Since we’re talking about Harry’s 17th birthday card from Louis today (for some reason!), I wanted to point out a little detail that’s always tickled me since I noticed it. If you haven’t read @bulletproofhalo‘s theory of Louis flirting with Harry by uploading four pictures of Harry and a crop of them being super cute and coupley (mostly edits from tumblr user fuckmeharrystyles, lmao at that source selection) to Harry’s yfrog on November 19th, 2010, go do that now!

What I think is major evidence to substantiate that theory? One of the pictures uploaded to Harry’s yfrog that day (but never shared on twitter):

Now look at Harry’s birthday card from Louis:

I find it beyond adorable that Louis looooved those pictures of Harry cheesin’ goofily at the camera, using them in both his flirty prank and his sincere dedication to all things Harry for his birthday. Out of all the Harry Styles pictures to adore…