So the next song on the album is actually genuinely one of my favorite off the album. It’s A FUCKIN BANGER. So the concept of how this idea for the song emerged was a conversation I had with one of my friends about making spaghetti music. Now at that point, we had already discussed spaghetti to dead. And spaghetti, at least between the two of us was revered as the strongest and most powerful substance on the planet. So I decided that making a song about spaghetti would be like that of gospel music. When I was recording it, all I had was the Wikipedia entry for all the types of noodles. And I just fucking read that shit off. But I realized half way through, “this list is over and there is still like a minute left” and then that’s when I started adlibbing some weird ass shit. Specifically, the part where i “cover myself in spaghetti sauce when no one is home, and then roll on the floor pretending I am a noodle (i am completely naked by the way)”

this is every single type of noodle that I can pronounce. There are many more, but I cannot pronounce those. For the full list of noodles go to Underscore Of Underscore Pasta

Here are the long pastas
Fusilli bucati


Here are the Ribbon Cuts

There are more, But i cannot pronounce those

Here are the Short cut extruded pastas
Penne rigate

Now there are Decorative cuts. They are are just fancy noodles.
Biciclette and those are just bicycles
Conchiglie and those are the shell ones. Good for macaroni and cheese
Up next is farfalle and farfalloni and those are the bowtie ones.
There are many more but I am unable to pronounce them.

Spaghetti is good
Call me a pastafarian
You know what
Raviolis are just spaghetti packets
They got the noodle all around
They got the sauce on the inside, you know that good tomato sauce.
And then if you got them good raviolis
You got that meat in there
Raviols are just spaghetti packets

Some time when i’m alone at home
I cover myself in spaghetti sauce
Like you know the good tomato stuff
And i’m completely naked by the way
And i make noises like this (Make noises)
And it gets me off like a lot

shout out to @frankjavcee for the instrumental

I love you Frank

So since were still on the topic of FrankJavCee what you should check out after you listen to this fuckin bangin track is a song that he released on the same day that I released this track.