cheesy breezies

breath of spring

Summary: He works with color all day, but you just might be the brightest thing he’s ever laid his eyes on.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Florist AU
Word Count: 9,542
Author’s Note: I feel like it’s been so long so I’ve written something soft and breezy and cheesy and I missed it.


The regular nine a.m. call time finds Kim Taehyung at the forefront of the shop, gritting teeth together as he tries to balance the morning coffee along with his keys while trying to make sure his backpack won’t fall down his arm to disrupt his attempt. He barely manages the feat, somehow able to unlock and push open the front door before the coffee spills over. Both hands find their place again underneath the tray as he uses his hips to propel the door closed behind him.

Much like usual morning greetings, he doesn’t get one except for the sweet, floral fragranced scent that is as sharp and prominent as it is comforting and sweet. He’s been working here for a little more than three years, yet the sight and smell of flowers never fail to bring a smile to his face, never fails to help bring forth some good cheer to his day as he roams towards the back of the shop. He rests the coffee on the counter, slipping off his backpack to situate it in the back room, returning back to the floor to get things started before Kim Namjoon arrives. There isn’t much, just setting up the cashier and watering the plants and rearranging some bouquets that are due to be picked up first thing in the morning. Some adjustments here and there, giving the flowers a last minute spray to give it a fresh, dewy, appearance. He’s just setting down the second of five bouquets when the bell overhead jingles in correspondence to the arrival of someone new.

Taehyung looks up from his spraying, eyes lighting up as he takes in the newest addition to the shop. “Good morning!” He greets brightly to the customer, a man with a hesitance in his step, looking lost yet like he’s supposed to be here and Taehyung is well-tuned to his attitude at once. “Can I help you with something?”

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Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless

Legacy Tag

I was tagged by @melien. Thank you so much! This is so interesting :3

Favourite heir:

My favourite heir is Sawyer from generation 2. He was a sort of crazy (his aspiration was grilled cheese :D) nature enthusiast. He lived in the trailer park and owned grilled cheese restaurant called “Cheesy Breezy”. He quickly stole my heart ♥

Favourite spouse:

Simona was my fave! She is Sawyer’s wife. I was very excited to play with her because of her unusual appearance and personality. I think she was a nice couple for Sawyer as she was a little bit crazy too. She went to her college lessons in undies and was obsessed with their tiny garden :D

Mishaps during your legacy?

Can’t remember of anything serious. My sims live in such a perfect world haha. The only mishaps they had are some random fires in the kitchen. I’m terrible at creating drama in the game so my sims just live their boring and happy lives :D

Largest number of children?

Three. May be I should try to have more but even three children/toddlers at the same time make me crazy. It’s difficult to control all of them and make them happy.

Any surprises:

The main surprise is that I still stick with this family for such a long period of time :D Also I’m very surprised how my toddlers look. I love all of them so much and they seem so cute for me. I can’t ><

Legacy OTP:

I love all my legacy couples. But my forever favourite will be Apple and Mason. I was very excited about my first generation sims. They were so poor and lived in their tiny house. But they were happy together and I couldn’t wait for their kids ♥

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Ficlet prompt from anon: Alexis takes care of drunk Beckett and Beckett starts talking about her and Castle's sex life.

As soon as Alexis opens the front door she hears laughter coming from the kitchen. She makes her way towards the sound, but is confused when she doesn’t see anyone in the room as she rounds the corner. She steps around the counter and becomes even more confused.


The detective turns her head to look up at Alexis. “Hey!” she grins.

“Why are you lying on the floor?”

“Because I was hungry.”


“I wanted these chips,” Kate holds up a bag, “and they said lay so I did.”

“Kate,” Alexis walks closer, “you don’t have to lie down to eat them just because that’s the name of the chip company.”

“I’m an officer of the law,” Kate replies. “I have to follow the rules.”

“Are…are you drunk?” Alexis crosses her arms.

“No,” Kate scoffs, then laughs. “Okay, maybe a little. Castle is on that stupid book tour and I miss him and the guys wanted to go out for drinks after work so we went to The Old Haunt because everyone knows us there just like Cheers and we kind of had a drinking contest which I totally won so don’t ever believe either of them if they tell you anything different and then after that Frank behind the bar got us all rides home because we couldn’t drive because we’d had a lot of shots and stuff and I was just sooooo hungry when I got home so I found these chips in the pantry and I laid down to eat them and then you walked in and I told you all of this and now we are both on the same page,” she sucks in a deep breath to compensate for her rambling.

Alexis has to fight back a laugh. Her dad told her once that Kate tends to get really talkative when she’s had too much to drink, but she’d never seen it for herself. Now she knows that he wasn’t kidding around.

“Kate, I think you should get to bed.”

“I want to wait up for Castle.”

“He won’t be home until tomorrow night, remember?”

“Whhhhy?” she whines. “It’s been two weeks.”

“I know. I miss him too. But it’s late, and you have work in the morning, so you need to get some sleep,” Alexis walks over to the cabinet where they keep extra medicine. She grabs the bottle of multivitamins and gets one, then returns the bottle and goes to the refrigerator to get a sports drink. “Sit up,” she instructs Kate as she walks to her side. “You should take this vitamin and then drink as much of this drink as you can, okay?”

Kate struggles to a sitting position, then laughs. “Everything is all fuzzy.”

“I think it’s just your eyes that are fuzzy,” Alexis chuckles. “Here,” she holds out the pill and drink.

Kate takes it and gulps the vitamin down with a big sip of the drink. “Mmm,” she sighs. “Cherry. I like cherries. Castle does too. One time he bought me cherry flavored edible underwear. It-”

“Okay,” Alexis interjects. “It’s definitely bedtime for you. Come on,” she reaches down to help her up.

“Whoa,” Kate mutters. “Everything is wobbly.”

“Again, I think that’s just you,” Alexis says as she slides an arm around Kate’s waist to help support her.

“Where are my chips?”

“You don’t need them right now. It’s bedtime,” they start walking towards the bedroom.

“Oh, right,” Kate yawns. “But bedtime isn’t as fun without Castle here.”

Alexis shakes her head. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.”

“Castle and I like to play pretend too.”

Alexis laughs. “I’m glad I was raised with Gram around. Otherwise I think I’d be a lot more queasy about this.”

“Queasy peasy easy sleazy cheesy breezy,” Kate mumbles.

“What was that?”

“A poem I made up,” Kate laughs. “Was it good?”

“Yes,” Alexis chuckles again. “Okay now, we’re almost to the bed. Let’s walk around to your side.”

“Sometimes Castle and me sleep right in the middle, one on top of the other. Usually it’s after we-”

“I get it, Kate,” Alexis interrupts as she pulls back the cover and helps Kate sit down on the side of the bed. She’s already barefoot, so she’ll be fine sleeping in what she has on. “Take another drink.” She waits while Kate chugs almost half the bottle, then takes it from her and sets it on the bedside table. “Lie down.” She covers her up once she’s settled in. “Alright, I’ll be up in my room if you need anything.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Alexis starts to walk out of the room. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Kate murmurs, already starting to drift off to sleep. “I love you, Alexis.”

Alexis halts and looks back at Kate. She’s always felt a strong bond with her, but neither of them have ever voiced their feelings for each other. “I love you too, Kate.”

She can see Kate smile even from here, and it makes her smile too.

“Don’t tell your dad I told you about the cherry underwear,” Kate requests in a sleepy whisper.

“I won’t,” Alexis promises with a soft laugh as she turns to leave the room.

Her promise will be an easy one to keep. She most definitely doesn’t want to discuss edible underwear with her father.