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doyoung’s (very cute) acrostic poem

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the gang seeing you all dressed up for the first time

(At first, I thought it said: “The gang getting you all dressed up for the first time” and omg, could you imagine? Like Sodapop is doin’ your nails while the other boys are looking through your closet to see what outfit you should wear.) anywAY

- Everyone’s jaw drops, like everyone. Their heads turn and they all stop to stare at you.

- Steve breaks the silence by WHISTLING at you like “Damn!” and Two-bit starts right after by hollering flirtatious things at you like, “Hey, baby, lookin’ good! I bet you’d look even better in my arms, huh??”

- Ponyboy’s face is beet red and he literally can’t look away. There’s so many things he wants to tell you. He’s already thinking of cheesy love poems to write you and how he honestly believes he found his ‘one true love.’

- Dallas is a sucker for girls being all dressed up so as soon as you stepped out, the cigarette he was about to light falls out his mouth and his eyes widen. He’s like,,, so stunned. Abort mission, he is a horndog, he’s going to follow you all night long and use every smooth line in the book to get a knockout like you. 

- Darry’s become light pink and he’s so speechless. He clears his throat and tries his best to look away but he kEEPS LOOKING OVER, HE CAN’T HELP IT. He wants to tell you how stunning you look in the most gentlemanly terms but he just can’t pull himself together.

- Johnny cannot keep his wide eyes off of you, he’s looking at you up and down and he just wants to smack himself because he can’t help it. He stutters and stumbles over his words when attempting to compliment your appearance. His mind is screaming “Wow

- Soda dead ass makes a move on you the first few seconds you step out. He literally slides over and leans against the wall in a suggestive and flirtatious manner and says the cheesiest fucking pick-up you’ve ever heard.

- Steve and Soda compete each other for you due to bro-code and Johnny is the next to try and make a move and he’s so nervous, he’s trying his best.

written on our veins (pt.1)

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You and Hoseok are sick of spending the holidays soulmate-less while your friends enjoy Christmas as couples… tired of waiting for fate to make a move, you decide to take matters into your own hands. ❞


prompts: “Wake me up when winter’s over.” + “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. I won’t allow that!”

➳ pairing: hoseok x reader

➳ word count: 19.4k

➳ genre: fluff, angst, soulmate au

➳ warnings: implied smut, mentions of alcohol

➳ part of the ‘cold days, warm hearts’ collab

author’s note: sorry that this took so long to be posted… and sorry that it’s completely self-indulgent… merry Christmas!

Jung Hoseok greets everyone with a kiss. Just to make sure they aren’t the one. While others might go in with a handshake, Hoseok prefers to tug strangers in for a press of his lips, only to pull back and check for the writing on the wrist that indicates you’ve discovered your soulmate.

You, on the other hand, have never kissed anyone. Not even Hoseok.

He did try to kiss you when you first met, your best friend, Mina, introducing him as a friend of her soulmate. You had stepped towards him to say hello with your hand outstretched, and he took that as an open invitation for his ‘soulmate check’, pulling you past the small distance that anyone with a sense of personal space would know to leave free. You only just managed to duck out of his way, leaving his lips to graze your cheek. He had quickly apologised after that, and tried to explain that it was just his way of speeding up destiny’s swirling indecision – keeping the soulmate-less waiting, hoping life would be merciful to them, and drop a lover into their open arms. But that doesn’t seem to be how the world works. There must be some secret that you’re missing. Do you have to slip a bribe to fate under the table of the universe, praying it’ll match you with someone nice?

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Ravenclaw x Gryffindor

✨The worst pick up lines.

✨Little ‘adventures’ (sneaking around the castle after dark).

✨Belting out showtunes like nobody’s business, regardless of whether or not they can actually sing.

✨Furiously attempting to beat each other at Mario Kart.

✨Generally being an adorable couple.

Ravenclaw x Slytherin

✨Sending each other memes tagged ‘you’/‘me’/‘us’.

✨Marathoning the weirdest or worst films they can find.

✨Gossiping together.

✨So many pet names.

✨Generally being an adorable couple.

Ravenclaw x Hufflepuff

✨Cute dates in little coffee shops.

✨Making mixtapes or playlists for each other.

✨Staying up until 3am talking about the possible existence of aliens, mermaids, fairies, ect.

✨Cosy days spent cuddling in bed and eating pizza.

✨Generally being an adorable couple.

Ravenclaw x Ravenclaw

✨Writing/reading each other cheesy love poems.

✨Increasingly bizarre inside jokes.

✨Going to art museums.

✨Watching silent films and filling in their own dialogue.

✨Generally being an adorable couple.

Day Four Hundred Sixty Four.

I love you
isn’t enough

it’s long nights
and tight hugs
it’s laughter
and curling into each other
when the world is relentless
it’s understanding and patience
endless patience

it’s that you know how i like my coffee
and can tell something is wrong before i do
it’s finished sentences and inside jokes
it’s planning our future together
planning a life
it’s the calm to every storm
the impenetrable protection from every danger

it’s you and me
in this crazy world
taking on every moment
because there’s no other way
it’s happiness
and sadness and everything in between
tackled hand in hand
side by side

I love you
is true
it’s sweet and sentimental
it fills my heart so much it overflows
but it isn’t enough

thank you
is a better place to start

Such a lovely place, such a lovely face

a 4.5k au blurb about strangers who were once lovers. thanks for reading.


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Preference - Dating Timothée Chalamet

Pairing: Timothée Chalamet x reader

Warning/s: Rushed writing (I think) and not so original.

Author’s Note: I know this is my second post in just 25 minutes and I deeply apologize for rushing. Also, it hurts to tag Timothée’s name because some of us are lazy to use the é with an accent. Anyways, enjoy!



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  • Him teaching you how to pronounce his name in a French accent
  • Like, teaching you the whole French language
  • Exploring New York City and eating bagels
  • Playing his curls even at public
  • Lots of hair touching (his hair is that soft and curly to touch)
  • Trips to France and having a romantic date viewing the Eiffel Tower
  • Practicing his script
  • Reading books to each other on a sunny day
  • Watching romance movies and surprise kisses when a kiss scene comes up
  • Snapping pictures of you when you’re not looking

“Timothée! Delete that picture! I look gross and weird.”

“It’s okay, [Y/N]! You look beautiful and now I have a new lock screen.”

  • Cheesy poems and love songs
  • Going to concerts
  • Joking about Lil’ Timmy Tim when he’s making fun of you

“Don’t remind me of that again, [Y/N]! It’s awkward and making me cringe!”

“You look so cute here, baby!”

  • French nicknames he gives to you like amoureuse (sweetheart), amour (love), chérie (darling), and mon chéri (honey)
  • Fancy clothes shopping especially lingerie
  • He spoils you especially when buying sexy dresses and lingerie
  • He’s not big into PDA but shows it whenever he can
  • Cute and aesthetic social media posts
  • Whenever he’s away, you raid his closet and send him a picture of you wearing it
  • Phone calls with him are wholesome

“I miss you so bad. Please come back, Timothée. I want to hug you.”

“Don’t worry, chérie. When I come back, I’ll shower you with my love.”

  • He’s a total sweetheart and nothing will change that


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so, like:

mccree finds out that hanzo actually loves halloween, its something that hanzo discovered after leaving the clan and being on the run, its a time of year where he can be anyone & satisfy his huge sweet tooth, so mccree devises a plan to seduce hanzo with halloween things. 

the major one being his rendition of “casper the friendly ghost” by replacing the lyrics with stuff about hanzo, and he calls it “hanzo the unfriendly ghost” because he’s not gonna beat around the bush about that - hanzo isn’t mean per se, but he isn’t friendly. other lines in the song include: “the most beautiful ghost around” “likes to fright adults and children alike” “cowboys he has a heart of gold” and everyone is just like omg this is never gonna work. they especially believe this because mccree is t e r r i b l e at singing - it does not stop him.

so it works. and hanzo’s all heart eyes over this buffoon who keeps singing this stupid song, but its the sweetest and most wholesome gesture hanzo has ever received while being courted/wooed. and he insists that mccree continue to sing the song to him whenever he wants even after they get together. mccree takes time to make up or improvise other songs so hanzo can have a whole playlist.

a play of light.

you have a way about you
a certain sense that calms
the world around you, you
spill into other facets of life
unknowingly. i caught myself
singing your favourite song –
the one i told you explicitly
would never ever cross my
lips because it was way too
cheesy. i think you turn
everyone around you
into a poet, if for a brief
moment. you’re ethereal
like that. you are the rays
of sunlight that dance
through windows.

source: pwaranwrites