cheesesteak cheese steak

Ducky: You said you got me a cheesesteak.

Me: I did!


Me: I know you like cheesesteaks and we were in Philadelphia so I got you…



Ducky: A fake cheesesteak.

Me: With a squeaker!



Ducky: I like real cheesesteaks.

Me: I know you do. You know how I know you do?



Ducky: Because of that one time.


Ducky: When I ate your cheesesteak.

Me: Yup.

Ducky: Smelled good.

Me: Uh huh.

Ducky: And you did leave it on the floor.

Me: Coffee table.

Ducky: Which was connected to the floor, so really…

Me: Well, real cheesesteaks aren’t good for you, but I saw this in Philly and thought of you. And it has a squeaker!

Ducky: Maybe one day you’ll find a real cheesesteak with a squeaker.

Me: Dare to dream.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

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This is a Phili cheesesteaks from Ishkabibles 🤤. I have only visited two other phili cheesestake places (in Philadelphia) and so far this is the best one I have personally had. I paired this delicious sandwich that comes with freshly made crispy fires with a vanilla shake and it was the perfect combination. 👌🏼