This morning while we were getting DD before work together.

Conall was telling me a story about how his pants tore when doing a stomp on stage & had to repeat himself for the millionth time that he was wearing cutoffs.

Conall: “I said I was wearing cutoffs like TWELVE TIMES” *laughs*

Hannah: “I’m SORRY! If you’re going to love me, you’re going to have to repeat things to me a thousand times before I hear it most of the time even though I know repeating yourself is your biggest pet peeve.”

Conall: *smiles & grabs my chin & kisses me & just shakes his head & continues the story*

That’s how I know he cares about me & loves me no matter how much I may get under his skin at times :j


So What’s on your mind, I’ll pressback rewind, your always on my mind, but here we’re pressed for time- all time to climb, tend to fall behind never tend to shine, but here I’m grin emoticon cheesen- got that grin from ear to ear for different reason, always changing just like seasons, and I’m planing to just grow, yes right up through the leaches- guess how far I blow my mine now coming up with this just on time now- coming great from my crown now tip toeing to pass more time frown, never fully been on my grind how- but never mind now - not Truman spit just passin time- clown, but I’m flip flipping in my big red shoes, ooooooouuu tripped up so I got a little bruised- but what’s up

No fus, was just fitten to bust but not cuss, so just sush, being mean is just ungodly, like treason for no reason- I’m just pleasen in my mind for my reasons but see cheesen