RBJ's Cultural Dictionary of Punk

924 Gilman.

Aaron Cometbus/Cometbus zine. Against Me!. Al Burian/Burn Collector zine. Alkaline Trio. The Alley. American Skin. The Ama-Dots. Anarchopunk. Anna Joy Springer.

Ballistic Biscuit. bandanas. Beastie Boys. being a punk in the small-town midwest. being a punk parent. bike punks (The Rat Patrol). Bikini Kill. Blatz (the band). Blue Meanies. body modification (tattoos/stick&poke tattoos/Germs burns/piercings). Boris the Sprinkler. The Broadways. The Bridgehouse. Bruce Springsteen.

cassette tapes. The Casualties/The Devotchkas. Chicago zinesters (circa the early ‘00s). circus punk. The Clash. cheap beer. Christian punk. cigarettes. Cindy Crabb/Doris zine. Club ?. coffee. The Concert Cafe. “Cool caveman music with a fuck you attitude” (Urban Dictionary). Crack Rock Steady (Leftover Crack/Chocking Victim/Morning Glory/Star Fucking Hipsters/Stza). The Cramps. Crimethinc. Cristy Road. Crosses. crust punk. cultural appropriation (dreadlocks, mohawks, etc.).

The Damned. dance punk/electropunk. Daphne Gottlieb. Daycare Swindlers. The Dead Milkmen. Death (the band). the death of punk. Delilah’s. “Depression is just rage turned inward.” Dillinger Four. Dischord Records. The Distillers. DIY. The Dolts. drinking underage at shows. dumpster diving.

The Effigies. elitism. Elvis Costello. emo. Erick Lyle/Scam zine.

The Fireside Bowl. flipping off cops. Flowers in the Dustbin. flyers and other ephemera. folk punk. Food Not Bombs. Francesca Lia block. fuck you punk rock. Fuel Cafe.

The GC5. gender (should I even mention it was a girl band?). The Germs. goofpunx (The Taxpayers). goth. graffiti/wheat paste. Green Day. grunge. The Gun Club.

hedgecore. Henry Rollins. homophobia. “house punx.”

“I don’t need no booze or drugs” vs. “The world is so much better when you’re drunk.” “I Turned Out A Punk.” “I wear eyeliner to make myself more sympathetic to my fans” (Mike Ness/Social Distortion). Iggy Pop/Iggy and the Stooges. Irish punk.

Jawbreaker. Jim Jarmusch (Permanent Vacation). Joey Alone. “just another chick bass player” (Kira Roessler, Toni Young, et. al.).

Kat Case. Kathy Acker. Kenocore. Kick A Trendy Girl’s Ass. The Kokomo Caffe.

Ladyfest. Lester Bangs. “Let’s party” vs. “Let’s try to change the world.” Lifter Puller (and the Hold Steady). living in a punk house. Lookout Records. Lou Reed. Luc Sante (“a youth spent dancing around fire”). Lydia Lunch.

Maximum Rocknroll. The MC5. Michelle Tea. Midnight Creeps. Mike Brodie. misogyny. mix tapes. The Modern Lovers. The Monorchid. The Mr. T Experience. mythpunk.

Naked Raygun. Nation of Ulysses. Nick Cave. no wave. noise. nostalgia.

One Punk, Two Punk, Red Punk, Blue Punk. Operation Ivy. orgcore.

Patti Smith. Philly Shreds. Pinhead Gunpowder. The Pogues. pop punk vs. nihilism. The Port. posers & hipsters & sellouts. Profane Existence. psychobilly/country punk. punk as identity. “Punk Broke (My Heart).” punk cabaret. punk comix. punk dancing. punk fashion. punk fests. punk films (punxploitation films). punk jackets and vests. punk lit. Punk Planet. punk rock names. Punkin’ Donuts. punks turn country/folk (Tim Barry, et. al.).

queercore. The Queers.

racism. radio. Ramones. Ramones = haiku or short story, New York Dolls = pulp novel, Television = epic novel. Ramonescore. Razorcake. reggae. The Replacements. Riot Grrrl. Rites of Spring. romanticizing analog things. romanticizing obscurity. The Rotten Fruits.

safety pins. Sarah McCarry. scabies. Screeching Weasel. self-destruction. self-mythologizing. Sister Safety Pin. Sid and Nancy. silly haircuts/styles. Situationism. ska. skinheads. Sleater-Kinney. The Slits. Sonic Youth. starting a band. street punk. Swampy. sXe.

Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing. Tank Girl. Tattooed Moms. Thick Records. Times Square. Tom Waits. The Tossers. train hopping. typewriters.


various aesthetics. veganism vs. leather jackets. Violent Femmes.

Wally Hairstyle. West Chester Rock City (“Two Days Ago I Turned Punk Rock”). what is punk?. whimsycore/cheesecore/Hughescore. Wisconsin and Chicago-area bands. Woody Guthrie. The World/Inferno Friendship Society.

X (“The Unheard Music”). Xerox art.

The Year Punk Broke. The Young Ones. yummy yummy punk rock girls.

zines. Zipperhead.

After I read Nicholas Rombes’ A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, I made this list of everything I would write about if I were writing my own version of that book - either stuff that he didn’t write about, or stuff that he did but that I would have a different perspective on. Many of these things are mentioned, at least in passing, in some story or other that’s appearing in What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk, though not all.

It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheesy
It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheesy

And here it is! My latest 100% PURE-VINYL happycore/cheese mix! =D Hope you all enjoy! I had a lot of fun making this one >^-^< <33
Let me know what you guys think! =D

Cartoon Breaks (and sound effects) Vol 1 - Powerpuff Girls Theme
DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky
Select - Heaven’s Just A Step Away
DJ Magical - Rush Hour (Vinylgroover Remix)
Slush and Puppie - The Finest
Skippy - For Tha Rascals
DD Zion - Blue Sky Day (There Is No Law)
Stealth - See Me Climb (Brisk’s Electro Flava Mix)
Vinylgroover and Edy C - Bright Eyes
DJ Druid and Bananaman - Tweedle Dum
Darwin Ft. Ant Johnson - When The Sun Comes Out (Triple XL Remix)
Bass D and King Matthew - Like A Dream
Boombastic - Take Me Higher
M-Project - Cherry
M-Project - Happy Dayz
DJ Brisk - Into Oblivion
DJ Ron - Gabber Barbie
Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo - Your Smile (Happy Hardcore Edit)

~Flap Jack