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What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: Our family celebrated Christmas today, which in and of itself created more smiles than I can count, from brunch at our house where I gorged myself on cheesy potato casserole, to dinner at my grandfather’s where I gorged myself on mashed potatoes with gravy. The whole day, however, included an extra layer of Happy throughout many of our interactions, and this is why: this past Friday, it was announced that the FDA had officially approved the FIRST-EVER treatment for SMA. What this means for me, and thousands of other kids and adults, is that we now have real hope of significantly slowing the progression of our disease. In clinical trials, children with even the most severe forms of SMA achieved milestones such as sitting upright and walking. It’s a truly incredible moment in history. For someone my age, who has already experienced years of muscle wasting, it’s uncertain what kind of strength I could potentially regain, but even if I was able to chew with a little more ease or breathe a little more confidently, it would be life-changing. I’ll have more to write in the coming weeks/months, but for now I’ve got a great big smile on my face. Hope is a powerful emotion.

Monday: We celebrated Christmas with the other side of our family today, so it was another lovely day full of laughter and food. There’s a stray cat that has taken to visiting my Nana’s house, and she (Nana has named her Nosey Rosey) stopped by during our gathering. My cousin, Luke, who is almost two years old, watched the kitty through the back door with eyes full of wonder, repeating to anyone who would listen, “Cah! Cah! Cah!” as if he was making a big discovery. It made me smile.

Tuesday: Andrew and I went grocery shopping tonight, and unbeknownst to us, the particular grocery store we chose closed at 7pm. Once we finished shopping and made our way to an annoyed-looking cashier, it made sense why all the lights had gone out and the store was empty. Whoops! It made me smile.

Wednesday: My brother and I stopped at a local diner for a quick dinner before we drove to Philly to pick up Hannah from the airport (smile!), and during our meal, a couple stopped by our table to introduce themselves. They said they have been long-time followers of our nonprofit, and they remembered seeing me cruising around the streets of Bethlehem as a little kid. It’s always nice to meet people who follow our work and my writing. Shortly before we left, our waitress came over and said, “Well, I would bring you your check, but that couple from before has already paid it.” It made both of us smile! If the couple who paid for our meal reads this, thank you so much!

Thursday: Hannah and I took a mini trip to visit her hometown in Connecticut today! We drove through torrential rain and fog for the entire drive, but along the way, we stopped at the Norwalk Aquarium where my Uncle John, who is the Curator of the aquarium, gave us a behind-the-scenes tour. Being above the shark tank made me smile, but I was not allowed to swim with them, which was a bummer.

Friday: I ate at IHOP for the first time in my life this morning, and now I finally feel like a true American. Cheesy tomato soup and eggs benedict made me smile.

Saturday: During our New Year’s Eve festivities, we played a game called Taboo where you have to describe a given word to your teammate without using any of the five “taboo” words. For example, try getting someone to guess the word “dog” but you can’t use the words “animal,” “pet,” “bark,” “woof,” or “canine.” Got it?

During one of our turns, I began describing to Hannah: “He was a guy who figured out how things…” and with some sort of insane mind-reading ability, she immediately guessed “Charles Darwin,” which was correct. I was in awe, and it made me smile.

What made you smile this week?


Youngjae as our Boyfriend

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RequestGot7 Youngjae as my boyfriend

  • Youngjae is so cute. I think whenever you saw him you couldn’t control yourself
  • Every time he smiled, you smiled, then he’d smile more and the smiling would carry on for a good 20 minutes.
  • “Can have we have another dog, jagi?” “Youngjae, I have you. That’s all I need.” “Oh.”
  • Him bringing Coco home all the time??? Even though that’s not even his dog sorta???
  • Mark would have to come over all the time just to get Coco back.
  • Eventually, Youngjae and you got a dog and named it Spice. Why? 
  • Youngjae wanted to name it Spice because Coco and Spice go in food.
  • It was cheesy af I KNOW.
  • Dinners with him required a movie and cuddling you. That’s all.
  • 25 minutes into the cuddling session, he’d fall asleep. He’s a busy man.
  • Soon he’d wake up only to find you asleep on the other couch.
  • He got sad and moved from the couch he laid on to you so he can cuddle you again.
  • Youngjae?
  • The cutest boyfriend a woman can ask for. Protect this smol precious bean
OTP Prompt

A and B are hosting a big dinner. It’s half an hour before dinner is served, and no guests have shown up yet. They’re getting worried. A starts fussing and fretting, debating whether to call up the guests and ask where they are. B puts their arm around A’s waist and pulls them close, shutting them up with a kiss. B tucks A’s hair behind their ear, and says “Repeat after me: Everything is fine, and the guests will show up.”

A starts to protest, saying “But what if they don’t-”. B interrupts with a kiss again, and rests their forehead against A’s.

“I said repeat after me. Everything is fine, and the guests will show up.” B laughs and waits for A to reply.

A sighs, then repeats “Everything is fine, and the guests will show up.” B grins, and tells A to keep thinking that over and over.

Moments later, the door bell rings. A rushes to the door and opens it, and excitedly shows the guests in. B stands off to the side watching A, loving and appreciating the worrying dork that is their lover.

ideal dates for the signs

Aries: beach dates. parasailing, boardwalk fries, and long romantic walks


Gemini- study dates or admiring museums. will probably take you to a cute cafe and listen to you talk for hours.

Cancer- a cheesy movie/dinner date. then coming back home and sleeping in each other’s arms.

Leo- will probably stay in and watch movies until they actually decide what they want to do. if you buy them concert tickets they’ll marry you on the spot.

Virgo- a nice long hike just talking to each other, and enjoying the view once you get up there.

Libra- group datesss where everyone can just hang out and get along.

Scorpio- going to a show, and having a home cooked meal. key to a scorpio’s heart is through their stomach.

Sagittarius- getting on a plane or a train and going absolutely anywhere. no talking, just being comfortable in each other’s silence.

Capricorn- an adorable amusement park date. holding hands when scared, and being completely comfortable in public.

Aquarius- a full day together, walking around town and falling asleep to some dumb show. never a dull moment.

pisces- a cute aquarium/ museum date. extremely affectionate, will probably hold you too close/ too tight.


seokjin: feeding you from across the table; “here comes the airplaaaane!” “jin, we’re both 26.”

namjoon: making cute faces to one another to express how much you guys enjoy the food and each others company

taehyung: wanting you to feed him some of the food on your plate by staring at you with his mouth open

jungkook: offering you a forkful of food but turning it back to his face at the last minute and eating it smugly while laughing at you

yoongi: watching you eat and forgetting to eat himself because wow you are such a beaut 

jimin: reaching over and tucking your hair behind your ear when it looks like its going to touch your food

hoseok: stealing food from your plate because “it looked better on your plate” even though you guys ordered the same thing 


        their valentine’s day was loaded. from the cheesy gifts and classy dinner, arsen was glad their day went according to plan. now, it was nearly midnight and the couple were cuddled beneath a plethora of blankets while some romcom played on the tv. the artists hands begin to roam beneath the blanket, fingertips teasing the soft skin just beneath the waistband of her panties. “hope you enjoyed your valentine’s day, babe.” his voice is gruff as he’s shifting to his side, getting a better view of her. 


Some of this week’s dinners: super cheesy scrambled eggs with a garlic sausage, bacon and spinach cheese crust pizza and guac and bacon cheese crust tacos!

I haven’t been eating entirely keto this week - a little too many cashews and chocolate, to be honest.

Oh well, time to get back on the strict keto horse!


Mommy’s little helper

Good evening or morning guys Åmi was my helper after we got home from church. So James took everyone to the store except Åmi because she wanted to stay with me so while James and the rest of the kids were at the store Åmi helped me make Hamburger helper for dinner she cut up carrots with a butter knife of course and made our dinner really cheesy which the kids loved. Once we all got done eating it was time for bed and James and I put everyone to bed.