cheesy edits by me

“Don’t cry about dreams that don’t come true today. Sometimes ya needs ta try another way” ☀

                                                                                                         - Kapp’n


Baekhyun is cringing from Suho’s cheesiness while Chen and D.O. remain immune to it
↳ EXO’rDIUM in Singapore, April 2nd 2017 (own fancam)


I can’t get my guitar wet! What should I do?


“Even if it takes three thousand, thirty thousand years, I won’t admit defeat!”

The Tales of Wukong | 悟空传 (2017) (x)


to the light that makes the sun and stars shine– the light that makes exo the group it is today; happy birthday to our leader, our suho.

your light will never fade!

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas to our favorite Christmas miracle and Prime Minister for Everyday, Justin Trudeau! 🎄🎁💖


“distance is just a test to see how far love can travel”