yes, love is work. but love must be two-sided. we are raised to give ourselves until we are drained. if they do not reciprocate, it isn’t love. love isn’t pouring gasoline down the drain in the hope the sparks you felt might light a fire that keeps you warm. love is coming in out of the cold, knowing they’ll already have made you a cup of cocoa.


howdy my friends!!

last year my friend Magdalena and I made some cute and cheesy stoner valentines
and since they were so popular, this year I redid them digitally and added them to my redbubble store!

since it is “drug related” u have to make sure u click the “mature content: hidden” button at the bottom of the screen and it will unhide everything!
have fun my stoney bbs ✨ hope u and ur loved ones have a super spliffy v day 💕💚🌈
pls keep caption