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a happy thought: on friday, remus lupin (who is very much alive tyvm) turns 57, which means he and sirius are once again the same age. 

as a present, sirius makes all his sweater vests into oven mitts. (he’s surprisingly skilled at sewing; a skill he learned during his DIY punk days in the 70s and 80s.)

“it’s time for an age crisis, moony. we’re going out and getting you some crop tops instead.”

“that’s not even close to being a functional replacement.” remus rolls his eyes but he can’t hold back a laugh.

sirius shrugs. “you’ll never again be as young as you are now, and i feel that you have deprived the world of crop top remus for far too long.” he waggles his eyebrows. there’s gray hairs in them now, but when he does it remus still sees the mischievous sixteen year-old who used to do the same thing.

“more like spared,” remus says, but he already knows he’s going to indulge sirius. 

he’s pretty sure that making sirius smile is half the reason he’s lived this long, and he’d like to keep doing it for many years to come.

RebelCaptain headcanon that Jyn gets (somewhat) injured while obtaining a new KX-series droid in order to bring K-2 back to life (because 1. he died goddamnit #droidshavefeelingstoo and 2. of course there was a backup. Duh.) 

Cassian freaks out (because of course he would) and starts spitting out a mixture of Basic and Festian. Jyn has a hard time understanding what he’s saying and appreciating why he is so angry/retroactively scared. She just shrugs and tells him that she did it because Kay is his family. He’s speechless. Jyn plays it off by saying something like she needs someone around to bicker with and that even she’s not mean enough to pick fights with Bodhi. Then she threatens that if Cassian ever tells Kay or anyone else that, she’ll inflict [enter some sort of bodily harm here].

And after they activate him and take turns explaining what happen in the intervening time - during which he’s processing everything in complete silence - he turns to Jyn and says “Your behavior, Jyn Erso, is continually unexpected.” And Jyn grins.

Valentine (Rafe Adler Headcanons)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: So as today is Valentine’s Day, and I go a request for a Valentine’s Day fic with Rafe, I thought I might write some headcanons for you guys. To all you couples out there, I hope you’re having a good time but for the rest of us who are having a regular day I hope you are doing well too. I hope you will enjoy these headcanons, and feedback is always welcome.

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tru-eka  asked:

headcanon that aaron has a habit of touching the nape of call's neck

omg kasey are you actively trying to kill me?! I’m blaming this one on you! aka I love this headcanon so much tHANK YOU <3 

Okay so it becomes a habit for them long before they become a couple;

  • They’re fifth years (16 year olds) and their group has the Magisterium’s gallery all to themselves as a reward for a mission gone exceptionally well. 
  • Aaron is sitting on a couch next to Tamara and Jasper, and Call is on the floor with his back pressed to Aaron’s legs. Call is so engrossed in the movie he picked that he doesn’t notice Aaron talking to him at all. Aaron leans forward and places tentative fingers against Call’s nape, pressing a bit to get his attention. Call shivers noticeably at the touch and turns wide eyes on Aaron. He looks a bit flushed -although that could be the poor lighting- when he asks Aaron what is it he wants, but Aaron has forgotten what he originally wanted to say by now and stares at Call -their faces are so so close- for several long moments.
  • His fingers are still pressed to Call’s nape, he can feel his mouth going dry and he can’t get his damn fingers to move away! His brain won’t cooperate either so he ends up stammering a hasty response and finally pulling his hand away as if burned. 
  • Jasper starts snickering and only quiets down when Tamara elbows him hard. 
  • The back of Call’s neck is a furious red that probably matches his cheeks when he turns back to the movie. 
  • Aaron resolutely stares at the air screen and ignores Jasper’s “You could have just tapped his shoulder, you know.” and Tamara’s expected “Jasper!”
  • After that, it becomes a game of finding an excuse to place his hand or fingers to the back of Call’s neck and watch him shiver or blush. His excuses are nearly transparent most of the time but Call allows them, and hides that he enjoys the intimacy of it as much as he does. (he’s pretty unsuccessful in that regard, if their friends’ constant eye rolling is anything to go by.)
  • Aaron brushes the curly hair at Call’s nape to say it’s getting long and allows his touch to linger. Fingers casually sliding down to rest against Call’s pulse point. 
  • They’re coming back from a tough mission, tiredness in their every step, and Aaron -who is three inches taller- stops Call, cups his hand at the back of Call’s neck and tells him that he’s done well with their assignment. Call gives him a slow grateful smile.
  • The Assembly members are being difficult, blaming the group for something they had no power over, and Aaron presses his shoulder into Call’s in a show of solidarity. On their way out Master Rufus stops Call to talk to him, and Aaron casually presses fleeting fingers to Call’s nape as he passes him by. Master Rufus spends the next few hours trying to figure out what part about the water elementals made Callum Hunt turn into such an alarming shade of red.
  • Sometimes they’re in the dining room picking at their food and Aaron leans in, hand cupping the back of Call’s neck as he whispers a private joke to him. 
  • Sometimes they’re in their common room, Call with his legs stretched out in front of him, Tamara’s back pressed to his right side, and Aaron’s head in his lap as he reads a book. Aaron distractedly extends a finger and brushes it from Call’s jaw to the back of his neck, playing with the fine hairs at his nape. 
  • From across the room Jasper says in exasperation “You guys do realize that shit is pretty couple-y, right?” and Tamara turns to give them a questioning look then sighs good-naturedly and gets up to sit with Jasper instead. Call throws them both a deadly glare then goes back to staring at the lit fireplace, his lips twitching when Aaron smiles up at him.
  • Hundreds of these touches and a full semester later they’re in Aaron’s room, standing a bit apart, and staring at one another. Call can’t remember what they have been arguing about but he remembers the second the room has gone quiet and they both realized just how close and alone they were. The silence stretches between them, and Call gathers his courage -and the adrenaline left from their silly argument- and takes a step forward, his chest almost brushing Aaron’s. He angles his face up, eyes dipping to Aaron’s lips then moving back to his eyes, and leaves only a breath between their mouths. A clear invitation for Aaron to take or refuse.
  • Aaron smiles softly down at him. He puts a gentle hand to the back of Call’s neck and guides him forward to close the distance between them. His fingers dig lightly into Call’s nape as he presses their lips together. 



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Imagine Sam finding it cute when you are clumsy.

You were seated by the desk in your room trying to get some sketches done on your tablet. Studying the piece in front of you here and there, you tried to make some adjustments until giving it one final look before placing your tablet back down on your desk.

Leaning slightly back in your chair, you place your hands above your head, examining the marks left on your fingers from the intense drawing session previously. A sigh escapes your lips and you agree to call it a day, deciding to get up from the chair and head out the room. But just as you were to walk out the door, you weirdly slant into the door frame which made contact with your arm.

The instant shot of pain shocked your body to jerk backwards, as you clutched your arm letting out a loud cry; much louder than you would have liked. You tried retreating to the comfort of your bed, hoping to soothe the pain away as you held your injured arm tightly.

Hearing loud footsteps come up the stairs, you curled yourself up on the bed and practically sobbed realising how clumsy you were.

“Is everything okay? Are you hurt?” You heard your boyfriend’s voice, as you peeked your head to see him stand by the doorway wearing a serious expression.

“I hit my arm…again.” You tried to say the last part much quieter than the rest, instantly watching Sam’s sour expression turn into a half smile.

You heard him chuckle as he walked towards you to the bed, “Hey, that’s not funny.” You continued to clutch your arm, as Sam let out another chuckle before taking his seat next to you on the bed.

“You okay over there?” He wore a bright expression whilst placing his hand on your arm. You wanted to nod but instead gave him a small frown. “It still hurts.” He rubbed your arm gently before helping you up from the curled position and pulling you in his lap.

Resting his arm around your body, he used his free hand to examine your injured arm. “Is this where it hurts?” You nod, feeling Sam gently draw circles with his thumb as he pulls your arm closer and places a kiss on the spot. “How about here?” He points an inch above, you nod again. So he does the same by kissing the spot which instantly places a smile on your face even if it still hurts.

Trailing sweet kissed all the way up your arm, he eventually stops and pulls his face close to yours as he brushes away the loose strands of hair covering your complexion. Feeling a gentle peck of his lips on your forehead, he adjusts his gaze back to you as you sport a cute smile for him.

“Better?” “Better.”

A/N: So I made another one of these short imagine things. This one is dedicated to my lovely sis Kristina, so I hope you will like it. Of course, to anyone else who also has those clumsy days, let Sam Drake comfort you.

Kishimoto, the utter disappointment (Submission)

I used to believe that Kishimoto’s apparent magnum opus, Naruto, was one of the most compelling bildungsroman manga. Sure, it wasn’t original, but I don’t believe that a story must be ‘original’ in order to be good. A story, I learned over the years, must be believable enough for the audience. Unfortunately for Kishimoto, he seemed to have lost it, or never knew how to make his audience believe his tale, despite the Americanized Naruto repetitively yapping at us to “Believe it!” on screen.

Sure, Uzumaki Naruto. Believe what you want, but even you have been sold out by your creator. Sad but true story.

In fact, I’m very certain that Kishimoto never planned Naruto from the start, even though he tells us that he did. First off, the Chunin Exam arc was never planned, and Kishimoto admitted in his past interview that he had to spawn off more characters such as Hinata, Neji, Kiba, and so on because his editors asked him to.

Also, didn’t anyone think that Chapter 2, Konohamaru, was a random chapter to place right after the bedazzling introduction? I mean, Konohamaru wasn’t even that much of an important character in the series, even to the very end, and he got his own chapter in the beginning. It’s as if Konohamaru wasn’t used to his full potential, or was never meant to be anything big at all. He was drawn into the manga just to fill some space and income for Kishimoto.

And I don’t even get the crap about Kishimoto and the whole pairing business. He says that he planned to have NaruHina and SasuSaku from the start, but he didn’t do a very good job of it. Kishimoto’s interviews about his pathetic canon pairings are always riddled with contradictions. Don’t the fans feel cheated that there were more NaruSaku interactions than the canon ones? Even Asuma and Kurenai had more chemistry in the series than NH and SS, and they barely had any panel time. It just goes to show you how much writing potential Kishimoto wasted. 

Speaking of wasted potential, let’s not forget our trio heroes who could’ve had so much more character development, but ultimately reverted to either douche-pricks, an empty soulless plot device, and a beat-up stereotype. Actually, what I’ve typed out could describe either Naruto, Sasuke, or Sakura because they’ve all assimilated into the sad, demeaning culture that oppressed them to no end. And now they’re staunchly enforcing that culture?

That is a big NO for me.

The ending was poorly done, and the xeroxed kids are nothing more than a cheap cop-out for Kishimoto to make more money. As if he needs more cash flow. Maybe it’s his only way to make amends for the utterly disappointing piece of crap that he churned out for over 15 years.

Birthday (Rafe Adler Headcanons)

A/N: You guys thought you saw the last of me…Well I’m back with more headcanons and this time for Rafe (cause everyone needs some Rafe love). Anyways, all the Halloween festivities aside, I decided to write some b-day headcanoncs as it’s my birthday today so I was thingking why not. To anyone else, whose Birthday is today or coming up let me give you a hug and wish you a great day. Apart from that I just wrote these for fun, and of course this is my own interpretation so if you want to add anything feel free to share, and last but not least I hope you guys enjoy!

  • So, when it comes to Rafe, this man is definitely going to have something special planned just for you. Leading up to the couple of days before your Birthday, he may act more secretive or even pretend to have forgotten that your special day was coming up, as he’s caught up in his busy schedule. But trust me, he hasn’t. Rafe’s got it all planned to the smallest detail to make sure it’s perfect.
  • He may act a little distant from you, making you wonder if you did something wrong (which deep down hurts him to see you like this) but he can’t possibly let you in on the secret because he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. So, expect a little more affection from him here and there, some unexpected kisses or back hugs. He does it to make up for all the secrecy of his “work”.
  • When your big day finally comes, expect to wake up to sweet kisses trailing along your body, from your back to shoulders, to your jaw and finally to your lips. Followed by a very groggy voice saying “Happy Birthday babe.” Bonus: This will most likely lead to an intense make out session even before your day has begun, but that even isn’t the best part of what he has planned for you.
  • When you finally managed to drag yourselves away from each other and out of bed, you’ve got the most delicious breakfast waiting for you downstairs to start off your day. Bonus: There will be plenty of flowers arranged around the house just for you, and your favourite treats here and there.
  • As for the cake, you can trust that Rafe would have one specially prepared for you by the best bakery in town. Whichever is your favourite type of cake, he is going to make sure that you have the best of the best.
  • Rafe is more of a private person, so instead of throwing you a grand party with hundreds of guests, he would instead prefer to spend this special day with just the two of you. He would just love to finally give you the time of the day. Due to his busy schedule, it’s not often he gets to spend time with you but on your Birthday, you can be guaranteed that Rafe would never miss it for anything. Bonus: All his other work meetings would be cancelled for the day, and he would make sure that no one would disturb him during the day.
  • For the rest of the day, you are the boss. Whatever you want to do, or wherever you want to go Rafe will make it happen. You want to go shopping together he will go with you, you want to stay at home or even travel to a different place, well he’s private jet is ready for you to hop on. May it be anything Rafe will make sure you have a good time.
  • You can expect a romantic dinner at the end of your day, in your favourite restaurant, which is something that Rafe would have planned from the beginning. Rafe’s not the overly romantic type, but for you he is willing to make that effort and make sure that you know how much he adores and loves you.
  • When it comes to gifts, Rafe never backs away when it comes to spending money on you to buy you the most expensive gifts. But on your Birthday, he will get you something more intimate that he hand-picked just for you. It will be probably something along the lines of custom made jewellery designed in a way that’s meaningful to you.
  • Overall, he would always make sure that you’re the one calling the shots and that you’re having a good time. After all, this day is all about you.

Bonus NSFW

  • Alright so we all knew this moment was coming. Well it is your Birthday so you better believe you will be getting some Birthday sex sometime during this day. Rafe isn’t shy when it comes to this stuff so he will put it right out there. This day is all about you, so whatever you want or whenever, he is down with this and he will make sure that you have the most unforgettable and best time when he’s giving you pleasure.
  • Let’s not forget, it doesn’t just have to be once as Rafe’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeve just for you. So, prepare a fan for yourself, cause it’s about to get hot in here.

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