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Transference (M) – Chapter 06

cr. [X]

Summary: After experiencing one of the worst days of your life, you face difficult truths about yourself while under Hoseok’s facilitation.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 13,167

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, BDSM, shibari, dom/sub roleplay, profanity.

A/N: This chapter is going to hurt.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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  • going through reblogs of ur posts and reading all the tags to see if anyone complimented your handwriting 
  • “no no procrastinating is okay see this is different this is studyblr so it’s educational therefore it’s all good that I spent 5 hours on tumblr and now I’m not going to finish my final essay" 
  • zooming in on photos to read people’s notes 
  • quietly googling terms used in other education systems (gymnasium? revisions?) 
  • wanting to get a white desk/sheets just so you can take artsy pictures 
  • let me just stand in the middle of the moleskine store and take 500 pictures 
  • realizing that almost everyone in the community is a ravenclaw (GO EAGLES !!) 
  • *feels like a regular Sherlock Holmes after painstakingly figuring out what brand pen that is* *sees price* *cries internally* 
  • *is aggressively artistically challenged* *teaches self to draw banners anyway* 
  • at the end of the day, feeling v loved and supported and accepted (where you may never have been before) in this oddball community of fellow dorks and motivated students *cheesy music, fades to black*

 Things calm down after 3a, and when Stiles graduates he & Derek leave BH and make some good memories.  Stiles keeps a scrapbook of polaroids with silly captions on them, because of course he does. Derek secretly loves the idea but grumbles about it because Derek.

Movistar asked some riders about their favorite songs…

(Dani said he listened to this a lot the year he broke both his ankles, when recovering from injuries and OMG DANIEL YOU TINY CHEESY MAN I’M CRYING)

A coffee shop romance

This is a meet-cute ohmtoonz oneshot inspired by @cuddlysmii7y ‘s post about Ohm being a hot 30yr Dog Dad. 

I hope you all enjoy :)

Luke has a problem. A very gorgeous, and distracting, problem.

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ok so i was browsing through old art while despairing over smth i’m currently drawing and i found this?? ??? and i hadn’t realised i never uploaded this omfg…

done for the tw mating games thing last year!!! i don’t…remember what the theme was rip

anonymous asked:

Based on someone else's high school au, I like to think that zenyatta is the school's guidance counselor and because of his issues at school Jamie gets sent to his office a lot. His office is decorated with a mix of asian meditational items and cheesy, lame, motivational posters

since zeny is a student in this au consider him wanting to help other students so much that he makes his own office in the janitor’s room where he does the job of a guidance counselor

Dating Iris West Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Being the most adorable couple around
  • Always holding hands
  • Iris always kissing your cheek in public
  • Being the only one able to make Iris laugh during a dark time
  • Thinking her smile is the most beautiful thing in the world
  • And Iris thinking the same about you
  • Stealing each other’s makeup
  • You reading every single one of Iris’s articles thoroughly
  • And praising her all the time
  • “Seriously! You’re amazing. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever read. You’re gonna be a huge journalist one day.”
  • Supporting each other’s dreams and goals
  • Giving each other cheesy motivational speeches
  • And getting even more of them when you met Barry
  • Finding out Iris knew the Flash pretty early in the relationship
  • But not meeting them until a few months in
  • “Barry! You’re the Flash! I should’ve known!”
  • Having a lot of fangirl moments when you met them all
  • “Oh my god, Wally! Iris, why didn’t you tell me that your brother was Kid Flash?”
  • Wally, Cisco, and Caitlin shipping you two
  • “Iris, never let her go. I want her as a sister.”
  • “Let’s a shot every time Y/N and Iris do something disgustingly adorable.” “Cisco.” “You’re right. We’ll be hammered in minutes.”
  • Quickly becoming a part of Team Flash
  • But Iris being cautious because she doesn’t want to lose you
  • “You just can’t tell anyone that you know the Flash, okay? You can’t let it slip out. I don’t want any reasons for an evil metahuman to try to get to you.”
  • Both of you getting very overprotective, very easily
  • Iris getting jealous surprisingly easy
  • If a guy ever made a rude comment about either of you on the street, the other would go off
  • Always having your arms around each other
  • Iris loving to sit in your lap
  • Lots of cuddling
  • And cute kisses
  • Which always sometimes lead to hot makeout sessions and sex
  • Barry being jealous of your relationship
  • “Oh. They’re kissing. Great.” “Just be happy that Iris found someone.” “You’re right, Joe. But… still.”
  • Joe loving you like his own
  • Having lots of family dinners at the West house
  • Always getting questioned about when you’re going to get married
  • Wally lowkey wanting to plan the wedding
  • Telling each other that you love each other all the time
  • You couldn’t go one day without telling Iris that you loved her
Day Six Hundred Forty Six.

i string words together
to paint pictures of you
so the whole world can see
that you are one of the few
who truly cares 
who is sweet and so kind
darling i’m so lucky
that you are all mine

According to You (part 3)

Words: 1.9k

Summary: You tell Misha your story to help him understand your situation with Paul.

Warnings: Angst, past character death, feels, cheesiness

A/N: Feedback motivates my writing muse, so an extra thank you to everyone that leaves some. If you’d like to be added to my tag list, just shoot me an ask or DM because Tumblr doesn’t always notify me of comments and reblogs.

Misha is single in this series and, as always, not hate or disrespect towards Vicki or their family.


As you dried off inside you tried to reason with yourself that this wasn’t a big deal. Misha didn’t even know the whole story. It was true that Paul had a temper sometimes; but it wasn’t always bad.

You had hoped that Misha would react the way most people do in these situations; avoid the uncomfortable conflict. A sadness washed over you at the thought of Misha avoiding you; it had been a while since you had any friends and you had gotten fairly close to him.

Sighing, you pushed the sadness to the back of your mind. You never got to keep friends for very long anyways, so why would Misha be any different. He probably just awkwardly wandered home and is trying to pretend you didn’t exist anymore.

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You’re only human, okay?

I know this sounds incredibly cheesy by now, but I think some people forget this, and I want to remind you of them. Because it is important.

You’re only human.

You know what I mean by that?

It means there’s so many things you alone can accomplish. Look at the list of things we humans have done so far. We’ve created electricity. We’ve traveled to the moon and down in to the depths of the sea. We found new creatures - we’ve destroyed creatures.

You’re a walking potential.

What I also mean is that you’re not perfect. And that’s fine. It’s okay. Your imperfection is what people love about you; what I love about you.

What does it also mean to be human?

Well, zillion years ago, there was a collision, creating an expansion of universe of time and space. There were millions and billions of stars, and in the creation of us, our parts had to come from somewhere. And where did that all come from? From the beginning of time. Stars.

Therefore you’re made out of stars. Your body contains star dust. YOU are one with the cosmos.

You’re greater than you see yourself to be. Don’t forget that. No matter how insignificant you feel, how disgusting and atrocious you feel your existence to be, remember this; Everything that made you to be who you are is not the physical act of a man and a woman to have sex. You are the product of the infinite galaxy, another star waiting to be light up. 

You are crazy amazing

You’re made out of matter. Therefore, YOU matter.