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Top five reasons for loving Jonathan Toews. <3

i absolutely am not getting as cheesy on this one as i did about leon draisaitl, i won’t do it.

•for starters, honestly how much he loves the sport. like from a child he was so self-disciplined to become better. who makes their friends do full workouts as children just to play a casual game of hockey? jonathan toews

•JONATHAN TOEWS IS THE BEST CAPTAIN IN THE NHL. you can @ me all you want but i’ll never take it back. he’s so good and supportive of his teammates and he’s there when they feel down. he’s just like?? exactly what the team needs at all times.

•wanna talk about athletes being woke? jonny is out here consistently validating how woke he is about any and everything that’s going on in the world. he doesn’t just sit back and agree or disagree. he literally talks about it and puts it out there on his own social media channels knowing damn well he’s going to get a ton of backlash from moronic “fans” telling him to “stick to hockey”. he cares and he knows his voice matters and i really do love that about him.

•i love how weirdly awkward he is sometimes. the whole “captain serious” facade crumbles a little more (to me at least) every time he makes a joke about himself or in general. or really if he just does anything where you can tell he’s being light. (like the video about lv’s dog kills me)

•it might be a cop-out but like he’s such a good dude and so nice and sweet are you joking? he does so many good things for the city and organizations and he’s just steadily out there being the best person living in america currently if we’re being honest.

•honestly how excited and supportive he is when any of his teammates do anything good ever. like going back to the fact that he’s the best captain in the nhl?? facts only. anyway i just realized this was 6 bc i apparently cannot count? but i could go for days tbh

thank you ♥️♥️


Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the Garden of Eden. Hell, some people say God avoids this place altogether, but it’s been a good home to us to me and my kids, who I’m proud of, ‘cause every single one of them reminds me a little bit of me.Fiona, my rock, huge help.Has all the best qualities of her mother, except she’s not a raging psycho bitch. Lip, smart as a whip. Straight “A”s and the honor roll.Boy’s definitely going somewhere. Ian, industrious, conscientious, ambitious, incredible work ethic. Don’t have a clue where he got that from. Wants to be a paratrooper. Knows how to disembowel an enemy with a roll of dimes and an old gym sock. Carl. Uh, I don’t really know that much about Carl. Oh, loves animals. Always dragging home some poor stray he found, taking them up to his room. Ah, Debbie. Sent by God, total angel. Raises money for UNICEF year-round, some of which she actually turns in. Liam, going to be a star. I’m no biologist, but he looks a little bit like my first sponsor. He and the ex were close. Kev and Veronica, fantastic neighbors. There’s nothing they won’t do for each other. Or to each other. I never realized how little sex I was having till V and Kev moved next door. And me, Frank Gallagher, father, teacher, mentor, captain of our little ship. We may not have much, but all of us, to a man, knows the most important thing in this life we know how to fucking party!


sidenote: based on their zodiac sign. these are simply for fun. don’t repost.

Jaebum (Capricorn): 

  • emotional on the inside n very passionate 
  • takes u on a kayaking date 
  • leaves u notes everyday to make u smile 
  • plays with ur hair 
  • kisses ur nose 
  • ​hugs u from behind n rests his chin on ur shoulder 
  • spoils u 
  • makes u feel special
  • lowkey sexual 
  • type of bf to be a sex god 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): scorpio, taurus, aquarius

Mark (Virgo): 

  • has u on his mind 24/7 
  • makes sure ur priorities are in order 
  • only wants the best for u 
  • ​entirely invested in ur rs 
  • cute nicknames for u 
  • lowkey in public, but an animal when alone 
  • wants u happy 24/7 
  • remembers little details about u
  • the type of bf to be endearing/unbelievably caring 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): pisces, scorpio, sagittarius

Jackson (Aries): 

  • takes u on adventures 
  • shows u off everywhere y'all go 
  • pda af 
  • a jealous bf 
  • will fight anyone who messes with u 
  • pillow fights 
  • always trying to impress u 
  • energetic bf 
  • arms around ur waist 
  • hand holding af
  • the type of bf to be a sex god 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): libra, pisces, aquarius

Jinyoung (Virgo): 

  • charming 
  • takes u on a date to the park to feed ducks 
  • very romantic n emotional 
  • listens to u talk about anything 
  • gives u the best advice 
  • intelligent convos 
  • a caring bf 
  • loves deep moments
  • the type of bf to be endearing/unbelievably caring 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): pisces, scorpio, sagittarius

Youngjae (Virgo): 

  • cheesy ball of happiness
  • shares food with u 
  • will always listen to u 
  • gentle especially w/ kisses, words n actions 
  • soft with u 
  • takes cares of ur needs before his 
  • makes sure to do little things that make u happy 
  • loyal as hell
  • the type of bf to be endearing/unbelievably caring 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): pisces, scorpio, sagittarius

Bambam (Taurus): 

  • romantic and loving 
  • romantic picnics 
  • breakfast in bed 
  • holds ur hand lots 
  • constantly making u laugh 
  • calls at 3 am to remind u he loves u 
  • teases n jokes around with u 
  • loves ur smile 
  • nap dates 
  • only has eyes for u
  • the type of bf to be romantic/suave 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): scorpio, virgo, cancer

Yugyeom (Scorpio): 

  • masculine but lowkey sensitive 
  • overprotective 
  • knows how to make u happy 
  • dates at the aquarium 
  • small gestures 
  • jealous but trusts u 
  • overuses “i love you" 
  • loves to cuddle 
  • likes kissing, especially ur neck 
  • very affectionate
  • the type of bf to be a sex god 
  • EXTRA (longest lasting relationships): taurus, capricorn, leo

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The Right One

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Characters: Y/n, Sam

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing followed by filthy nasty smut. Master/Slave kink, choking kink, sweat kink?(is that a thing), dirtiness basically all throughout, breeding kink

Word count: 2893

Summary: Sam makes y/n realize he is the better Winchester

A/N: This is a requested fic i got from the one and only @scorpiongirl1. Thank u for thinking of me to write this. This is the request- Hey, I was hoping to request a Sam smut. I was thinking Reader lives in the bunker with Dean and Sam and has a crush on Dean. He’s pleasuring himself in his room and says Dean’s name but Sam walks in and hears him and gets jealous and wants to show him who he should really be with (i.e. Sam). And it’s total smut and Sam tops. Hopefully you can do something with that, cuz I know you said Sam wasn’t your thing. (oh and Sam totally convinces the reader he should be with sam instead, no offense dean. Um, so this got really strangely dirty, like I dont know why…I was wracking my brain for some ideas and this filthiness is what I came up with. Sorry if I gross anyone out and this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. 

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“Oh god, yea! Fuck, Dean. Keep going. Get right in there”, y/n moaned. 

For the past few weeks, he hadn’t been able to get himself off. 

While Dean had absolutely no shame and slept with whatever bar skank he could, y/n found it slightly more difficult to get a guy.

Firstly, they were in Kansas. 

While there were gay men around, y/n was slightly frightened to go and check these places out, thinking he might get attacked or something. 

Then there was the fact that he had his eyes on a certain green eyed hunter.

He’d been completely attracted to Dean the second he lay eyes on the hunter.

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Exo as kids in a grocery store
  • Suho: he's next to the basket at all times asking what else is on the list. Gets to pick a candy at the check out line for being good. He's going places in life.
  • Kris: is trying to "out good" suho. He knocks over a display. He does not get candy.
  • Chanyeol: who? The moment you walked in he was gone. He has three minutes until he becomes an orphan. Possibly an empty threat.
  • Kyungsoo: suggesting items to pair with tonight's dinner. Knows the location of chanyeol but keeps it to himself. He wants to be an only child.
  • Baekhyun: side eyeing a baby in a cart and tries to be more cute. He's stuck in the baby seat in the cart now. Why baekhyun.
  • Chen: asks for everything he see and gets rejected. The employees are tired of hearing "WAAAEEEEEE" and buy him candies. He didn't earn the candy in a respectful way. Suho is jealous.
  • Lay: keeps asking about cheesy balls. He doesn't understand. He want to go back to sleep.
  • Xiumin: was in the bathroom and now everyone is gone. Wanders the aisles in peace until he spots luhan. He can't run fast enough.
  • Luhan: how did he get the cereal on the ground depict him xiumin holding hands so well? Why is xiumin running away?? Does he not understan???
  • Sehun: started opening candies and eating them. Has no fear. Attempted to use the in-store paging system. Is not allowed to leave the side of the basket now.
  • Tao: wanted to eat stolen candies with sehun but suho gave him a look. Settles for laughing at baekhyun who is still stuck in the basket. He's pure.
  • Kai: wrote in "chicken" 3 times on the list in blue crayon. Is currently missing. Further investigation tells us he's asleep in the car. He's doing his best.

This whole week has chipped away at my cold, dead, unromantic heart…

But after today i’m officially a cheesy, sappy ball of fluffy mess.

Fuck CS for doing this to me.

I love you both, please don’t ever stop. 

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Omg!!! Imagine a situation Frost and Hit with the song "young and beautiful of Lana del Rey!"

(Slow songs give me feels vibes)

I’m getting doubtful love feelings from this song. But good to set up the mood.

Frost would be overlooking outside, pondering about how he got to be with someone like Hit, now it started, and how it will end. He doesn’t want to admit his doubts, but his lover recognizes it. Hit goes up to Frost and offers his hand. Confused yet intrigued, he takes his hand and is lifted to his feet, guided gently to the center of the room they were in, the music still playing on the background.

Once there, Hit turns to him, pulling his body closer to his, his hand wraps around the Icejin’s, the other sets warmly on his waist. His eyes glow with the desire to be trusted as they begin to sway, one step front, one step back. Frost’s hand moves up Hit’s arm for support, letting him lead in their dance. The sudden act takes him by surprise, but soon gives in when he twirls him and wraps his arms around him, comforting his smaller figure.

Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?

“You know I will…” His soft voice against his ear eased the Icejin, leaning his head back against his lover’s chest. The music continues to play and fill the atmosphere only to go unheard by the couple, soothed simply by each other’s presence.

Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?
Will you still love me when I’m not young and beautiful?



“Look at me!” You yell angrily as Kihyun is walking away from you, head hanging low. He stops in his tracks but doesn’t turn to look at you. Fed up with how he’s been acting lately you grab him by the arm. He turns slowly to look at you, though his eyes stray from yours. You drop your hand from his arm, no longer possessing the energy you had before he had arrived at your apartment.

“What more do you want from me?” You ask suddenly whispering in a hoarse voice, “I thought you liked me? I thought you wanted me in your life?”

“I don’t know if I can do this any more,” Kihyun finally looks you in the eyes to find tears had pooled up just above the waterline, “I mean…,” he struggles to speak in full sentences, “I don’t know if I can do this to you any more.”

“W-what do you mean?” You fight back against the tears that are threatening to come.

“What kind of relationship is this?” He throws his hands up gesturing at the two of you, a sharp pain shoots through your chest at this, “I can’t even take you out on a proper date. I can’t see you outside of this damn dorm. Half the time I’m too busy with my schedule to see you and when I’m not you’re too busy going to class or studying,” You realize then why he had been trying to push you away for the last week, “Is this really what you want?” When he is done ranting to you, you grab Kihyun by the hand and lead him back to your couch. Once he’s sitting you look him straight in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes,

“Don’t you think if I was dissatisfied with this relationship I would have said something?” He shrugs at the question, “Look, ever since we met we’ve been best friends, and deep down inside I always knew I wanted that to be more. When you asked me to be your girlfriend I felt like the happiest girl in the world. Everyday that I get to see you, though it may be seldom, it feels like the first time we met. I don’t need to be paraded around to be happy with you Kihyun ‘cause I’m just happy that you’re mine and I’m yours. And honestly…” You pause, getting nervous all of a sudden, “honestly, I think I’m falling in love with you, oppa.” You finish the sentence in a hurry, apprehensive of what he might say.

“You love me?” Kihyun asks you slowly, as if he was rolling the words around in his mouth enjoying the taste, “It’s a shame though…” You look at him suddenly from staring intently at your hands. Hurt is creeping up inside of you and you struggle to keep the tears at bay again.

“W-what’s a shame?” Not really wanting to know the answer but you ask anyway.

“I think I should have been the first one to say it,” you let go of the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding, relieved at his words. He has that gorgeous dimpled smile on his face again as he continues to talk, “But I guess this’ll have to do,” Kihyun grabs both of your hands in his, getting serious again without warning, “I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry if I upset you, I never intended on it.” You cringe outwardly at what a cheese ball he can be sometimes and laugh at the abrupt change in his voice. He looks at you wounded by your laughter, pouting his plump lips at you.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about how cheesy you are,” You smile up at him innocently, “But you’re my cheesy cheese ball.” He giggles at your words and pulls you closer to him. He reaches around your waist, leading you closer to him. Soon, both of your lips are an inch apart but before he moves in to kiss you he says,

“And I will be your cheese ball for as long as you want to keep me around.” You fill the space between you two at that and finally taste what you’ve been waiting for this whole time. Kihyun’s lips respond to yours instantly. He holds you tighter around the waist as he tilts his head slightly to deepen the kiss. You wish you could stay like this forever, you in his arms him in yours, but your room mate shows up then cutting your moment short. Kihyun looks at you disappointed and you respond by caressing the side of his face slowly, looking apologetically at him.

“Sorry, was I interrupting something important?” Your room mate asks with a huge knowing smirk on her face. 

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