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Take Care of You (Peter Parker x Reader)

Requested by: @chris-evans-imagines

Character Pairing: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,437

Warning: None? Actually, nevermind, the warning is the cheesiness I’m sorry lmfao.

Summary: You and Peter are supposed to have a night of fun celebrating, but periods always tend to show up at the worst of times.

Normally, when people think of high school couples, they instantly imagine two people who can’t keep their hands off each other, yet at the same time are unable to hold a full conversation before a screaming match ensues. You were familiar with all the phases of couples. First it was the honeymoon phase, where everything seems perfect and almost like a fairytale come true. Then, there came the moment when the people in the relationship realize that not everything is going to be happy all the time. After that, it was just a downward spiral. Unfortunately, this is true with most couples you know at your school.

But not you and Peter.

Today was officially going to be your one year anniversary with him, and despite what everyone at your school said, you two managed to stick together through it all. Everyone expected the both of you to be the typical kind of couple you see in high school, imagining you’d both be sick of each other by the first month of dating, but that wasn’t the case.

Peter is so different from all the other guys that you know, and you couldn’t be happier dating him. He is so sweet, and caring, and just an all around amazing guy. When you two first started talking, he sometimes became a clumsy, stuttering mess, just because he was so nervous around you, which made your affection for him grow even more. Looking back, you can still picture the pink tinge to his cheeks and the way he would scratch the back of his neck every time he approached you. Even to this day, he’ll sometimes get flustered in front of you–not as much as before, but it still makes you giggle in adoration. You honestly can’t believe how lucky you got to be able to call him yours.

You knew Peter had something planned for your anniversary, but to your frustration, he refused to tell you what it was. You’ve never been the type of person to give up though, so every single time you would see him in the hallways between classes, you’d pester him nonstop about the surprise. Still, he wouldn’t give into telling you. It got so bad to the point where Peter would quite literally run away from you and hide in the boys’ bathroom until you would leave him alone. You were fully aware he thought this whole situation was the funniest thing ever, as you had heard him laughing to himself through the door of the bathroom. That boy loves having his share of secrets.

When you got back to your apartment from school, you couldn’t wait for whatever Peter had planned for the two of you. No matter what it was, you knew it was going to be special. He wouldn’t admit it in a million years to anybody else, but he was quite the romantic in his own adorably shy way. It isn’t rare for you to have cute little messages written on the window to your bedroom in his spider webbing, sometimes left with little presents. It didn’t matter what the two of you were doing, he was always trying to make it as heartfelt as possible, which made your heart flutter in a way you’ve never felt with anyone before you met him.

As you were contemplating on what to wear, a familiar cramping pain in your lower abdomen started forming. It felt like someone was taking knives and stabbing you in the stomach over and over again, and the worst part was that the pain was just getting started, growing more intense by the second. This certain feeling of discomfort could only mean one thing: your period. Of course it comes on the night of a big celebration.

Grumbling to yourself about the horrible timing to your period, you clutch your lower stomach while walking into the kitchen to find the pain medication. As you opened the cabinet to where all your medicine was stored, you realized the Advil wasn’t to be seen after digging through the shelves. Where was it? It couldn’t have just grown two legs and walked away.

When you started thinking back to when the last time you saw it, everything clicked. Your parents had gone away to the lake house your family owned–they tried to get you to come with, but you insisted on staying back due to wanting to spend time with Peter. Your mother must’ve packed the medication she thought she might need away for the trip.

After making a quick stop to the bathroom, you stumbled back to your room and slipped under the covers of your bed. As the pain was at it’s worst, you just curled into a ball, willing yourself to think of other things so you would be distracted from the cramps. More than once did you contemplate whether or not you should bear through all of this and just get up and go to the pharmacy for some meds, but always ended up deciding against it.

It wouldn’t be long until Peter gets here, which made your heart ache. You weren’t so sure if you could even get up to do whatever he had planned. All you could hope for is that you’d miraculously feel better, which is very doubtful to say the least.

You watched the sun go down through your window, the light streaming in causing a golden effect in you room, which was, for some reason, making you sleepy. You tried to fight the feeling of your eyelids getting heavier and more weighted down, until finally giving into it, letting them close completely while drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

A muffled knock at your window followed by a, “[Y/N], wake up,” snapped you out of your dreams, causing you to groggily open your eyes. You had hoped that the nap would revive you a bit after you woke up, but the opposite had occurred. It felt like you had gotten hit by a bus. Multiple times. Now, not only were there the cramps, there was also a dull ache in your lower back that you felt as soon as you sat up.

Your looked towards your window, meeting the eyes of your boyfriend, Peter Parker. Well, the eyes of his Spider-Man mask to be exact. Giving him a weak half-smile, you gestured for him to come in, watching him gracefully slide open the window and spring down to the floor. He whipped off his mask as he began hurriedly walking towards your bed, which you were still sitting in. Judging by the concerned expression he gave you, he could already tell something was up. You two knew each other so well, you were like an open book to him.

“Code Red,” was all you managed to weakly mumble, your voice sounding hoarse even to your own ears.

Peter’s eyes widened as he immediately knew what this meant, for the two of you made this your phrase every time you got your period and had to cancel plans. Which surprisingly, happened a lot. Cheesy–and ironic–as the code name is, you actually liked that it was your thing.

Normally, most teenage guys would be disgusted and stay away, but not Peter, which is another thing you absolutely adored about him. He may still be young, but he’s one of the most mature people you’ve met–well, at least when it comes to serious matters, such as this.

“I’m so sorry I don’t think I can… I don’t know…what I’m tryi-” You try to speak, struggling for words, but Peter cut you off.

“[Y/N], you’re fine. There’s no need to try to explain yourself,” he tells you in a quietly soothing voice, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. His brown eyes stare intently into yours, searching them. “We’ll just do the surprise another night,” he said, while beginning to walk towards the fire escape. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

Without even waiting for an answer on your part, he stuffed his mask back over his head, and swung out the window all in a matter of seconds. You lie back down, snuggling into your blankets and deciding to put on a movie to kill time while you waited for him. Plus, it was a good distraction from the radiating pain that you felt everywhere on your body.

You weren’t even past the opening credits when all of a sudden, you heard a deafening, BANG. A loud shriek escaped your lips before you could stop yourself, and you jumped back instinctively, causing your entire bed to tremble.

“Relax, it’s just me,” Peter said, chuckling a little from your reaction as he climbed into your room. Your eyes flitted to a rather large looking duffel bag he was lugging, suspecting that was what had initially made the commotion in the first place. “Man, this bag is heavy, I almost ran into multiple buildings while getting back here.”

He plopped down onto the foot of your bed, once again taking his mask off while beginning to unzip the bag next to him. You were quite curious to see what was inside, so you crawled over next to him, peering over his shoulder as he opened it. “So I brought you some things I know you like,” he said as he pulled out various snack items that you had actually been craving ever since you woke up.  

You let out a squeal of delight as you wrapped your arms around his neck from behind, giving him a squeeze while you kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Peter!”

You didn’t realize you had such a tight hold on him until he choked out in an exasperated breath, “O-okay, I know I have superpowers and all but I can’t br-breathe very well with your death gr-grip on me.”

Instantly, your hands flew from him, and you let out a giggle at the fact he was being a bit dramatic–after all, you were just a teenage girl. “Sorry, sorry, I forgot how much of a wuss you can be.” You retaliate, knowing this type mocking would get to him.

He turned his whole body, his eyes teasingly warning you as he said in a low voice, “You’re lucky you aren’t feeling well, otherwise you’d be in big trouble right now.” Although Peter was good at sounding serious, you could tell from the way his lips were tugging at the corners he was trying hard to keep from smiling.

You shook your head at him, breaking the eye contact to grab the armload of food in front of you while saying, “Alright let’s get this show on the road, I’m voting for Disney movies tonight.”

As you crawled back over to the other side of the bed to snuggle in, you heard Peter groan a complaint at your choice of movies for the night. He pretended to absolutely hate them, but you knew deep down he enjoyed watching the Disney flicks. He was just trying to look manly, which made you slightly amused.

“Oh, one more thing, I forgot,” he said, pulling out various pain medications from the bag, along with a heating pad. “I know you probably already have something for your cramps, but I was already in the store grabbing all this other stuff.” He gestured to the various snacks surrounding the two of you.

You swiped the Advil out of his hand, hastily opening it. It wasn’t until Peter mentioned something did you really feel the cramps coming on–before, you were too busy talking to him to take notice to the pain. You mumbled a quick thank you before downing the pills, hoping they would kick in as soon as possible.

The two of you nestled up against each other while you pressed play on your T.V. You let out a content sigh as you put your head on his chest, finally able to relax when listening to his heart beat beneath your ear. He had his hand gently placed on your lower back, pressing the heating pad against it to relieve the back aches as you lay on your stomach. You drifted in and out of sleep to the feeling of him rubbing circles on your back and petting your hair softly.

 After a couple Disney movies and an ice cream carton in, you were now somewhat awake. You began to let your mind wander off, not really paying attention to the film. A certain thought that you found quite amusing drifted into your mind, and you couldn’t help it as you began to laugh softly into Peter’s chest.

Feeling his gaze on you, you crane your neck up to look at him. As your eyes met his, you could tell he was silently questioning why you had just giggled, knowing you would explain yourself. “It’s just… did you go into the store with yo-” You had to stop talking for a second as you felt another surge of laughter rise up into your chest, taking a few moments to regain your composure. “You went into the store… with your Spider-Man suit on?”

Peter’s cheeks turning a shade of pink gave you the answer you needed without him saying a thing.

A burst of laughter escaped your lips just thinking of Peter waiting in line as Spider-Man, holding all the snacks and other items in his arms. You could just imagine the look on the other customers’ faces, probably wondering what in the hell Spidey was doing at a drugstore. You would’ve paid so much money just to see a recording of that.

“Hey, don’t be laughing at me!” Peter whisper-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed defensively. “There’s not a single girl in Queens I would’ve done that for other than you.”

The way his eyes intently searched yours showed he was speaking the truth, which made your giggles abruptly stop. You were too focused on the fact that it felt like your heart was going to flutter out of your chest from the way it was pounding now. His words had that kind of effect on you.

“And that’s why I adore you so much Peter Parker,” you said so softly, if it wasn’t for his enhanced senses, he probably wouldn’t have heard it. “I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary.” Your words obviously had just as an equal effect on Peter, as you watched his blush grow an even darker shade. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before resting your head back down on his chest, soon finding yourself dozing off with a smile spread across you lips.

A/N: So I hope this is as realistic as possible for everyone that reads this, and if it’s not my apologies. I was just writing basically off my personal experiences, and my cramps are an actual monster. I just wish I had my own Peter Parker to take care of me ugh lol.

Also, as a little sidenote, I’m thinking about maybe creating a writing groupchat for writers that need helpful opinions while putting together a piece. I kind of want it to be maybe Marvel themed though? I don’t know, I just need more friends on Tumblr so trying to think of ways to do that! Let me know if this sounds like a good idea!

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Tron (1982)

hatchmarks | travlyn, katelyn-centric

prompt: Red tallies appear for every person you’ve loved, black for every person you’ve loved that has died, and a white tally for when you meet your soulmate

a/n: just a quick drabble, because my trash heart saw this prompt and just… knew I had to write this for my otp okay?

warning(s): light mentions of other realtionships, respect for platonic love, fluff, maybe some tears (mostly mines) because why the fuck am I so cheesy???? GOD. SOULMATE AUS, AMIRITE?

Two reds. One black. One white.

Even in darkness, on her left wrist, she memorized the first three: two reds and one black. 

Teony always been her first for everything– she was soft, warm, with childhood love sweetness. She doesn’t quite remember when the tally appeared, they knew each other for an eternity and a day, so it could’ve always been there from the start. They still talked, love weathered into an always, even with the distance that kept them. 

The second dash was for Ivy, a personification of passion. If Teony was a comforting camp fire to warm you on a cold night, Ivy was like the cliche about wildfires; frightening beautiful, fleeting and hot in every way. A spark turned into an inferno, Ivy always stumbled through the ashes she made with a grin, and left Katelyn wondering if the next time she comes, she’d stay. 

Jeffory and her never was a tale of love in the romantic sense, but in a dear way only friends could connect. If her loves were like fires, then he was an early morning drizzle, cozy and cool, not quite her icy exterior but had a way to ward people to seek shelter from (or for the adventurous, to find a sense of childish playfulness in). Wise in some ways, foolish in others, he knew and she knew they’d were old friends and old souls who found each other cycle after cycle of life. The black line haunts her still, even with this comfort in mind. 

She lived her life in simplicity; no, even if the impression was given, she wasn’t spartan in personality but because she felt life with complexities wasn’t meant for her. 

A soulmate or without, she didn’t feel desperate because in the end, happiness found a home within her life. 

The white dash appeared over loud music, air choked with questionable aftersmoke and bad colonge, sweaty bodies and loud chatter. He plopped beside her, red cup and other hand offering a shake. “–Travis.”

Against her better judgement, maybe because this greeting caught her off guard and a distraction from all around, she took the hand with half smile, half confused amusement; never was one for parties, though she had a personal rule of not being a flake either, especially for her friend’s birthday. 


“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” 

She knew of him; the proclaimed protege of Laurance, somebody who he often talked about but up until now, never had a face to the name. 

The first thing she noticed was how expressive he was. If eyes were gates to the soul, then he was as open book as they come. They talked that night, conversation moving from the crowded living room to the roof of the apartment, drinks and a stolen bag of chips from the refreshment table. 

Words never were her forte. But they were certainly his. 

He poked buttons, exasperating, amusement, and every in between; by the time they parted, she thought: I want to talk again. 

So did he. 

She noticed the mark, almost invisible against her skin, the next morning: red, red, black… and white

And from his messages, he was aware of it too. 

“Ankle,” he said, pulling up the pant leg and pushing down the sock to show the two little dash lines– one red, one white.

She, in turned, showed him hers; undoing her watch, she turned her wrist towards him almost shyly. 

Two reds, one black and one white. 

It took her a while to figure out what sort of poetic analogy to compare him to her life. He was warm, inviting but also eager; he lived so openly, so differently, he was a change of status. A before and after. 

He adored sunflowers, sunsets and wiggle his way into her arms. Found content with lazy days, cheesy flirts and as he loved proclaim, her smiles. Though he had his clouds in his life, nothing shone better than his beam of happiness.

It took a while to realize. 

In metaphors of fire, rain and ice, in the darkness of her room, late at night as he quietly slept, she finally realized. 

His little white tally, her soulmate, was the sun in her life. 

Oh god….I found old art of my old AU fliptale. I am slightly cringing at how cheesy I was lmfao. And then I’m also slightly wanting to redesign the au and draw some art of it but I haven’t a clue if anyone would be interested in that at all. (This art was done in mspaint at an old job I had lol to explain the massive difference from my art now)

anonymous asked:

Hey! May I request woojin finding out you a run about him?

Originally posted by areumdaun-daun-daun

thanks for requesting!! 

- ok i hope u meant a blog about him bc it kinda cut off LOL 

- ok anyways, woojin is just going about his day 

- and suddenly he gets a text from daehwi!! 

- and he’s like ‘’what does he want’’ bc the last time he got a text from daehwi,, he tried to prank him but luckily woojin found out lmfao 

- and he checks it and daehwi is like

- ‘’hyung!! check this out [link]’’ 

- and woojin is like ‘’daehwi is pure and innocent it can’t be that bad’’ and he clicks the link and it takes him to this blog?? 

- and he’s about to text daehwi what it was but the title caught his eye 

- ‘’blogs about the boy i rlly love’’ (lmfao really cheesy go me) 

- and woojin is like ??? but scrolls down and he just f r e e z e s

- bc the first thing he sees is himself 

- and he is likes whaT THE 

- but then he reads the caption and it’s like 

- ‘’my boyfriend is super cute!! look at his outfit!! he looks really good don’t u think~” 

- and he can only think of one person who would do this 

- you 

- and lowkey, he’s flattered but he can’t wait to hold this against u LMFAO and so he continues to scroll down 

- and he seeS MORE 

- ‘’my boyfriend is so photogenic ??? how can a person be this attractive??” (ok deadass me too) 

- ‘’today i saw woojin!! he looked really cute and when he first saw me, he couldn’t stop smiling!! is this what love feels like?? whenever i see him, i get butterflies…’’ 

- ‘’i had a rough day today…but seeing woojin made it all better!! we got ice cream together and walked around the park when the sun was setting! it was really romantic~ but everything that gave me a tough time was forgotten when i saw woojin!! im so lucky to have him~”

- and he’s deadass blushing now bc as he scrolls down, u describe ur day and u describe how much u loved him and how he made u happy and that life was looking so much better now that he was in bc he made u so happy and for once, u weren’t sad and lost in ur life 

- and woojin,,, 

- he can only drop his phone and cover his face bc wOW u amazed him every time

- and hearing u say how much u loved him and how much happier u were made him rEAL happy 

- and that u weren’t so sad anymore bc woojin cheered u up and picked u back up whenever u fell down and just

- it made his body feel warm just reading that and he can only mentally scream LMFAO at how cute u were and how lucky he was to have u 

- ok but after he was done fanboying he went to text u lol  

- him: hey,, whats this [link] 


- him: kekeke someone sent me this *eyes emoji bc i dont have that on my mac rn* 


-him: why??? i think its quite cute actually,,,,

- you: its so embarrassing im sorry ill go delete it

- him: nOO!! i think its cute!! keep it,,, im glad i made u happy :DDDD 

- you: NDJKFNDKNDKFND pls but ur so cute i love u 

- him: i love u too <3333333

lapine and ephrosinia make quite a dashing duo BUT… who will you choose… the gentle piano prodigy prince or stern royal russian fencing master?!? upcoming dating sim winter 2015 “regal rose romance ~ fight for love and glory: gay edition” in stores near you!! the gay edition is the only edition

lapine (left) is mine and ephrosinia belongs to muri 8^)c

  au meme  2min: in highschool requested by anonymous  

This is the story of the star athlete and the lonesome wallflower; two souls who’s paths were never destined to cross.
Two souls who were so different, yet so alike. Though they lived in different worlds they wanted nothing but an escape, a break from the troubles and stress that high school offered them. Who knew they’d find what they wanted most in each other? Who knew they’d rewrite destiny and create their own paths?

when i was like 11 before i had braces when i looked like spongebob i DREAMED of being able to have a cheesy ass fake laughing pic of me in ridiculously high quality. and now here it is… a true dream come true😂😂😂