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so I finally watched Logan (spoilers)
  • ok first things first this was one of the best movies I’ve ever watched
  • the visuals were absolutely on fleek
  • old and confused Professsor X ripped my heart out
  • also i liked the southern villain guy 
  • LOVED sassy badass not speaking kid aka laura aka X23
  • the dinner with the farmer family was so bEAUTIFUL
  • “I ran a school for kids with special needs” - literally the entire theater was losing their shit laughing
  • when laura kept the kids ipod aah
  • logan wanting to die bcs of guilt noo
  • charles xavier died thinking logan killed him
  • there was not enough time to mourn charles
  • also caliban sacrificed himself 
  • the kids were amazingly portrayed without making it cheesy
  • them shaving his beard was so funny
  • like generally this was a surprisingly funny movie
  • was the leader of the kids group magnetos son or something? metal powers just saying
  • the camera technique they used in the woods scene was BEAUTIFUL
  • logan and laura fighting alongside each other was everything i ever wanted
  • the X at the end i was a 100% sobbing mess
Cheesy Beards || Floyd and Thomas

It was a bit later than they had planned, but they finally pulled into the parking lot of Bottomless Booty. The right one this time. Thomas caught the look Floyd shot him as they got out of the car. His companion didn’t have to say anything, Thomas already knew what he was going to say by now. “Hey, don’t look at me like that. I told you five times now, I found the right place the first time. It just wasn’t the one you were looking for. It’s not my fault you gave me the wrong address and I tracked it down.” Alright he should’ve figured that it wasn’t there in the first place seeing as The Narrows was the sort of place to find all sorts of strip clubs and prostitution rings. But it’s not like they were looking for a particularly classy restaurant, it could’ve been right.

Of course Lawton whined about it about the whole way to the actual pirate themed eatery. Actually, Thomas was a little shocked he hadn’t just suggested they head into the strip club when they got there since they were already around. Probably because the food was bad. Lawton had to be as hungry as Thomas was by this point. And for once they weren’t just settling for Thomas cooking up some eggs.

They walked in the door to a practically empty restaurant. “Two,” he told the hostess before she could barely open her mouth to ask. It was late enough there wasn't any wait. Good. Faster they were served the better. Thomas felt like he could eat a whole wildebeest he was so hungry. Actually, he sort of missed the taste of wildebeest, now that he thought about it. It had been a while since. Of course, that could just be nostalgia talking.

For all of the shit the Games had put in him through, they did have one small benefit. He hadn’t had time to miss Africa or his pride or lament the fact that he missed his opportunity for revenge a few months ago. Which come to think of it, Floyd didn’t know about that little saga. Guess Thomas could fill him in over garrrrlic fries. Assuming he wasn’t going to get goaded about Dinah for at least the first twenty minutes.

The hostess led the way, menus in hand and Thomas followed the short brunette girl to a booth, He sat down, taking the menu from her and giving her a small nod of thanks. “You ever wonder why we bother?” he asked his friend once she had left, not once glancing up from the menu as he scanned for anything appetizing. “You know, doing whatever it is we do. It’s not like the caped crusaders are ever going to respect us.” Not exactly typical dinner conversation. And sure, it was sort of left field but he’d been wondering about it since the Game, to be honest. It was hard gaining trust under his own name. It would’ve been worse as Catman.

Either way, as out of place as the question sounded, it was the sort of talk they had every now and then. There weren’t many people Thomas could have this sort of chat with. Very few. In fact Lawton may have been the only one at the moment. He wasn’t quite sure why that was exactly. Maybe it was because he always knew where he stood with Floyd. Good terms, bad terms, whatever, they were never hidden. He guessed it was a sort of honesty. Maybe it was because he knew Lawton wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if it came down to it. But also that they’d take a hit or two for the other without any question.

More likely, though, it was because they were pretty damn similar. At least their way of thinking and sense of morals were. He had to say, there weren’t a whole lot of people whose morals or lack thereof mirrored his own. Which might explain why he didn’t have a whole lot of friends.

That aside, he was wondering if the waitress was ever turning up so he could order his damn Walking the Flank Steak with a side of Garrrrlic Fries. “Think we have to kill anyone to get an order in here?”

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