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Ok folks you’ve seen McCree flirting with a confused Hanzo but get this. Hanzo relentlessly flirting with McCree and being so damn smooth that McCree can’t do anything except furiously blush and stutter as he’s swept off his feet

What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: Our family celebrated Christmas today, which in and of itself created more smiles than I can count, from brunch at our house where I gorged myself on cheesy potato casserole, to dinner at my grandfather’s where I gorged myself on mashed potatoes with gravy. The whole day, however, included an extra layer of Happy throughout many of our interactions, and this is why: this past Friday, it was announced that the FDA had officially approved the FIRST-EVER treatment for SMA. What this means for me, and thousands of other kids and adults, is that we now have real hope of significantly slowing the progression of our disease. In clinical trials, children with even the most severe forms of SMA achieved milestones such as sitting upright and walking. It’s a truly incredible moment in history. For someone my age, who has already experienced years of muscle wasting, it’s uncertain what kind of strength I could potentially regain, but even if I was able to chew with a little more ease or breathe a little more confidently, it would be life-changing. I’ll have more to write in the coming weeks/months, but for now I’ve got a great big smile on my face. Hope is a powerful emotion.

Monday: We celebrated Christmas with the other side of our family today, so it was another lovely day full of laughter and food. There’s a stray cat that has taken to visiting my Nana’s house, and she (Nana has named her Nosey Rosey) stopped by during our gathering. My cousin, Luke, who is almost two years old, watched the kitty through the back door with eyes full of wonder, repeating to anyone who would listen, “Cah! Cah! Cah!” as if he was making a big discovery. It made me smile.

Tuesday: Andrew and I went grocery shopping tonight, and unbeknownst to us, the particular grocery store we chose closed at 7pm. Once we finished shopping and made our way to an annoyed-looking cashier, it made sense why all the lights had gone out and the store was empty. Whoops! It made me smile.

Wednesday: My brother and I stopped at a local diner for a quick dinner before we drove to Philly to pick up Hannah from the airport (smile!), and during our meal, a couple stopped by our table to introduce themselves. They said they have been long-time followers of our nonprofit, and they remembered seeing me cruising around the streets of Bethlehem as a little kid. It’s always nice to meet people who follow our work and my writing. Shortly before we left, our waitress came over and said, “Well, I would bring you your check, but that couple from before has already paid it.” It made both of us smile! If the couple who paid for our meal reads this, thank you so much!

Thursday: Hannah and I took a mini trip to visit her hometown in Connecticut today! We drove through torrential rain and fog for the entire drive, but along the way, we stopped at the Norwalk Aquarium where my Uncle John, who is the Curator of the aquarium, gave us a behind-the-scenes tour. Being above the shark tank made me smile, but I was not allowed to swim with them, which was a bummer.

Friday: I ate at IHOP for the first time in my life this morning, and now I finally feel like a true American. Cheesy tomato soup and eggs benedict made me smile.

Saturday: During our New Year’s Eve festivities, we played a game called Taboo where you have to describe a given word to your teammate without using any of the five “taboo” words. For example, try getting someone to guess the word “dog” but you can’t use the words “animal,” “pet,” “bark,” “woof,” or “canine.” Got it?

During one of our turns, I began describing to Hannah: “He was a guy who figured out how things…” and with some sort of insane mind-reading ability, she immediately guessed “Charles Darwin,” which was correct. I was in awe, and it made me smile.

What made you smile this week?