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'Power Rangers' Director Explains Why Romantic Scene Didn't Make Final Cut
Love was in the air for a pair of Power Rangers — until test audiences said no.

They cut a heterosexual romance because it didn’t fit the story, and because including it did a disservice to the female character’s individual narrative arc.

sorry but your faves literally would never



Happy Birthday, Chuuya!
                 / The fanciful hat I wear                         
      ____ /————————————-            
    /        /    Takes your heart away     
  /        /——————————————–
 \                 A date would be nice                    
   \ __________________________________

So won’t you say ‘yes’?

Dating KJ Apa would include....

- He’s a huge goof ball and you’d laugh a lot 

- Midnight drives with the windows down and music up 

- Dyeing your hair together 

- “Awe babe, let’s do a darker shade!" 

- Dogs, dogs galore 

- "Can we get another dog, love?" 

 - "KJ, we have four. We barely fit in our bed, the dogs take it all." 

- Puppy dog eyes 

- He’d totally lay his head in your lap or your boobs when you’re reading or not giving him enough attention 

- Practicing lines together 

- He would serenade you all the time because he loves to play guitar 

- Learning all your favourite songs so he can play them for you 

- Lets be honest, your social medias would be so full of each other, the fans would go nuts 

- Being literal couple goals 

- Hanging with the Riverdale cast and just totally teasing everyone 

- Almost all of your friends have walked in on you 

- Blame KJ, he can’t keep his hands of off you 

- Cute outfits to drive him crazy 

- Which is easy because he’s almost always turned on around you 

- Cute texts

- Cliche and totally cheesy dates that you love to the end of the world 

- Dog cuddles on the couch 

- KJ does not wear clothing in the apartment 

- You’re okay with that -Especially when he makes you breakfast in bed, completely nude 

- He has watched The Magic Mikes with you and even though he won’t admit it to any of his friends, he dances for you like that 

- "God, KJ keep doing that" 

- Nicknames like love, cutie, baby, sweetheart, kitten 

- You call him things like red, dork, kiwi, babe 

- Matching outfits that just slay red carpet events 

- Having a YouTube channel for your shared adventures and the fans just love you to pieces and worship you for quality KJ footage 

- Massages like you wouldn’t believe because he has nice hands 

 - Hanging in New Zealand with his family and absolutely being adored 

- Literally everyone who hangs out with you are your personal photographers - French kisses 

- Hickeys 

- Netflix and Chill because that boy has it written all over his face 

- Fancy dinners at fancy restaurants where all you literally do is sit in a corner and people watch and laugh at the snootiness of the people around you 

- Messing around on sets 

- Pranking Cole Sprouse because why not? 

- Interviews where you’re back stage just so KJ can see your face 

- Cuddles everywhere at anytime 

- Binge watching all the old Disney shows 

- Building forts in your living room because you’re dating a large man child 

- Piggybags literally everywhere, you’re not sure why you have legs anymore ‘cause he just carries you everywhere 

- He takes you to concerts all the time because he likes to see you smile and rock out 

- KJ loves to take you to the beach and places like Hawaii and Baja for trips because he loves to stare at your body in a bikini 

- Dog walks in the park 

- Dancing in the rain 

- Sneaking into a Broadway theatre and singing on the stage just to reenact Glee 

- So many inside jokes 

- He’d be so supportive no matter what you do 

- He’s very clingy 

 - Texts and FaceTime while he’s away 

- Snapchats all the time 

- Can you imagine the group chat with the riverdale cast? 

- You’d also have a cat or four 

- KJ loves animals

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Dating Ethan Would Include...

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-Wearing matching onsies

-Cute, cheesy dates

-Being in his videos

-Moist Mondays

-Movie dates (Either Disney marathons or Horror movies)

-Dyeing your hair matching colors

-Going to meet and greets

-Baking at midnight

 -flour fights

 -eating all of the dough before you can bake it


 -staying in bed all day

 -tangled legs

 -nose kisses

 -listening to TOP

 -making pillow forts

-Him teaching you how to play the uke

-Him playing you songs on his uke

Dating Oliver would include…

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-Him trying to impress you during every match
-You being his ‘lucky charm’
-Secret make out sessions on the pitch
-Him still being kind of nervous around you at the beginning of your relationship
-But later on getting comfortable with it and enjoying whispering ambiguous little things in your ear
-Him calling you his “Snitch” sometimes
-You calling him your “Keeper”
-Getting made fun of by your housemates for those nicknames
-Him placing little kisses on your neck or your forehead
-So many hugs from behind
-Cuddling up at the couches in the common room in the evening
-Being this “I can’t believe they’re still together” couple
-Being kind of cheesy together
-And enjoying how it annoys everyone


Memento Mori: Letterman Jacket

Jeff x Reader

Reader reminisce on the past as she deals with the present.

Warning: Angst, I guess? Nothing really.

Characters Mentioned: Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Hannah Baker, Sheri Holland, Clay Jensen, Montgomery de la Cruz and Bryce Walker 

Words: 3180

A/N: This ended up longer than it should be. Set in both the past and present. There are notes and lines, I hope it’s not confusing. Sorry for the mistakes and the lame summary.

You look down at the flask in your hand, a pinkish coloration appears with every drop but rapidly dissipates the moment you swirl it. Slowly, your mind wanders thinking of all the different scenarios that could transpire in your upcoming date with Jeff. It was going to be your first with him, he had asked you out when you went to meet him and Clay at the library for your usual study sessions. And as fate would have, it just so happens that Clay suddenly had an errand to do leaving you and Jeff alone. You were soon brought back to your task when your lab partner shook your arm.

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Fred Weasley Headcanons
  • oh my lord
  • he loves to play truth or dare
    • but he mostly just does it because he expects people to dare him to kiss you
    • (no one ever does)
    • so he dares himself
    • George gets annoyed
    • “You two do enough of that already! You don’t have to show us!”
  • he always sneaks you into the kitchen at like 3 am
    • “I’m not even hungry!”
    • you’ll probably just end up snogging
  • on Hogsmeade days, he insists on taking you on cheesy dates at Madam Puddifoot’s
    • he claims he does it because it’s “ironic”
  • he always wants you to come to his quidditch games
    • he’ll always wink at you while he’s playing
    • he always tells you every win is because of his amazing beater skills
    • even when they lose
    • “I was just so good that the whole team was distracted.”
    • (he just wants to impress you)
  • you hate walking into rooms with him because:
    • Lee and George burst out laughing
    • you usually elbow him after that
  • he embarrasses you alOT
    • but you’re kinda used to it
    • everyone’s used to it
    • but he means well

Pairing: Adrienette
Tags: Aged Up, Fluff, idek
Summary: Adrienette is trending online because of a Buzzfeed article. So, Adrien and Marinette read it together.

“Top 8 times Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng were ‘hashtag couple goals’?” Marinette read aloud. “Well, this should be interesting.”

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this is something moonsun (mostly byul) would most probably wear im surprised she hasnt worn this yet

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relationship headcanons for the emo bird Warren

oooookay here we go I love Warren with all my heart and soul (modern au) (fun fact the playlists I’ve mentioned here are actual playlists I’ve made bc I’m a total music hoe)

@kurtwxgners @emmcfrxst

  • He’s such a show off oh my god
    • Especially before you actually start going out with him and he’s still trying to win you over
    • In training with the other X Men, in conversation, just? at any opportunity he’s trying to impress you
    • He dials it back a little when you’re actually dating but he still goes out of his way to show off for you
      • Usually it’s cute but sometimes it can get in the way if you’re trying to be productive
      • Even if it’s a little annoying sometimes, you can’t really be mad at him because he’s just? So sweet?
  • You both love a lot of the same music, even if your taste is a little more lowkey when it comes to metal etc, 
    • He makes you playlists all the time
    • You’ve got so many that you can basically assign a playlist to a mood and listen to it when you’re feeling like it fits
    • He picks the title and the songs and usually includes a one line description as well
    • Some of your favourites are:
      • fearless-I’m reckless and you’re restless and we go together like two halves of the same coin (it’s fast and energetic and he made it for you after he had come home from a mission injured)
      • neon vibes-you feel like fireworks and driving too fast and I can’t get enough (it’s upbeat and exciting and twirly and he made it for you after your first real date)
      • darker nights-I’ll never really leave you alone no matter where I am (it’s slower and a little sad and he made it for you before you left for a longer mission because being apart from you makes him anxious and he uses music to calm himself down and convey how he feels) (you cried the first time you listened to it) 
  • You encourage him to play piano and to rediscover some other things he loves doing for fun
    • He picks up piano again and he loves it and he loves you for bringing him back to it (you can pry classically trained pianist Warren from my cold dead hands k thx)
    • He starts photography as well and he’s actually pretty good
      • He takes an absurd amount of photos of you
      • There are so many candids of you as well as a few posed ones that he persuaded you to let him take
      • He thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world and you’re his absolute favourite thing to photograph
  • The two of you have a weekly movie night for just the two of you
    • You take it in turns to pick the movie and organize the snacks
    • It’s really just a solid block of time for the two of you to cuddle up together and not interact with anyone else
  • Sometimes Warren will lie with his head in your lap and you’ll read to him because he finds it soothing and he likes it when you stroke his hair and wings gently
  • Speaking of his wings
  • You help him maintain and groom them because they’re fu c kign huge and a total pain for him to manage on his own
    • He also loves how soft and delicate your touch is as you work your way through the feathers 
    • It’s just? An act of intimacy that you both really enjoy
  • You spar together in training and he’s so proud when you kick his ass
    • You’re both pretty evenly matched on the whole but you have different strengths and weaknesses that mean there’s almost never a guarenteed winner
    • He’s stronger than you and but you’re more maneuverable than he is and you tend to move faster
    • You’ve also figured out how to account for his wings and if you get your timing and movements just right you can use the giant feathery appendages to hinder his own movement and hide you from view
    • The sparring is just? really fun and a good way to blow off steam together if one or both of you is feeling particularly restless
  • When he gets sleepy, Warren is so so cuddly and touchy feely
    • He’ll drape himself over you and lean heavily into you 
    • He has a naturally low body temperature so he loves cuddling up to you to warm himself up, even if you complain about his cold toes
    • You feel so so safe and protected when he wraps you up in his arms and wings, even though you’re perfectly capable of protecting yourself
    • He craves the physical intimacy and affection because he had to do without it for so long
  • He’s not an amazing cook and doesn’t particularly enjoy it most of the time but he loves to keep you company in the kitchen especially when you’re baking because you’ll pass him things to taste as you work
  • He’ll brag about you to anyone who’ll listen
    • You’re his lockscreen and home screen and he’ll literally get heart eyes when he looks at his phone
    • He takes you on cute, cheesy, typical dates every so often because he loves taking the chance to spoil you 
    • It’s technically against the rules but he sleeps in your room a lot of the time
      • Everyone knows about it but no one tries to stop him because they know he gets nightmares about his past sometimes
      • Also no one begrudges him the need to have someone to hold onto at night because when he came to the school he was just so starved of affection and human contact
  • He’s just? so so smitten with you?
mchanzo headcanon/story idea, part one of three:

long post, and nsfwish-under the cut.

hanzo and mccree are totally lusting after one another - they flirt a bit but usually aren’t in the same place at the same time. they do however, after months of dancing around one another and becoming friends, get put on a two man mission together. and the mission is tits up almost immediately - they get sent to one of the nicer safe houses. this place actually has more than one bedroom and hot water.

they are told to lay low for the next few weeks or so, until winston, jack, and ana can get things sorted out. neither of them mind much, they work well together and have a good relationship off missions. its no big deal, and honestly? both of them have been wanting to spend time with each other.

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He Knows

Simon x Reader

Read Part 2

Request: “hey would you be doing requests by any chance?? If so, would you please be able to write a Simon one based off the song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ - Shawn Mendes ft. Camilla Cabello. So basically the reader has been on a holiday recently and Simon has a feeling/thinks she’s cheated & there’s tension, endings up to you. I love your writing so much!! Thank you xxxx”

Note: This did not turn out the way I expected it to at all. Whelp. You brought this upon yourselves lol. 2950 words. [master list]

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Now that you reminded me I am curious how the antis will be able to say karamel was rushed when kara said that they knew each other for 9 months.

They’ll ignore it. After all they’re proficient at ignoring facts that contradict their theories. 

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