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Tianshan Week Day 5 One Day. I named it after the song I listened to. “All is violent, all is bright”.

Sorry for missing out yesterday but I put all my feelings and effort into this one. This instrumental inspired me for the scenery.

I feel like He Tian would dress like a total pimp later while Guanshan stays with his bomber jackets or warm winter jackets (bought by He Tian and the devil personified refuses to take anything for it in return *cough* Maybe Momo’s soul, but that’s a different story *laughs*)

It’s so dumb because everyone and their grandmas saw Suicide Squad just because of the BIG NAME CELEBRITIES in the movie , the action, and maybe the sound track and it was literally just a movie that was made just for the money and had racist stereotypes but when Power Rangers (2017) has a diverse cast and never assigned a specific race to any of the characters BC ppl are more than stereotypes and they really invested time into developing the characters and ppl dont care ? High key when do u ever see a cool flirty Chinese character like that (when y'all kno the stereotype is that they’re supposed to be awkward and nerdy) or a Black autistic teen that all of his friends love and respect or a Gay Latina superhero, or an Indian character who isn’t restricted by any stereotypes and kicks ass like bro …this movie is a gold mine, when are u ever gonna see characters like this? And the message is that all these teens who experience life differently and better together. Everyone loves a good story abt misfits becoming friends and begs for diversity and yet? Ppl aren’t watching it BC Trini “isn’t gay enough “n don’t understand how a franchise works bc they’re not gonna put all character development in the first movie and like she was questioning her sexuality and has homophobic parents, she’s not gonna automatically be all out and that’s okay u freaks. Its realistic and ppl say they don’t care abt diversity BC "its power rangers” as if y'all never was into power rangers ever and don’t care abt every other superhero movie that kids enjoy smh

I can’t believe it. I got to 3.7k ♥
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Hey guys - just doodled this as a positive reminder and pick-me-up!

Things can get dumb and tough and suck - in a myriad of ways and on a variety of levels. And it’s A-Okay to not feel happy 100% of the time! Because that’s impossible dude! You gotta feel what you gotta feel, but always know that WE GOT THIS! Because - believe it or not! - folks are rooting for you! And I’m rooting for you! And you should be rooting for you too! You’re doing great so far! There’s no rush!! Be really proud at how far you’ve come!! You’re a prizefighter of your own destiny dude! Of your heart and your love!! Things might be hard and things will get tough, but we got this - I know we do! Keep rolling guys!! <3 <3 <3

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! Although it’s been a while, this will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university :)


I wish I had known that there’s a lot more work that you can binge in university. It is super easy to fall into the trap of leaving everything to the last minute. Revise regularly and finish all your recommended reading. The workload is a lot more than I ever faced in my final year of high school, and somehow I did get used to doing more in a shorter period of time. 

Keep up with your tutorial homework. Especially for subjects for maths, I can’t stress this enough, especially since this was the one of the causes of my subpar grades the first semester of uni. Even if you have to stay up late to finish it, I’d suggest that you do it. Because if you don’t finish it this week, you’ll just have more to do next week. 

Make study notes for everything at first. To be absolutely honest, there are a lot of subjects where you don’t end up needing study notes all that often. But I’d suggest making notes for everything the first week, because very often I’ve done notes for a subject, decided that I didn’t need any, then regretted it later on in the semester when there was too much to study. If you’re a notes person, make notes for everything. 

That being said, know that you can’t write notes for everything forever. Sure, first and second year you can. But keep in mind that notes are time consuming to make, and tbh not the most optimal way to get the most information into your mind in a short time. It’s good for when you’re trying to learn each and every thing in a subject, like in high school for your HSC for example, but in uni, it’s better to understand concepts and memorise big picture things at the end of the day. 

Learn as much as you can in class. Skim through the lecture notes before class, and write down any questions, but you basically want to understand the concepts in class. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, try and ask the teacher and follow up on it at the end of the class if there’s not enough time for questions. Try your best to follow what’s happening at the moment it happens. 

Revise regularly. The reason for this is so that you can change the shape of the forgetting curve. This is the number one easiest thing to procrastinate, because it is probably the hardest to do regularly. I find it easier to set aside one large chunk of time to revise, even though it’s not optimum. The reason is because if planning one hour a day to revise, it’s usually at the end of the day after all your homework is done… and homework almost always runs over the time that you set aside for it. In addition to that, you want to avoid having to write anything new in that session, so make sure you have your study notes already done

Don’t forget who you were in high school. I can’t count the number of people who have studied their hardest in high school and scored ATARs of 95+ and yet completely bum around in uni, and don’t seem to care as long as they pass the course. Idk, personally, it’s just not an aesthetic that I would want myself to have; you tried that hard in high school, was it just a means to an ends? Now that you’re in your dream course, it suddenly doesn’t matter if you can’t make heads or tails of it? My cheesy message is: You made it! Celebrate it! Embrace it! Love learning it! Evolve and develop your mentality for university now that the goals are not a 99.95 ATAR, but a goal of your own choosing. 

Explore new methods of note taking. There is a plethora of information concerning lecture note taking, writing summary notes, and specifically for university too. Or try your own thing. I personally am someone who likes taking notes in red font on my lecture slides - any explanations or emphases that are expressed are highlighted, without missing anything while typing up the main points. And I don’t bother to rewrite things in my own words, as long as I understand a concept; I know this is heavily emphasised as a good way to take notes in high school (in almost all the note making tutorials I’ve read), but in uni you don’t have the luxury of time. Lecture notes usually are anywhere from 3 to 6 A4 pages per hour of study notes, so it’s unfeasible when you have 8 hours of lectures a week. Try something different!

Do a brain dump on paper. My friend swears by this method. You go to a lecture, and straight afterwards write down everything you remember from that lecture right there and then. Then the day when you sit down to study it, do the same thing. The amount of things you’ve forgotten will be in plain view, which gets you to put the hard yards into memorising. Do the brain dump again once you’ve finished everything to check that you’ve memorised more than you did that initial brain dump. 




45 Days - A Valentine's Drabble

Author: @2momsmakearight

Rating: Teen

Summary: it’s been 45 days since he kissed her for the first time.

Notes: I literally just busted this out as a one-shot. The tense bothers me and clearly there isn’t a beta. It’s crap. But I hope you enjoy!! Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s been 45 days since he kissed her in that emergency room with Dick Clark’s voice echoing quietly in the back of his mind….

The television had aired men brave enough to kiss their best girls on live television so surely kissing his best friend should be easier than he was making it. But even still, as the confetti fell in showers down upon the locked lipped lovebirds on the screen, the moment was upon him, and the room closed in around him.

Before he could second guess himself, he’d leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a kiss far more chaste than he had ever envisioned. But she was soft and warm, and his belly had burned in that delicious sensation he had all but forgotten about.

It’s been 45 days since he kissed her for the first time, and 45 days since he kissed her for the *second* time too, when he’d pressed her gently against his door frame as his keys dangled from her fingertips, and his arm had been bound in a sling.

Could he still count that one in his column if she was the one who’d instigated it, and did it really matter when it had finished with his one good hand gripping the flesh of her ass, and her soft moans filling his mouth?

It’s been 45 days since he’d kissed her for the first time, and 44 since he wiped the nervous sweat from his forehead (blaming it on the faulty heat - those damn government pipes) and asked her on a date. A proper date. With table cloths and linen napkins, and if he was lucky maybe he’d get another kiss at the end of the night.

He had been a lucky man that night…

When he cupped her face to kiss her adieu at her door, wanting to taste the sweet wine on her lips he was certain would linger there, their tongues met, and her body had seemingly melted into his. Just as he was about to ask if he could come inside, Mrs. Goodville from next door had interrupted their moment with a stern reminder: “the Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight, Dana.”

She’d pulled away with a soft snort, and a deep blush, nervously avoiding the eyes of her busybody old neighbor as she brushed non-existent lint from his chest. When the 86 year old woman chose to remain standing in her doorway instead of leaving the two of them to resume their public display of affection, Scully had looked up at him with eyes both apologetic and disappointed, and with a long sigh, he kissed her hand and bid her goodnight.

It was only on the way home that night, that he realized his raging case of blue balls had actually been a blessing in disguise. He could court her. Woo her. He’d waited seven years, and after all of this time they were finally moving in a direction faster than continental drift. That was something. With a toss of his keys in the air, and extra skip in his step, Fox Mulder had fallen asleep that early January night with the image of her blushing cheeks in his mind, and the scent of her perfume clinging to his shirt.

It’s been 45 days since he kissed her for the first time….

…and January turned out to be busier than he had expected. Paperwork and consults had filled the normally quiet month with days spent completely apart from her. She’d gone off to consult on a triple homicide in Oahu of all places, leaving him behind in snowy, chilly Washington, and he’d caught himself lifting his head to tell her something at multiple points in the day, only to be reminded of her absence.

He’d called her one night while she was gone…and for the first time in seven years, he didn’t want to talk about work. He’d wanted to talk about her. For three hours they spoke about nothing and everything all rolled up in the little details the make her *her*.
About her favorite holiday: Christmas, obviously. Favorite dessert: mint chip ice cream. Favorite flower: yellow roses, like Nicky Arnstein gave Fannie Brice. Favorite childhood memory: vacation in the family station wagon up the coast of California. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate. Obviously. Silly question, Mulder. Sunrise or sunset? Depends who with. Interesting…

He’d be lying if he said his stomach hadn’t fluttered with that last one.

Softly, he’d told her that he’d like to see both with her one day. Of course he’d already seen both with her in various capacities, but this was different now…so very different.

It’s been 45 days since he kissed her for the first time, and 6 days since he’d greeted her at the airport with a dozen yellow roses, and a sheepish grin. He held her hand in the car on the way to her apartment that night, and had spent the evening curled up on the couch with a single pint of ice cream and dueling spoons, “Funny Girl” in the VCR, and maybe the promise of a sunrise together…

She’d made it to 12:24 before her eyes dropped, and she’d curled softly into his side. He told himself he’d only watch her for two minutes. Two minutes of watching her breathe deeply. Two minutes of watching her face relax as her eyelids twitched in sleep. Two minutes. Just two minutes.

At 1:17 he’d laid her carefully in her bed, pulling the covers over her exhausted body with a lingering kiss on her forehead, and the swelling words about people needing people whispering in the back of his mind.

42 days after he’d kissed her the first time, he got to kiss her again. Was it the fifth, sixth, or one-hundredth time, he couldn’t recall. With an empty bottle of wine between them, and case files strewn to the side he’d pressed her into her carpet and tasted the skin of her neck for the first time; felt the swell of her breast burn into his palm for the first time.

So many firsts still left to be discovered.

It’s been 45 days since he kissed her for the first time, and he finds himself standing in front of the display at the drug store, red and pink swarming his vision in muddled hues of brown to his color-blind eyes. The styrofoam cups balance precariously in his hand as he steps around the fray of frantic men picking over the remnants of the remaining cards, pulling the dying petals from the runt pickings that still remain in the black plastic pails.

With a knowing smile he pays the clerk for their coffee, pulling a red stemmed rose from the impulse-section at the register, and shuffles back to the running car where she greets him with a reproachful shake of her head. Girls are supposed to like red roses on Valentine’s Day, Scully.

“Mulder, Valentine’s Day is a contrived holiday by the greeting card and chocolate companies, meant to reduce the idea of romantic love to one special day full of Mylar balloons, chalky candy hearts and cheesy messages on cards,” she tells him with a lift of her brow.

He shoots her a smile as he keeps his eyes focused on the red light in front of him. “Can’t a guy buy his girlfriend a flower no matter the day?”

The light turns green. And her cheeks turn pink.

He catches her smelling the rose four times on the six minute drive back to the FBI building 45 days after he kissed her for the first time…

Not that he was counting.

dating calum would include:

- sharing headphones on every car ride
- post workout mirror selfies
- pet names including “angelface” “babe” and “gorgeous”
- “my next tattoo is gonna be your initials”
- him always having some contact with your butt
- late night deep talks about your future together, your ambitions, and goals
- you being the only person he really opens up to
- him sometimes becoming distant due to jetlag, stress, and just being busy
- but you’re always there for him to come back to
- always taking your showers together because he insists on “"saving water”“
- him walking around the house naked a lot
- you both sleeping naked but not because you had sex just because you like to admire each others bodies and he loves how you’re so comfortable around him
- you always tracing his tattoos when you cuddle
- hot makeout sessions before shows to get him pumped up
- him writing you cute songs while he’s on tour and sending you videos of him singing them
- sending you gifts while he’s on tour
- car sex
- passionate sex with music playing in the background and him grinding his hips to the beat
- let’s be real you guys would definetely have a lot of kinky sex in weird positions
- being best friends with his sister
- him being protective but only when he needs to be; he likes you to be independent and have your space
- long cheesy goodnight text messages
- probably way more calling than texting because he likes to hear your voice
- you would literally be his rock and whenever he gets stressed you would be the only person who could calm him down
- him always taking you to the studio because he likes you to see him in his element
- wearing his tank tops all the time omg
- “babe why are you staring at me”
- “cal your arms are so veiny and your jaw line is so chisled its incredible”
- making him blush when you compliment him
- idk calum would be so sweet and good to you im upset :(

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My word is hot

You couldn’t even begin to count the number of times you used to walk out to your car after a game and catch Jungkook getting hot and heavy with some girl in the backseat of his truck, or just seeing him slip off with someone at parties. And, again, you had absolutely nothing against that, but it wasn’t what you wanted to be to him. You were about to try and explain this more clearly to Seulgi, but then she says something that catches you a bit off guard.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason he hasn’t settled down with anyone before is because the one girl he’s actually interested in won’t give him a chance?”

“As I reached out my hand to you, hoping that we could both share for show how our tender hearts yearn and mourn and the sweet pink kisses we trade”

“But you looked at me with a tearstained heart and my own understood that your hand would never be reach out towards mine, Not of artificial love but of the fear that nestled a home in your heart” 

“With all that I could summon from the deep corners of my heart, I continued onto the path I set for myself, to put for show what I had been hiding from everyone but you” 

“I continued because this was only a secret love that we could reach, together”

EXO Asking Their Girlfriend Out

Xiumin: He’d be suave about the whole ordeal. He’d probably do it somewhere private, at home or in a quiet coffee shop. He’d probably have a rose hidden behind his back and would bow and hand it to you with a cute little smile on his face, asking you out with a seductive, romantic tone in his voice.

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Suho: Suho would be a gentleman all the way. He’d probably hold both of your hands in his own, gently kissing your knuckles and asking you out on a date with him. He’d also be the type to bring flowers, probably roses or baby’s breath to symbolize his love for you. He’d also do it in public, so he could show the world that you were now his and that no one else could take you away from him.

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Lay: Lay would be really cute when he’d ask out his girlfriend on a date. He would do something really sweet. Literally. He’d probably get cupcakes or cookies or something like that and spell out, ‘Will you go our with me?“ with the sweets. It’s a win-win for everyone, you’d get a date, and dessert! Where’s the downfall?

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Baekhyun: Baek would be adorable in asking you out. He’d probably set up something cheesy, like writing a message in the sand at the beach or having rose petals spell it out for you in your backyard. He’d have an adorable smile on his face and he’d be giving so much aegyo to try and convince you to say yes. And who would say no to that face? C'mon.

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Chen: This goofball would want to ask you out in the most embarrassingly sweet way he could think of. He’d probably take you out somewhere private, like a secluded field or the edge of a lake, and would just star gaze with you for a while. Then, fireworks would go off, spelling it out for you in the night sky. Chen would hug you from behind and whisper the question into your ear, playfully biting your neck as he waited for your answer.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol is such a big sweetheart and his confession would be just as dorky and cute as he is. Chanyeol would reenact the confession from "10 Things I Hate About You.”, singing the Frankie Valli song when you came home from a long day at work. He’d jump and slide along the couch like Heath Ledger did in the stadium, and when he was done singing his heart away, he’d get on one knee and offer his hand to you with a big smile on his face.

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D.O: D.O wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of the whole ordeal, but he’d want to make it special. He’d most likely make you two a meal, eating it together in a romantic setting with candles and soft music. He’d take your hand and ask you to be his, a small blush and smile adorning his cheeks as he waited for your answer.

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Kai: Kai would express his attracting for you in the best way he knew how. Through dance. He’d compose a routine for you and perform it, the lyrics in the music and his body perfectly conveying his true feelings to you. When he was finished he would approach you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he asked you to be his, a small smirk etched on the corners of his lips.

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Sehun: I think Sehun would be very cocky about the whole confession thing, except deep down he would be so soft and sweet about it. He would probably take you out walking along the beach, your hands intertwined and swinging back and forth when he spotted a message in a bottle. He’d ask you to open it and inside would be his confession. He’d smirk as he watched you read it and when you looked up at him, he’d ask you himself, casually. And if you said yes, then he’d go all soft, kissing your cheeks and smiling like the dork he is.

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BTS Reacts to Their S/O Constantly Wanting Affection

Hey guys! As per usual, I wrote this during class so I’m posting it now. I’ll be posting my first attempt at a fanfiction soon, which I wrote based on a dream I had. I’ll post a schedule for how the summer is going to look soon. As always, if you have any requests, feel free to send them in and I will get to them as soon as possible considering Finals Week is looming on the horizon.


@myllamaliu:  Hey if you’re not busy can you make a reaction to their s/o constantly wanting affection bc she didn’t really have that as a child? (She has no parents) only if you aren’t busy thank you💖🌹 

Thank you so much for sending in this request! I enjoyed writing it so much, and tried to make it as fluffy as I possibly could. I hope you like it!

1. Jin

     Jin would be more than willing to supply affection. He would cook you meals and cuddle you. At home, he would be all about the skinship. It would be cuddles, cute kisses, and hand holding. He would want you to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Anytime you felt like you needed something, he would know before you said anything. He would be very attentive and kind, checking on you throughout the day to make sure you were okay and to tell you that he loves you. He would send you cute texts throughout the day. He would have cute pictures of you in a photo album he took with him on tour.

2. Suga

     Suga is not an overly affectionate person, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be affectionate toward you. He would cuddle you whenever he was home and he would be a big fan of stroking your hair whenever he did. He wouldn’t be one to touch you constantly, but he would offer you small touches, brushing your cheek or tucking your hair behind your ear, to make up for it. While he may not express it vocally, he would send cute and cheesy text messages throughout the day.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope is all about the physical affection. He would be all about cuddling, kissing, and skinship. Whenever you were in the same room, he would have an arm around you or his fingers intertwined with yours. He would randomly kiss you on the temple, cheek, or head whenever he was near you. He would be very attentive to your mood and would do his best to keep you happy. He would be constantly telling you how much he loved you and complimenting you. He would also be a big fan of cute text messages and would sned lots of cute selcas and videos.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon may not be a very vocal person when it comes to affection, but he would be an extremely physically affectionate person. He would hold your hand or just hold you for a while. He would ramble on about anything, and if he couldn’t be there at night, he might call you and have you put your phone on speaker so you could listen to him until you fall asleep. He may not touch you as much around the members, but he would show his affection through small touches.

5. Jimin (I couldn’t resist this gif lol)

     Jimin is all about skinship. He would constantly hug you or give you small kisses. He wouldn’t care if other people were around. Both of your phones would be filled with selcas of the two of you. He is one of the members who would be as attached to you as you are to him. He would text and call you whenever he had to be away on tour, or Skype you if he had enough time. He would always make sure that you always know how much he loves you.

6. V

      V is another member who loves skinship and would be super attached to you. He would always try to come up with super cute ways for the two of you to spend time together. He would always find an excuse to hold your hand of hug you. He would spam you with cute selcas or pictures he took of you whenever you were apart, claiming that he didn’t want you to forget his face. He would Skype you as much as he possibly could while he was on tour, missing your face.

7. Jungkook (Sorry, @mintyoongiisjungshook, I felt that I needed to torture you a bit with this gif of the rood child.)

     Jungkook would be a little shy at first, but he would slowly adjust to being physically affectionate. He would hold your hand and cuddle whenever you wanted. He would send lots of cute text messages but he would also send lots of teasing texts. He wouldn’t be a big fan of PDA, but he might do some small touches or hand holding in public. He would text you constantly while he was on tour, updating you on what was happening and sending selcas with the group members. He would try to be with your whenever he could.

I hope you enjoyed! Please remember to send in any requests that you have to my inbox!

I honestly can’t believe this, I have reached a 1000 followers, which is absolutely astonishing! I am truly speechless because that amount of people reading what I have written and enjoying it sounds…insane and I can’t thank you enough for the messages, the requests, the love, the support and everything that you have given me and I can’t help but feel like I haven’t given you enough:’) I am suddenly very happy and this is extremely cheesy and sappy but it means the world to me, I say it a hundred times and I’ll say it a thousand times if I can. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you, all of you are important to me so thank you very much for liking at least one of my writings!  🙈 💫 💗

OOC. thank you guys for the messages, honestly.  now that i got through so many ( and some of you have sent before so i’m like ?!? ), i’m kinda in that numb state where i can’t believe what’s going on ?? what is real ??  and i really owe all of atem’s presence to you guys.  as much as i can fuel the love of my muse with each reply, i need y’all to be on that journey with me.  whether we write or not ( and i can’t get to everyone, but i certainly do dang try ), just know atem can’t be his best without y’all.  a lot of what i admire from his character stems from his nature to do what’s right and support his friends 150% in the STRONGEST ways he knows how and that’s something that has pushed me to try just as hard with everyone in this fandom ( or out ) more than any previous journey i’ve gone.  you guys are always there for me and i hope you guys know i’m always adoring you much more than any words can rly say !!


- “Jaehyun, which colour suits me best?” *insert pics of two same dresses but different colours*
- You understand why >> It’s because of his work work work work work
- him ignoring you most of the time started when they debuted
- but that doesn’t mean he loves you less now before they debuted
- it’s just that he’s so busy and their phones always get confiscated by the staff
-he wants to secure his future w/ you so he works very hard
- he always turns his phone off before going to the SM Ent. Building so the staff wouldn’t see your cheesy messages to each other
- all the members know about your relationship and they support it very well
- the other members admire you for holding on to the relationship even though it’s vvvvvv hard
- “i like you noona you’re so cool now I can see why Jaehyun hyung loves you so much” - Mark… it could be Jisung as well
- “oh god jaehyun hyung wouldn’t stop sucking his picture of you on his phone! It’s so gross!” - Haechan
- “you guys are so adorable” - Yuta
- “eyy don’t forget to use protection during your sexy time ;) ” - Ten
- lol wtf Ten
- but good on ya Ten for reminding these kids about that
- “you’re not going to leave jaehyun, right?” - doyoung… or taeyong
- “Nope.”
- Rumours about Jaehyun dating you got out and the company was hell pissed
- both of you got hate although you got more hate than jaehyun
- most of his fans were anti to your relationship
- only a few fans were supportive
- well I couldn’t blame them though
- they were his source of happiness and they feel like you’re taking him away from them
- some were just delusional and wants him to end up with them
- or with another artist… say Rose from Blackpink (I’m not a shipper btw; I just saw some posts here on Tumblr that some fans were shipping them)
- you cry every night about this
- coz he has lots to think about and you don’t want to put all your burden in this relationship on his shoulders
- But he knows the fact that you get jealous everytime they bring up the JaeRose ship
- like Rose is everything and you’re just a potato
- so he reassures you that he loves you by kissing you, hugging you or cooking you your fave dish created by him when he gets a day off which is really rare these days because of the nature of his work
- but despite all that, you still can’t help but to get insecure
- like who wouldn’t get insecure?
- it’s like you and him against the world lololol jk
- you felt very suffocated
- you don’t even know yourself anymore
- you don’t even see your self-worth anymore
- jaehyun loves you to bits and you know that
- but it’s really hard especially he’s a celebrity now and you’re just one of the normal people out there
- “Jaehyun, let’s break up”
- jaehyun would just stare at you and blink twice
- his adam’s apple would bob up and down
- “why?”
- “jaehyun, I can’t do this anymore”
- “you always have little time for me”
- “people… your fans don’t want us to be together”
- “i feel like i’m taking you away from them”
- “but you’re not taking me away from them”
- “i love you (y/n)”
- “please don’t do this to me baby”
- his eyes would be instantly filled w/ tears
- he would hold both of your hands while kissing your knuckles, shaking his head while blinking in tears
- “your fans love you very much jae”
- “but I only love you baby”
- YES IT’S VERY HARD TO BREAK UP WITH JUNG JAEHYUN coz why tf would you leave him
- “look, your career and popularity is affected because of me… because of our relationship”
- And Jaehyun would say: “ I don’t care! I can throw all those away just for you! I love you and I wouldn’t want to lose you just because of all these things!”
- “Don’t do that, mister. You’ve worked hard for this. Don’t throw it all away just for me.”
- Then you smile bitterly and kiss him for the last time and leave
- you didn’t know this but jaehyun was a sobbing mess right after you left
- he would wonder where did he lack as a boyfriend what did he even do wrong why did you break up with him just because of the fact that his fans hate you
- i mean, every couple in the showbiz always (or most of the time) get hated by the public esp. the fans
- like, it’s only normal
- but still you guys don’t deserve all the hate
- you guys just fell in love with each other
- why would people hate you
- it’s not like you guys murdered a person or the whole nct
- the members found out about this coz when jaehyun got back to the dorms he just broke down by the doorway
- they were very shocked because you once told them before that you’re not gonna leave jaehyun no matter what happens
- At first Ten thought that Jaehyun got you pregnant because he was crying by the doorway
-but he finds out that you broke up with Jaehyun
- “Well, at least someone didn’t end up getting someone preggo” - Ten
- cue in everyone giving Ten a death glare so he would just cover his mouth
- yeah Ten shut up
- “Man, that sucks!” - Mark
- i know right Mark
- “I swear she loved you more than herself. Her eyes say that everytime she looks at you.” - Johnny
- for a month jaehyun was a total mess
- like he became more quiet he doesn’t talk that much on variety shows
- his laughs were so fake
- his smiles even changed like they’re not the same genuine smiles that they used to be
- and it broke you guys even more as well as the other members
- they couldn’t stand their bby jaehyun being like this so they set up a get together
- and yeah you’re invited ofc
- the get together was just at their dorm lol
- they invited you and had dinner with them
- you guys were still not talking with each other but would glance at each other every now and then and the members would see this and couldn’t freakin’ stand it
- “oh my god just get back together” - jeno
- “what happened to my mom and dad… like seriously? You guys are better than this” - jisung
- “this is the only time i’d let you guys suck each other’s face c'mon fix this shit” - haechan
- lol Haechan
- Ten doesn’t say anything but leaves a suspicious box on the table
- the other members leave so you guys could talk about things in the living room but really they’re just in the kitchen, litstening to your conversation
- “how are you?”
- he replies with: “i’m fine”
- there was an awkward silence after that
- then both of you just say sorry at the same time like how cute is that
- he says sorry for being such an incompetent boyfriend for not realizing how his career was affecting you for not doing the best that he can to make it work
- you apologize as well for leaving him just because of your insecurity you let it take over you you let it ruin everything between you
- “can we start over again?”
- “Like, I mean, can we be… a couple again?”
- “Is it okay if I kiss you?”
- then you just nod and you guys kiss
- after the kiss you guys open the box that Ten left on the table
- it was a box full of condoms
- oml Ten why lol
- “Are we okay now?”
- “Better than before” :“) And the other members come in, cheering for both of you


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