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Who’s That Vans Girl?: Lauren Webster of Lauren & The Lost Boys

Sydney-based painter Lauren Webster made us do a double-take with her bright, colorful paneled paintings that have a Southwestern twist. With a love for all things vintage and retro, we knew she must have a killer story behind those eye-catching cacti. After exchanging a few emails to the down-under artist, we found out more about her adventurous spirit and whirlwind of current projects.

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Though at first they don’t always see eye-to-eye, these four Heroes of Light will build bonds of trust and affection so strong that, in the end, they may even save the world.

Okay I’ve had my blog for a short 5 months and this is a crazy huge goal to make in such a short time? Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal, and most of all for everyone who has just been my friend and I love you all so much and i’m really cheesy and stuff but i just love you and yeah! (credit to my baby chloe for making me this beautiful gif graphic thingy) favorites and mutuals  are in bold. i’m sorry if I “forget” anyone  (●´ω`●)

#abcd: 2k13irwin 4sauce 5sos-official adorelucas airguitars anarchyaustralia artsymichael asherwindle ashirtwit babylukevevo bdland begsmichael bitchingirlfriend brycedallashowards cakes5sos caluimhood calum5sos calumbw calumfood calumisaqt calumsqts calumunofficial calumxhoood candy-bricks cashtans cashtcnsos cashtonaf cashtonkinks clumhood  cuddlesclfford cuntmichael dankpunks deschanels drunkmichaels dylan-obriens dylanbrians

efgh: ewokashton faerieclifford fairrie favesos fightingirwin fightmehemmo fivesaus fknsclifford fuxkashton geeksvevo ghostymalum guitarst ha1sey hemmocrat hemmoful hoemichaels hoemike holdmdown honestyhood hoodzer hotdamn5sos

ijkl: ikeepcruising irweicake irwnx itsmichaels jetsblackheart justinbieberaf kissableirwin kittenmichael lamelucass lashtuns lasshton lhemmings lilaclum lipringsandsnapbacks llukehemmo lovemelikethatsongontheradio lucifer2k16 lukebblukehateclub lukenvm lukesos lhemoans

mnop: maiamitch malumsnudes malumtrash2k15 michaelcliffords michaelcliffordgifs michaelgordns michaelqclifford micool5sos mikeyloser mukenope muketrash mydarlinghalsey ohemmoh okbutluke okbutwhereismichael onetedswift orgasmicclifford outofmylimits permanentsvacation polaroidsofyous puckerupluke

qrst: ridicalum sebastianstantrash seemedlikeapostcard shakeitaylors sheskindahot shitmike shutuplashton skybluelucas smhmichael stardustmichael sugardaddymike swiftsclifford tayllorswifts teamalum tellmetofeel thatniallers tokyoluke toolucas tylerdylans

uvwxyz: unofficialrockstar wbadlands youngsgodzayenmalik

Time to play: Find your blog name! bwahaha

My first ever Follow Forever to commemorate 500 followers! 

Honestly, this means so much to me. So much. When I made this blog, I wasn’t expecting to get this far – especially not in such little time. I think it’s been less than a year tbh. However, despite the relatively short amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve met some rather amazing and wonderful people. People that have helped me change and recognize myself, people that have given me beautiful words of advice and compliments, people that I can genuinely call my best friends. This seems pretty over-the-top, considering this is just a silly anime blog, but it’s true hahaha! I’ve bonded with a ton of you and I can’t wait for the many more to come (hopefully!). Love you guys, and of course, thank you so so so so so much for stickin’ around and for joining me. 

And now, for the list~!


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Sorry if I missed anyone! 

This cheesy af post brought you by yours truly, 

Saba ~ ♡

Dear ARMYs: For “06-13-16 ∴ 3 Years”

Yo! The Enigma (ahem, that would be me) has left her cave to give a quick (though it probably won’t be quick) “thank you!”

I decided to start making Thank You posts for the graphics of mine. If you left tags on your reblogs, then you’re here~

  • NOTE: I appreciate all reblogs and likes, regardless of tags or commentary. This post is just to give a bit of extra love to those who “reached out.”
  • CTRL + F (or Command + F) to find your URL quickly!

In case you don’t remember the exact graphic, it’s HERE! :)

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