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signs as nice things

aries: fresh spring air, hiking in the fall, combat boots, french braids, freckles, guitars, lockets, baseball caps, glowing skin
taurus: lingerie, cooking, matte lips, purple skies, broadway, bathbombs, heart-shaped box of chocolates
gemini: pastels, fairy lights, libraries, green eyes, pink lipstick, candles, summer nights, rain
cancer: song lyrics, soft blankets, natural brows, DIY projects, movies with friends, flowers, homecooked dinners
leo: 1950’s fashion, curly hair, bright red lipstick, sunlight on a fresh blanket of snow, expensive restaurants, movie theaters, Eiffel tower
virgo: perfect notes, grand canyon, ink on fresh paper, 1960’s cinema, pianos, polaroids, tea, succulents
libra: long hair, chanel, dewy grass at dawn, sunflowers, 90’s anime, childhood movies, historical fiction, parties
scorpio: neon lights, cheesy horror movies, eyeliner, striking eyes, painting, Roman architecture, earrings, conversations in parked cars
sagittarius: exploring a new city, orange sunsets, genuine smiles, short hair, safaris, foreign food, shopping
capricorn: roses, colored pens, cats, forests, kitten heels, CDs, black and white movies, simple jewelry
aquarius: old muscle cars, animals, underground concerts, hair dye, halloween, 90’s fashion,
pisces: cloudy beaches, skinny jeans, glossy lips, autumn leaves, mixtapes, smoothies, accents, poetry
*sun, moon, but mostly venus*

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What if Sole got a movie projector working and they want to show pre war movies like Rebel Without A Cause but instead they show the fallout 4 companions REALLY BAD cheesy monster movies like King Kong VS Godzilla or something

Cait: Loudly cheered on the antagonist. She was always genuinely upset when they didn’t win; she got way too emotionally invested. 

Curie: Those movies couldn’t be anymore unrealistic and cheesy even if they tried, regardless, Curie was always so worried and scared while watching them. She always said she wanted to help the people in the movies. 

Codsworth: He remembered these movies fondly, and watching them with Sole was very nostalgic for him. 

Danse: Continuously saying how none of this is possible and none of it is realistic. He ended up not really enjoying them because he could not get over how unrealistic everything was. 

Deacon: Laughed a lot while watching them. A few days later Sole caught him sewing a Godzilla costume. 

Dogmeat: He loves ‘em!

Gage: LOVES them, even if they are cheesy. He enjoys the violent parts the most; he didn’t even notice how much he was smiling during those scenes. 

Hancock: He laughed at how dumb they were, but he had a good time while watching them so he liked the movies a lot. Sometimes he’d ask Sole to watch them again when they had the time. 

MacCready: “Okay but if I was in that situation I would…” MacCready took the movies way too seriously, and talked a lot while it was going on. 

Nick: Not the biggest fan of the cheesy horror movies, definitely would have gone for noir movies. Obviously. 

Piper: “Was this really what pre-war entertainment was like?”

Preston: He didn’t have much of an opinion on the movies themselves, he was just really glad to be able to watch them with Sole. 

Strong: Confused and angry, liked the parts where things were getting smashed. 

X6-88: Didn’t say much during the movie. Afterward he’d want to talk about it. He critiqued the movie, but always made sure to ask what Sole thought about it. 

{C.M X Reader} Domestic Life Headcanons P. 1

- Connor isn’t all that good at asking people things, he immediately second guesses himself once a question has left his lips and he often has to add a “But you don’t have to, you do you I guess…” So the first time he asked you if you’d like to move in with him he just went on a tangent, hoping to defuse the imaginary tension he had created.

- It took you five minutes to get him to quiet down before flipping it and asking him if he’d like to move in with you. He was just so lost.

- Good lord is apartment hunting with Connor a job and a half. Sure, he’s mellowed down but he still has that intimidating aura and it scares a lot of the landlords.
“No no, he’s not angry it’s just his face.”
“Don’t lie to them, (F/N). You and I both know I’m always angry.”

- He probably gets so excited when you both find the perfect place within your price range. He doesn’t react immediately, but as soon as he’s sure you’re alone he lifts you up and just spins you around. 

- Decorating with him is both a hassle and a game. He wants everything to be pretty minimalistic, and you’re fine with that, but you also want to put these stupid wicker animals you found at a flea market around the place and he’s having NONE OF IT.
“(F/N), I swear I will set that damn wicker bird on fire if it’s not out of this apartment by the time I get home.”
“You do that Connor and it’ll evolve from a simple bird into a Phoenix! It’ll rise from the ashes and wreck havoc on your life out of SPITE.”

- You used to have a schedule for who cooked on what days, but you quickly learned that Connor Murphy and Kitchens are sworn enemies. The poor boy was scrubbing pancake batter out of his hair for an hour after a certain incident with a hand mixer.

- Much like how you like to steal Connor’s hoodies, Connor likes to steal that one overly large sweater that you own. Yeah, that one.

- You guys have weekly movie nights, you just lie in each other’s arms on the big slightly stiff couch that Connor picked out and swear at cheesy horror movies Prince Fluffy Bottom yips throughout all the loud jump scare moments.

- After awhile you both stop paying attention to whatever movie you’re watching and just talk. If a subject takes a slightly darker turn and it starts to set Connor off, you immediately make a stupid pun and he actually screams.
“Hey, Connor what does a house wear?”
“What? What does that have to do with anything?”
“It wears a dress~!”
“I want a divorce.”

- One day while Connor was working late you turned the small spare room into an art room for him to continue his watercolor paintings. 

- He’s usually the one to initiate cuddles. You both are a lot like cats when it comes to contact, but Connor has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when you’re in a cuddling mood so he just starts cuddling you out of nowhere.

- It did you a major frighten the first time he initiated a cuddle day.

- You both have certain chores you hate to do, so what you won’t do he will and vice versa. Except for dishes, neither of you will do that shit. It’s a real problem. The lady at the convenience store is a bit concerned over the amount of paper plates and plastic cups you both buy.

- This jerk will use your body wash without asking, so when you start running out sooner than you expected he acts like you’ve lost your damn mind.

- But seriously, who does he think he is? Does he know how expensive that specific body wash is?!

- You have to keep first aid kits in almost every room in the apartment. This boy is so accident prone. Protect him from himself, please and thanks.

- He really likes going grocery shopping with you? You get this weird look on your face when comparing prices, plus he has to make sure you don’t revert back to a college student.
“No, (F/N) you can not buy an entire case of ramen.”
“But Connor, it’s on sale!”

- This boy rarely takes responsibility for Prince Fluffy Bottom. The two just chill while you are left with actually raising the walking pompom. 

Gone - Part 3

@ mayfeather27  here’s part 3!!


You are now six months pregnant, and are currently living in Tony’s mansion in Ireland. You and Natasha were preparing for the rest of the Avengers to visit. New York was quiet and Tony had gotten the Fantastic Four to agree to watch over the city while they were away.

“Y/N! What are you doing? Let me get that” Tasha called out

You chuckle and squat down anyway, picking up your phone from where you dropped it. “I’m pregnant, not an invalid, Tasha”

The spy stopped beside you, “You could hurt yourself if you fall, and Thor isn’t here to bring you to the hospital”

“I’m not going to fall, and even if I did, I’m a Super Soldier, I’m pretty sure this body could take a fall. Just give it another month or so and you’ll get tires of having to pick everything up for me”

“I’ll never get tired of preserving your help, Сестра”

Sir and the rest of the Avengers have just arrived

Out of habit you look up to the ceiling, “Thanks, JARVIS”

You are quite welcome, Ms. Y/N. May I inquire on the state of your child?

“Now, I know that you have systems that monitor me all day, so you already know how the baby’s doing”

While that is true, I cannot gauge the activity of the child, or how you are feeling

“The baby’s really active today, and I’m fine, a little tired, but fine”

Thank you, Ms. Y/N. I will inform the doctor of your condition

“Thanks, JARVIS”

Before either you or Natasha can move, the door bursts open and Tony walks in. when he catches sight of you he runs forward, intending to scoop you into a hug, but Tasha steps in his way

“No, Tony. You cannot be too rough with her. I will not stand for any of you to injur Y/N or the baby”

“Well it’s good to know that some things never change” Clint calls out, tossing his duffle bag onto the hallway floor

“You may be my best friend, Clint, but if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you”

“Tasha” you snap, she immediately stiffens and glances back at you, “Stop threatening them, they are on vacation. You and Thor are going to have to get used to other people touching me and my stomach.”

Tony steps around Natasha and gives you a gentle hug. “I missed you, Y/N, I haven’t had anyone to watch cheesy horror movies with”

“Well, if you’re staying until the end of the pregnancy then we’ll have plenty of time to catch up”

You pull away from Tony and walk toward Bruce, “Hello, Bruce”

Bruce blushes, “Hi, Y/N.”

“Hello, Hulk”

Bruce’s eyes flash green, “He missed you, too. There hasn’t been a code green since you left. I was wondering if we could go outside and he could …”

Ever since you had joined the Avengers you had made it your goal to bring Bruce and Hulk closer. You had wanted them to understand each other. Eventually Hulk had calmed, would only come out if Bruce wanted him to, or if he was needed. There were practically no more unwanted transformations, and Bruce was a hell of a lot happier than he had been before.

“I’d love to see Hulk, maybe after dinner?”

“Yeah, I’d really like that”

Captain Rogers and Thor are requesting assistance at the quinjet

“Never mind, JARVIS, we got it” Steve called

“Steve!” You quickly waddle over and hug the other Super Soldier, “I missed you!”

“I missed you too, Y/N” Steve gently holds you at arm’s length, “Wow, I think you’ve gotten even bigger since the last time we video chatted”

You chuckle, “Yeah, the baby just keeps on growing!”

Steve’s face suddenly falls, “I’m so sorry, Y/N”

You look up at him, confused, “Why are you sorry? You just got here”

Steve sighs softly, squaring his shoulders, “I told Bucky about the pregnancy”

You choke, your eyes widening in horror, “Steve …”

“I didn’t tell him where you were, or where we were going, but he saw one of the pictures that you sent us. He was furious, calling you names for going and getting you knocked up right after your breakup. I just got so angry, we ended up in a huge fight. I shouted at him that the baby was his” Steve locks eyes with you, “I’m so sorry”

You lift a trembling hand up to your mouth, “I think I need to sit down” You whisper.

Immediately Tasha takes you by the elbow and leads you to the living room, gently sitting you down on the couch. “James has been looking for you for about a month and he hasn’t found us yet. Please calm down, worrying isn’t good for the baby”

“You knew?”

“Of course I knew. Steve called me as soon as Bucky stormed out of the Tower. JARVIS has been keeping track of which Houses he’s been to already”

“I didn’t want Bucky to know about the baby” You look up at Tasha, frantically grabbing her arm, “I don’t want him to take my baby away! You guys can’t let him take my baby”

Steve sits down beside you, “If he even tries to get to you, he’ll have to go through all of us”

You nod quietly and look up at everyone in the room. All of them were nodding along with what Steve had said, “Thank you guys. I think I want to take a nap, I hope you guys don’t mind”

“Go ahead, we’ll start making dinner, and get settled in”

“Thanks, I’ll be up in a little while”

Steve gently pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Let JARVIS know if you need anyone, we’ll all be right here”

Another month has passed and you are rapidly approaching your eighth month of pregnancy. It was getting increasingly difficult to walk around without someone hovering over you. Currently Bruce and Thor were out grocery shopping, Tony and Steve were talking to Phil and getting an update on New York, and Natasha and Clint were playing Mario Kart in the living room. This left you as the only one to answer the door when someone knocks.

“Gimme a minute! I’m moving as fast as I can!” You call out

Ms. Y/N, Ms. Natasha has been alerted to the knock. She has asked me to tell you not to open the door

You chuckle and take a step away from the door “Alright, not need to get nervous, JARVIS. I just wanted to see who it was”

Natasha walks up behind you and grabs the door handle. She pulls the door open about two inches and glances at the person on the other side. As soon as she sees the visitor, Tasha slams the door shut again.

“Go up to your room, Y/N” Tasha growls, pulling out one of her knives. It’s so rare for her to look anxious that is immediately puts you on edge.

“Who was it?” You whisper, dread beginning to fill you

“Сестра, please …”

You step forward and grab the door handle, “Move, Tasha”

Surprisingly she obeys, stepping away from the door, her shoulders hunching slightly in defeat. You throw the door open and freeze when you make eye contact with the person on the other side of the door.

James Buchanan Barnes stood there, his eyes sweeping up and down your body, zeroing in on your protruding stomach.

“Bucky …” His name nothing more than a breath.

He raises his eyes to yours, “Steve wasn’t lying, you really are pregnant”

You nod quietly, “Yeah, I am”

Bucky gently nudged you back inside and steps into the mansion, “Do you know how hard it was to find you? No one would tell me anything, and then they all just left. Eventually I just started going out to all of the properties that Tony owns. I’m sorry it took so long to find you, but JARVIS refused to be any help”

You could feel the shock wear off, and anger rise up to take its place. “That’s what you’re sorry for?!? For taking too long to find me!? Did you ever think that I didn’t want to be found? You left me! I didn’t want you to know about the baby! I didn’t want to force you to stay with me! Our child deserves more than that!” By the end of your rant you can feel tears flowing down your face. Tasha steps forward and hands you a tissue.

“The stress is not good for the baby, Y/N, you need to calm down” While Tasha was extremely gently with you, she rained down all her anger onto Bucky. “How dare you show your face here, Barnes! You think you can just show up and everything will be alright?!”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” Tears were filling Bucky’s eyes, “I had to leave you, I didn’t have a choice. That day at the café Rumlow called me, he demanded that I end our relationship. He threatened to kill you, to take you back to HYDRA. He had a gun trained on you, and I couldn’t disobey. If I had you might have been killed.”

“If you think that excuse is enough, then you are wrong” Tasha growls

Bucky wasn’t listening to her though; he was only looking at you. “By the time I tracked him down and destroyed the facility, you were gone. I went back to the Tower to get some help. That was where I saw the picture of you pregnant. I just got so angry that I started calling you names and then Steve told me that the baby was mine. That was when I realized why HYDRA wanted you so badly.” Bucky let out a soft sob, “He wouldn’t tell me where you were. And then when I went back a week later everyone was gone and JARVIS wouldn’t tell me where they went. I managed to track then here, to you.” Bucky drops down onto his knees and grabs your hands, “Do you – do you think you could ever forgive me?”

You sigh quietly, “I don’t know, Bucky. I hurt when you left, it felt like you didn’t even care, like I meant nothing to you”

“I know, and I’ll do anything to make up for that! Just – please give me a second chance. I’d never have left you if I had the choice, I just didn’t see any way out of it”

“One chance, Bucky, only one, that’s all you get”

Bucky peppers kisses all over your hand, “Thank you, thank you, thank you …”

“You have to get everyone else to forgive you too, Bucky” you tell him, Bucky nods frantically, “One mistake Buck, one, and you’re gone”

“I promise, Y/N. I promise I’ll do anything to make it up to you”

“I’ve already accepted your apology, it’s the others that you have to worry about”


Part 4

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just random cute thor x dizzee headcanons? 🙂

  • thor always buys dizzee cute rings 
  • the first time thor told dizzee he loved him, he started out with “marcus…” so now every time thor calls him by his real name dizzee knows he’s about to confess his undying love or something equally as important
  • dizzee loves to paint all over thor’s back. whether it’s a well thought out galaxy or just thick stripes of color, it’s truly one of his favorite things to do. thor usually giggles because he’s ticklish. (and maybe dizzee purposely brushes against the sensitive spots on his sides to hear him laugh)
  • they get high and watch cheesy horror movies 
  • dizzee starts making cute clothes for thor, like his alien vest
  • i had a dream once where they were drinking wine and watching reality shows so that’s real 

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ot4 + food!!!

“Adrien, sit down.”

Adrien glanced between the three of them. “Is…something wrong?”

“It’s about the Camembert,” Nino explained as Alya gestured to the free seat they’d left for Adrien.

“We’re worried,” Marinette added, frowning up at him.

Adrien sank into the chair with a low groan. “Okay, it’s not-”

“You know there’s other food out there, right? Other cheeses, too.” Alya leaned in closer. “But every day, we all have to kiss you while you smell like Camembert.”

Nino made a face. “And every time you come over, our rooms always smell like the angry ghost of an abandoned cheese factory.”

Adrien raised a brow, but Alya and Marinette both nodded in agreement.

“There’s just so many other things you could eat.” Marinette grinned. “We have some other options for you if you’ll just-

“Wait. You don’t understand-” Adrien began again.

“Look,” Alya interrupted, holding out her hand, “Just give up the Camembert, and we can introduce you to food that tastes way better and doesn’t smell like it could kill you.”

“It’s not mine!” Adrien shouted.

The trio shared a look before Nino asked, “Okay, whose is it, then?”

“It’s um…” Adrien scrambled to figure out a plausible excuse for a moment. “It’s Nathalie’s.”

“Nathalie?” Marinette asked, brows furrowed.

“Yeah… We, um, go by a cheese shop on the way to school and we pick some up for her.” Adrien knew the excuse was flimsy at best, but maybe, just maybe, he’d be lucky and Alya wouldn’t question him.

“Why doesn’t she carry it herself?” Alya asked.

So much for luck. “She, uh…” Adrien considered for a second. “Well, my father can’t stand the smell, and she’s around him all the time, so I offered.”

“Really?” Alya watched him for a moment, no doubt looking for any kind of sign that he was trying to lie to her. “So, you don’t like Camembert? At all?”

Adrien nodded. “Trust me. I hate Camembert.” At least this was one question he could answer honestly.

“Fine.” Alya settled back in her seat. “I guess I believe you.” She jabbed a finger in Adrien’s direction. “But, you have to talk to Nathalie about something that helps with the smell, okay?”

“We’re still eating the snacks and everything, right?” Marinette asked, peeking back at the table they’d hidden just out of view. “I mean, we missed lunch for this.”

“Yeah, of course.” Nino grinned. “But now we can watch whatever we want instead of food documentaries.”

“I spent hours looking for those,” Alya grumbled.

“It was sweet of you to find them. But…” Marinette reached out to squeeze Alya’s hand. “They were a little dry, and my dad found a bunch of cheesy old horror movies last night.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon squeezed together on Marinette’s couch, exchanging snacks, laughing at movies together, and threatening to exile Adrien to the floor if he made one more cheese-related pun.

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5x23 Wishful Thinking No. 4

Thea: You realize your baby momma is behind us staring, right? 

Oliver: (sigh) Yeah, I know. 

Thea: You know Slade was teasing you about your past coming back to haunt you? Well, as your sister, I feel it necessary to point out that your wife, your baby momma, your ex-fiance and the doppelganger of your ex-girlfriend are all trapped on a deserted island with you. That sounds like the plot to a cheesy horror movie. 

Oliver: Thea…

Thea: I’m just saying…all you need is Sara to make this party complete. 

Oliver: I’m just going to punch some bad guys now. 

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Do you have any fluffy SF and US bros relationship headcanons?

You got it dude. 



  • tries his best to impress you, when he doesn’t need to
  • It’s actually really cute
  • Black is cute. Even if he tries to be fearsome
  • He’s not clingy and likes it when you’re independant
  • If someone is roughing you up, he trusts that you can handle yourself
  • But he’s going to want to join in on the fight too. 
  • He’s a spooner. He thinks he’s the big spoon, but really, Black is better at being a little spoon
  • Dates are extravagant and daring, like skydiving, bungee jumping, rocking climbing
  • If you’re ever afraid, Black understands. He’ll hold you and promises you that nothing will ever happen to you while he’s around. 


  • Why get a dog when you can get a Rus? 
  • Just kidding, but boi is he loyal af
  • He’s utterly, selflessly devoted to you because he loves you so much
  • That doesn’t mean he’s clingy or anything, in fact, he loves that you can be independant. 
  • His devotion means his full support in everything that you do. Sure, you guys might have a dispute every now and then, but no matter what, he’ll choose you. 
  • He’s a great listener. Rus might now say much if you’re ranting, but he’ll soothe you by running his fingers through your hair. 
  • Dates would be awful karaoke or baking cookies in the middle of the night. 
  • Great kisser.  



  • Excitable little skele!
  • Blue gets excited about all the little things, like listening to your day
  • He’s a good cook so he will feed you a lot. Especially tacos
  • Blue wants to do things with you like take you out on romantic walks in the park or strolling through the beach at sunset
  • Cuddle monster
  • He will squeeze you to death because he loves you so much.
  • Blue will compliment you everyday without fail.
  • Bought a new shirt? He’ll say it brings out your eyes. 
  • If you’re ever feeling down, he’ll bring you up again by praising and complimenting you until you smile. 


  • god Papy is such an asshole
  • But he’s an asshole that loves you
  • Consider him to to be the “bad boy” type
  • He can be rude, but he doesn’t mean it and always knows his limits
  • Head kisses. Stretch loves head kisses. 
  • Beware, he will fall asleep on you whenever he gets the chance
  • You’re just so soft….and squishy
  • Dates are usually some cheesy horror movie and take out from Muffets. 

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The next Halloween party. Most of the theater squad is at the party, but Michael and Jeremy decide to just hang out in the basement watching horror movies. They both kinda wanted to go with the others but neither are really party people. However, around 2 am, the rest of the squad shows up, many of them more than slightly intoxicated, and they stay up all night watching cheesy horror movies and getting scared shitless bc they're drunk so the movies are twice as scary.

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A/N: Tumblr apparantly deleted the ask where this was requested??? But not before I wrote it down so I am victorious and it still got written. This was really fun to write, especially because this is my best friend’s absolute fave so I have a good grasp on his character from making personal content. Enjoy!

Warnings: Romantic beastmasters are addictive and should only be taken in small doses. Viewer discretion is advised.

Kiba + “Please shut up, I can’t stand how appealing your voice is”

Konoha had descended abruptly into a frigid autumn aura. The skies were streaked in hues of burnt orange and blood red. When the sun went down, the wind gusted confidently through the thin branches of shedding trees, the lovely chatter of the leaves skittering across stone roads chasing the residents’ dreams.

The lights were dimmed in the Inuzuka household, adding to the atmospheric autumn outside. Most of it’s residents were cozy in their beds. Only Kiba and you were awake, reclining comfortably in his spacious basement while the TV played cheesy horror movie reruns.

You had become very invested in the movie within the first ten minutes, scrutinizing every detail that passed the screen. It was a familiar game, born of equal parts excitement and fear. The scary parts were a little easier to endure and a lot better to understand when they could be predicted from previous scenes, you’d learned.

It was when the great plot twist- that you’d completely predicted, without error- occurred that you finally twisted a little under your boyfriend’s arm, shaking him to get his attention. “Did you see that! I totally told you that Tracy had cursed that necklace. It’s a shame they didn’t find out soon enough, though. Would’ve saved at least three deaths, but it wouldn’t have made for a good movie at that point- Kiba?”

You finally turned completely, only to see that your jostling had done little else but cause your boyfriend’s head to fall onto the back of the couch. Your immediate feeling was one of concern. He had only just returned from a mission a day ago. Had he hidden some horrible injury from you? Was his head okay? How could you not have noticed his state earlier?

You abruptly sat up straight, but your concern didn’t last long. You felt a muscle under your eye jump as he snorted, breaking out of a deep sleep and staring at you wide eyed for a moment. You scoffed under your breath, watching as he groaned and pressed his elbows to his knees, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes “Did you hear anything I had to say?”

He peered up at you, giving you his widest and best pathetic puppy eyes in the face of your obvious irritation, and shook his head. You sighed heavily.

“Well, in the last couple minutes of the movie, it was revealed that-”

He groaned again, throwing his head back against the couch and covering his ears with two of the fluffy pillows that framed the couch. “Please don’t spoil the ending. I’m sorry I slept through it.”

You fell into a sudden bout of silence, heat flooding from your neck into the roots of your hair. In the short time you’d been with the beastmaster, you had never been around him so soon after he’d fallen asleep. For all your proud talk of your unbreakable collectedness, you couldn’t stop the echo of the first word that had slipped from his mouth, shattering your usually-clear mind. The rough drawl on the syllables had your insides twisting deliciously. Your jaw clenched as you looked away from him.

Kiba pulled the pillows away from his head, and you were glad that you weren’t looking into his deep black eyes. You weren’t thinking that he would mistake your avoidant silence for apparent anger, and the thought only crossed your mind when he reached forward, curling his arms tightly around your waist and pulling you snugly into his side once more- obviously sucking up. He nuzzled into your neck, pressing light kisses under your jaw until you were giggling and attempting to shove off his chest and away from the tickling attention. He laughed, still low and husky from sleep, and once again quiet crept up around you.

Kiba didn’t seem to understand your behavior, and all you could do was keep a shiver from quaking down your spine as he spoke once more. In a slow, gravelly tone he affectionately murmured, “I love you. I’ll protect you, if this horror movie is what’s making you all distant.” Somehow his voice deepened as he continued, “Nothing will touch you while I’m around.”

You suddenly turned, curling your fingers against the base of his neck and dipping him down so that you could kiss him hard on the mouth. Although surprised, his fingers slipped into your hair without hesitation. His teeth caught against your lower lip, his eyes half lidded at the feel of your warm lips against him, your intoxicating scent completely surrounding him, and for a second he believed that the kiss meant forgiveness.

But then you languidly pulled away and stood, taking away your heat. Your scent lingered lovingly on his clothes and comforted him despite his confusion  as you shook your head and marched around the couch, heading for the small fridge in the corner of the room. Cold water sounded heavenly to wash away the dryness in your mouth.

“What’s up with you?” Kiba asked, mussing his hair in an unsuccessful attempt to tame his messy brown locks.

“Please shut up.” You grumbled, feeling your heart thumping harshly against your chest. “I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

His eyes widened at your remark, finally understanding your discomfort. You looked thoroughly fearful as a mischievous smirk started to spread across his face.

You really should’ve known better.

🌻🌞 Hideweek, Day 6: Birth/Life 🌞🌻

“What do you mean you don’t wanna do anything for your birthday?” Kaneki asked, eyebrows raised and eyes wide.

Hide shrugged and swung himself higher on the swings. “I don’t really want anything. I’m happy just hanging out with you.”

“Is it because your parents won’t be home all day? If it is, we can stay up.”
“Nah, I’m okay. Really! Thanks, though.”

Kaneki’s frown didn’t disappear, and neither would Hide’s polite stubbornness. Regardless of what Hide had said, Kaneki had already planned on what present to give to his best friend. It sucked to know that Hide would be alone on his special day, so Kaneki decided right then and there that he’d have to be the one to bring the party to Hide.

“So you really don’t wanna go anywhere? Not even with just me?”
“It’s supposed to rain a shit ton that day, so it’s not like we’d have anywhere to go but indoors.”

Kaneki hummed sadly. Even the weather seemed to be against Hide, despite Hide’s birthday landing on a Saturday that year.

“Is it okay for me to come over still?”
“Yeah man, you know you’re always welcome at Club Nagachika!”
“Can we do something at your place then? Even if it’s just me cooking something for you and a movie?”

Hide snickered and looked at Kaneki with a cheeky grin.

“You’re gonna make someone a fine wife someday~”
“Oh, shut up.” Hide laughed at Kaneki’s reddening cheeks.

Kaneki was about to ask Hide for a definitive answer when Hide gracefully jumped off his swing and nailed the landing. Hide came behind Kaneki’s swing to gently push him before quietly saying, "You have my permission to do what you asked for.“ Kaneki smiled and promised himself to make Hide happier than a kid buying a three-scoop ice cream cone.

The week came and went faster than Kaneki expected. Homework and upcoming tests had preoccupied him to the point where he had to write himself a note about picking up Hide’s present. Come Friday afternoon, Kaneki scrambled to make it to the store before closing time. Sighing contentedly, Kaneki hoped– no, was certain– Hide would love his gift. Kaneki waited until midnight to wish Hide a happy birthday before falling asleep for the night.

Kaneki woke to heavy rainfall Saturday morning. Excited for his best friend’s special day, Kaneki shook his grogginess away and hopped into the shower. What should he wear on such a celebratory, gloomy day? Would he be too overdressed if he went in a button-up and slacks? Probably. Would he be too casual if he went in jeans and a t-shirt? Definitely, not that Hide would mind. Kaneki opted for semi-casual with a zipper hoodie.

Slinging his bag over his shoulder and cradling Hide’s colorfully wrapped gift under his arm, Kaneki grabbed an umbrella and scampered out the door. As much as Kaneki hated getting his pants wet, he bolted through puddles all the way down to Hide’s place. Hide was worth possibly getting sick. Once he reached Hide’s house, Kaneki rang the doorbell twice in his excitement. Hide took his sweet time coming to the door.

“You’re up before me? Damn… you really are excited about my bday, huh?” Hide yawned, rubbing his eyes.

“Sorry, did I wake you?”
“Don’t worry about it. Come in, eager beaver~”

After crossing the threshold of the Nagachika household, Kaneki set about catering to Hide’s every beck and call for the entirety of the day; Kaneki knew he’d be going overboard, but he didn’t care. A big breakfast? Sure. A surprise marathon of cheesy horror movies? You got it. A quaint café-style lunch? You betcha. Shoulder massage, quality video game time, validation that Hide was loved? Hell yeah. Kaneki had been so adamant about making the best of Hide’s day that it came as a complete surprise when Hide hugged him and said, "You can stop now.“

“Why? I thought you were enjoying yourself.”
“Believe me, I am. I’m so full of gratitude and joy that I’m afraid I’ll burst if you keep bending over backwards for me!”

Kaneki apologized, but Hide only hugged him tighter. What did I ever do to deserve you? Hide thought to himself quietly, Kaneki laid his head on Hide’s shoulder.

“I promise to stop being so extra IF you agree to one last gesture.” Hide laughed and nodded.

Kaneki pulled away, feeling giddy, and pulled Hide’s present out from under the coffee table in Hide’s living room. Hide had liked the wrapping paper Kaneki had chosen. Smiling widely and placing Hide’s gift in his lap, Kaneki urged Hide to open it after giving the blond the millionth happy birthday that evening.

Hide smiled sweetly and carefully tore the wrapping from the corners before tearing the rest to shreds. Hide was met with a cardboard box. He gave Kaneki a suspicious glance while Kaneki hid a wide smile behind the palm of his hand. After finally opening the lid, Hide grew silent and still. With the upmost delicate touch, he pulled out an orange pair of headphones and held them in his hands.

“I was hoping to get the yellow ones you had your eyes on, but someone beat me to it by the time I had saved up the money…” Kaneki nervously admitted.

“I hope you still like them, though. Happy birthday, Hide.”

Just as cautiously as Hide had taken them out, Hide put his headphones back into its packaging. He laid his gift on the coffee table and before Kaneki could blink, they both fell back onto the couch in the tightest bear hug Hide could muster. Kaneki complained about Hide crushing him to death to tease him, but when Kaneki heard a stifled sniffle, he got serious instead.

Kaneki rubbed Hide’s back in slow circles to soothe him. After a few minutes of nothing but silence, the quietest “Thank you,” Kaneki had ever heard from Hide reached Kaneki’s ear.

Two Goal Deficit (Nate Schmidt - Request)

A/N: This is my VERY first imagine I have ever written, and also my first contribution to the world of NHL drabbles/fanfics/etc. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as well as any pointers and feedback! Let me know if you guys like this writing style, the length, dialogue, etc. This doesn’t have too much talking as I imagine most athletes don’t want to speak much after a tough loss. :) Thank you!

Request: Hi booboo! Hopefully you are getting some requests!!! If I may to help get you started… as a fellow Caps fan (!!!) can I get a Nate Schmidt imagine??? He’s so sunshiny!!! Maybe like after a tough loss he’s down and you just want to take care of him and make him smile again???

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norsewanderlust  asked:

To the anon who couldn't choose, how about a threesome?



-Lucas always hugging Clancy and Ethan just joins the muddle of limbs

-Clancy, Lucas and Ethan love hugging in a giant pile

-Clancy inviting them over for a date and they all curl up on the floor with blankets, food and cheesy horror movies

-Lucas gets twice the amount of love and it makes him happy

-Clancy gets, even more, support and help with his work and it helps with the stress load

-Ethan has two wonderful boyfriends that care for him when he has loads of work chucked at him and that remind him to eat or sleep

-Ethan and Lucas both have terrible sleep schedules and stay up together. Clancy has to remind them to sleep quite regularly

-Lucas sometimes gets really jealous when Clancy and Ethan go on dates without him

-Clancy and Ethan then proceed to spend the whole day with him and smother him with affection

-Marguerite and Jack find it really strange how Lucas has two male partners but end up like ‘eh okay’

-They see how happy Lucas is and welcome the two men into the family

-Zoe finds it weird too but she really likes that she can mess around with Ethan and Clancy

-They’re all very happy together

Scott McCall Preference Questions

A/N: Scott’s a little cutie.

What do they do when they’re jealous/see someone flirting with you?

Scott will be hard at work concentrating on trying not to turn. He trusted you, so Scott knew you weren’t trying to make him angry or jealous. He allows the conversation to continue, but he’ll be forcing a smile the entire time. Sooner or later, the person will feel terribly awkward under the intense stare and smile of Scott, they’ll leave. If the individual knows Scott’s a werewolf, Scott will flash his eyes at them.

What do they do when they’re given the silent treatment?

Scott’s a huge softie. He’ll keep trying to get you to talk to him by sending you flowers, candies, and notes. Scott will sneak to your house and apologize over and over again. After a day, you usually relent to his persuading and kiss him on the nose.

How do they react when you’ve gotten hurt?

Scott always believes it’s his fault for you getting hurt. He says it’s because he should’ve been protecting you or that people are after you because he’s a werewolf. You always tell him that it’s not true, and try to get him to stop worrying. Scott hates when you get hurt and always tries to watch out for you.

How do they feel about affection? Do they enjoy show it in public?

He loves your hugs and hand holding. Wherever you are, Scott will find a way to get a hug from you or hug you. When you’re walking with him, he’ll grab your hand. Scott isn’t afraid of PDA at all.

What is their favorite type of kiss?

Scott’s favorite kiss is a passionate one after a battle. He’s always afraid that he’ll lose you, so as soon as the fighting ceases, he’ll wrap you in his arms and give you a long kiss. Stiles always looks away and pretends to gag, but he secretly finds it adorable.

Are they a dog or cat person?

Scott is obviously a dog person. He enjoys racing them and going on jogs with them. Scott will play with any dog if he sees it and has time.

 When did they first say “I love you”?

Scott first said “I love you” when you were watching a cheesy horror movie with him. You were curled up into his side, hiding from the screen, and he thought it was so adorable that the words just slipped out of his mouth. As soon as he said them, he tried to retract the “I love you,” but you silenced him with a kiss. After the kiss, you said the words right back at him, and Scott was positively beaming.

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