toilet seat up every single day, and he’d say sorry and she’d cave. Like a crumbling house, brick by brick. He did this to her. He made her want to kill him and not kill him at the same time. And as she looked at his face in the light, she just wanted to kiss him all over. She just loved the guy.

Amelia’s eyes widened.

She’d just said it in her head. Holy crap she’d just said it. 

After all this time, in that whole year that he’d been gone, she hadn’t thought her feelings were still this powerful. She’d just said it in her head, but it wasn’t painful, or terrifying in the way that she’d felt them before. When she’d first confessed to Derek, her body was screaming for her to run. Right now, she didn’t want to run. And it wasn’t because she was paralyzed with fear. No, she wanted to be there. Actually, all she wanted to do right now was be the pillow he was hugging. And the realization made her smile. The kind of smile that filled you all up inside and hurt your cheeks a lot after, the kind that you couldn’t stop either.

Making room on the single bed, she took the pillow away and put herself in his arms instead. 

Amelia Shepherd was in love with Owen Hunt. 

Maybe that would be reason enough not to kill him today. 

Sebastian Stan Request

Request: Could you do song fic with sebastian stan of the song let her go by passenger or all of the stars by Ed Sheeran. Thanks!!

AN: I chose to do All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran

~It’s just another night and I’m staring at the moon I saw a shooting star and thought of you~

Sebastian walked out onto his hotel room balcony and looked up at the stars. The full moon was the focal point of the sky and lit up the night life. He was currently filming in France and had been away from you for 2 months. Looking at the moon he remembered the date you two had together before he left for filming. You two went on a low key, late night, picnic in the middle of nowhere. Laying down on a blanket spread out in a field you both snuggled up to each other and looked up at the sky. “I’m going to miss you so much,” you said curling further into his side. He glanced at you.

“You remember those cheesy movies you made me watch with you for our 6 month,” he asked you.

You laughed at the thought, “Yeah, I remember.”

“When you miss me I want you to look at the moon,” he said in his best dramatic actor voice, “because when you look at the moon I will be too.” You met his gaze.

“Sebastian, you’ll be France; that’s almost 10 hours ahead of where we are now. The chances of the moon being up where we both are, at the same time, are slim. But, that was very romantic,” you kissed him, “and when I look up at the moon I will remember that you are too.”

~And I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home~

This wasn’t the first time that he had walked on his balcony and thought of you. After the first week he had been gone his work was hectic. Along with never having a moment to contact you you also had no time to get ahold of him due to your work. It had been almost 2 weeks by the time that you both finally got to talk over the phone. It was easy to hear your tears over the phone as soon as you both started talking. He tried to hold himself together because he knew that if he started crying over the phone that you would cry even harder. As soon as the phone call ended his tears flowed freely. The one thing he found solace in was knowing that you were looking at those same stars and that, soon, you would be looking at them together.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a knock at his door. He walked slowly to the door  and was surprised to see you when he opened the door. “What are you doing here?!”

“I couldn’t wait to see you any longer,” he pulled you in for a hug before you could finish and he didn’t think that he’d ever let you go from his arms.

~You were lying next to me I looked across and fell in love so I took your hand~

He looked at your sleeping figure that was laying against him in the plush bed. His heart strings tugged in his chest as he looked at you and remembered all the moments he remembered that he loved you. Just before he went to sleep he grabbed your hand and held it against his chest and for the first time in 2 months he slept soundly.


Inktober 12, 13, 14 & 15. It’s a story about Spamano. When they were little, they loved playing with each other. When they grew a bit older, they got angry with each other for the first time in Autumn. In Winter, Antonio confessed his love for Lovino and they became an official couple. Many years have passed, they finally can stay by each other’s side forever.

 I’m not always cheesy like this so it’s hard for me to write something beautiful ;-; I hope it’s not too difficult to understand ;D

Normal Morning-Derek Luh Imagine (Smutty)

A/N:Hope you guys like this imagine, Requests are open so let me know what you guys want and let me now what you think of this one,Thank You!!xx

“Baby” I roll over and see Derek awake “what Derek” he pulls me so I’m now lying on top of you “I need cuddles but morning my baby” I laugh into his chest “your so cute” I pressed my lips to his “I know” “shut up” I sit up “are you in the studio today” “yeah but not till late so I’m yours all day” “your mine all the time” “I know baby but what do you want to do today” “umm I was going to go shopping but I can’t be bothered anymore” “wow can’t be bothered for shopping something’s wrong, you just want to stay in bed all day” “ha ha very funny, of course that’s sounds so good” I press my lips to his again “I love you baby” “I love you too”

 I got up off of Derek “where you going baby girl” “to get something to eat you coming” “of course” he gets up and runs past me slapping my ass on the way “HEY” I shout as he is now in the kitchen “lets make pancakes I will make them and you just sit down and stay sexy” “I don’t know if I should let you cook” “that’s why you are going to sit on the side and help me” he smiles a cheesy green I hop on the counter and tell him how to make them “I can’t believe you haven’t made pancakes before Derek were you being serious?” “No I like it when you tell me what to do especially when your in your lingerie”

 we finish eating and start to go back upstairs “Derek where are my sweats” “nah ah baby you look so good in that” “I thought you liked me in sweats” “I do you look fucking sexy in sweats but damn girl you looking fine in that you know it’s my favourite colour” “I know that’s why I’m wearing it” “your such a tease” he crashed his lips to mine bringing his hand around my waist pulling me closer he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist he leans down placing me on the bed not breaking the kiss I move back and he grinds down making me moan into his shoulder “damn baby” he pulls of his sweats along with my underwear leaving us naked as he trails kisses down my body to my heat his tongue hits my core and he starts to get to work I run my hands through his hair “Derek I’m I’m I’m close” I said fumbling my words he stops immediately and smirks up at me he comes back up places his lips into my neck, he lines himself up and thrust slowly in, the thrusts start of slow gaining paste as I scratch down his back as he continues to suck and bite at my neck “I’m close” I say “me too” we both release our juices filling the room with our moans. Derek pulls out “that was so damn good baby I’m so lucky” he kisses me again “I love you too baby”

if you’re ever sad just imagine tos and aos kirks getting drunk and singing karaoke together

Full Confession:

Maybe it’s just me, but after marrying Candace in Animal Parade, I found just how much I could relate to her. The things she says, post-marriage, seem a little on the cheesy side, like, “You don’t regret marrying me, do you?”, and other things, along those lines. However, I didn’t find it weird or ridiculous that she says stuff like this - I feel pretty much the same as her, in terms of insecurity, and having to constantly second-guess myself. I’m in a relationship right now (which is going well, all things considered), and, while I don’t really voice it, I feel (essentially) the same, from time to time. Considering that I courted Candace on a deductive-basis (I mean, I chose her out of a few other singled-out bachelorettes), I ended up absolutely loving her character, and don’t regret marrying her at all. It’s not really weird to feel like the weaker or less-important one, I think - I think it’s just a matter of getting along with your spouse/partner and working together to help each other.


I can’t believe I worked so hard on such a cheesy concept. 

It all started w/ me wanting to draw one sided shinizu (shinkai->izumida cuz the other way around is too obvious lol) but then sketching it down… iT WAS IMPOSSIBLE LOL cuz In my mind, Izumida is completely in love with Shinkai so… here we are! 2 for 1 deal + an extra helping of shoujo cuz it’s in my roots lol 

I honestly still can’t believe I used to like drawing comics when I was 15/16 this takes so much time and energy out of my old soul =w=; 

Hidden Desire

Be warned, “keep reading” is dangerous.
Asianfanfics: V - Hidden Desire

“I never knew our parents are good friends.” You started speaking as you felt the atmosphere getting awkward from the moment you opened your door to let someone in you didn’t expect that it could be Taehyung, your classmate or more like the one you like. “Yeah…” He replied.

You stared at him with slightly opened mouth as he showed up with a messy hair but it somehow looked elegant on him with his black sweater and a noticeable white, long polo and a baggy dark coloured pants that perfectly suited him. This is the first time you saw him on those kinds of clothes and his hair style since at school it would be held up but either way he’s still handsome.

You opened the door wider to let him in and you closed the door after he got inside. “So where are our parents again?” You asked as you led him towards the living room. “They’re out of town and they’ll be back three days from now…” He replied and you just nodded while a big smile forms on your lips. “You have Taehyung for yourself! Be jealous girls!” Your mind yells.

“Did you eat already?” He asked you as he took a seat on the couch and you followed. “Yeah, I already ate. What about you?” You asked him referring to something else. “I’m done.” He answered. “I didn’t ask about that. What about telling me something about that hairstyle and that…” You said as you point at his clothes.

“This is how I look all the time when we don’t have school.” He replied and you just nodded. You shifted a little to find the remote and once you had it in your hands you open the television. You watch silently with him for more than an hour already, it’s not awkward since he’s a classmate of yours but you feel uncomfortable because you like him and he’s alone with you. “Teenage hormones…” You whispered lowly for yourself causing Taehyung to look your way. “What did you say?” He asked.

“Nothing… Just that ‘HD’ on the side of the TV screen…” You tell him. “Oh… It could mean ‘High Definition’ or ‘Hidden Desires’. I suppose.” He said. “What about you? What’s your hidden desire?” You asked unconsciously and when you realized what you asked you pursed your lips to act as if you were not shock with your questions.

“I don’t have a reason to tell you…” He replied and you just glared at him. You texted your closest friends “V and Hidden Desires” then they replied to you with “Ask him, who did he gave his virginity to.” You mentally slapped yourself for your friend.  After five minutes, your phone is ringing non-stop and you just want to kick their faces after the summer vacation. “Answer it… It’s really annoying.” Taehyung said while rolling his eyes at you.

“Let me have a guess on who’s calling you…” He started. “Well, it couldn’t be your boyfriend since you have NO BOYRFRIEND SINCE BIRTH.” He said in a teasing tone. You looked over to him and glared at him before throwing lots of cushions to his way and he dodges them all. “How’d you know that?” You asked in an irritated tone. “That’s my secret.” He says before throwing his head back.

“Just answer it.” He suggests. You were too irritated. “I don’t want people bothering me to ask you who had your virginity!” You yell at him. He looked over you with his what-the-fuck facial expression. “See? You also got annoyed with the question.” You tell him. “But seriously, it wouldn’t harm you if you’d answer it right?” You asked with a big grin on your face.

You kept annoying him for the next 30 minutes. “Will you just sleep it almost 10.” He said as he tries to push your face. “I will if you’d give me the answer already.” You said. He stares at you for a little while before looking back at the TV screen. “I’m a virgin.” He whispered lowly just enough for you to hear him.

You kept silent for a little while, shocked that the school’s heartthrob never done it before. You started laughing loudly while rolling on the floor, holding your stomach as it hurts when you laugh your heart out. “Oh my goodness, I need to tweet this on Twitter and post this as a status on Facebook!” You yell happily. You were about to grab your phone but he already have it, you didn’t have the energy to fight for now and so you just continued to laugh at his face.

“Look who’s talking…” He whispered to himself while looking at your redden face because of laughing so hard. “Shut up and stop laughing, you’re like me too.” He said; his face all flustered.  “At least I have a valid reason why but you? You had lots and lots of exes already but still….” You didn’t have the chance to finish off as you start to laugh again.

“Should I shut you up?” He asked you but you didn’t respond because you still haven’t gotten over what he confessed. You sat on the couch while covering your face and continued laughing. “Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of it tonight and you won’t laugh at it again.” He said rolling his eyes before moving closer towards you.

You didn’t feel him moving closer since you were still on your own world, laughing so hard. He got your wrists and pulled it down on your sides before leaning down to touch your lips with his. You got fell silent and just stared at his really close face to yours. “What a-are you –“You try to object but you only gave him the opportunity to shove his tongue inside your mouth.

You felt weaker when he started massaging your tongue with his. Your heart starts to beat faster at his action but you only find yourself kissing him back. The make out lasts for 5 minutes but you pulled away once you felt his hand on top of your chest. “Eh? Are you really going this far? I was only kidding.” You said but he just smiled at you and nodded.

He connected his lips once again with yours before biting your lower lips to ask for entrance. You opened your mouth a little and he pushed his tongue inside your mouth, he explores runs his tongue along your teeth before swirling his with yours. He pulled away and gently traces your jaw line with his tongue while he slowly massages your breast with his hand.

Taehyung’s kisses got wetter any second as he runs his tongue on your neck. He bites down lightly before sucking making you moan lowly. As he continues kissing your neck, biting and licking it you gasp for air desperately as he makes you breathless.

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Sorry for the picspam, but I found these notebooks/journals on TKMaxx (TJMaxx in the US) and wanted to share because omg, look at these beautiful covers. ♥ Seriously, there were at least 30 I could’ve happily taken home. Ok, some of these quotes are a bit on the cheesy side, but flowers + gold details are usually a yes for me. (Un)fortunately most of the time the pages were a disappointment: lines too thick/dark in stupid colours. I usually prefer the lines not to be a feature, so I go for very faint ones in grey or blue. But nonetheless, notebook cover eyecandy. ^__^